Raw Food Recipes for Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat

These recipes go with my Ann Wigmore Chart for Raw and Living Foods. Her chart gives wholefood sources for protein, carbs and fats.

For all recipes by all authors, see the Recipe archives here.

For recipes by gourmet raw food chefs — that combine essential nutrients for best absorption, such as iron with vitamin C — and complete meal plans with shopping lists, see the VegHealth Mastery Program.

Raw Recipes for Protein

Here’s good raw protein recipes. I like Dr. Susan Brown’s advice at betterbones.com to eat a little protein at every meal for strong bones and teeth.

Raw Carbohydrate Recipes

Here’s delightful raw carb recipes:

Carbs are your filler food when you’re starving hungry. I weaned myself off muffins and donuts by eating sprouted buckwheat-quinoa porridge for breakfast, and taking my own raw dehydrated crackers to work with me. I’d make them once a month.

On the days I didn’t work I binged like crazy. Yo-yo was my middle name. In the end raw foods won! Today not a single junkfood craving arises in me, not ever.

Amazing, to know there’s something inside you that’s more powerful than your craving. It’s the life power when it’s fed by life-power foods.

That power helps grass to crack through slabs of heavy concrete. It’ll help YOU to crack through and crumble the concrete slabs of junk that feel so real inside you. That junk is a wimp. You’ll easily vanquish it with raw food.

The only reality is, that you are Loved. Raw foods come from the hand of Love.

Raw Recipes for Plant Fats

Here’s your heart-healthy, brain-boosting raw fat recipes:

Do you ever feel we humans are a real bunch of fat heads? You’re right! Two-thirds of your brain is fat 🙂

Your brain and blood vessels are helplessly dependent on the flexible wavy tails of plant fats, especially the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats.

When you don’t eat these fats daily in the right ratios (1:1 for the brain) you suffer from nervous irritability, hardened arteries, and brain fog.

I used to watch TV for hours on end. I’d watch four movies in a row all day. When I began to blend seed milks, my brain grew bored by TV and turned to creative action, like writing this website. Today I don’t even have a TV!

Your blood vessels use plant fats to stay flexible so they’ll absorb the waves of pressure put out by your pumping heart. The rigid tails of saturated fats in cow and chicken are a big no-no for your vessels.

In your brain, highly active cells need longer wavy-tailed fats, like DHA & EPA. The photoreceptors in your eye, that turn light into messages for your brain, is made up of 60% DHA fat. That’s a very long wavy tail — 22 carbons.

Actually DHA is found in cold-water fish too, like wild salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, herring. The fat helps them to stay flexible in freezing water.

The fish don’t make the fat, they get it from the green plankton they eat. Cows don’t make calcium, they get it from the grass they eat. Isn’t it wiser to get your fat and calcium straight from seeds and greens? Not have them pass through the fish or animal first.

With our population explosion sucking the oceans dry, it’s friendlier to Mother Earth to learn how to eat the fat in seeds, leafy greens and marine algae, rather than go out and kill more fish. You never know how polluted the fish are, with mercury, lead and PCB’s.

Seeds and greens you can grow in your own garden! Of course you can have fish in your garden too (aquaponics) if you’re not squeamish about killing someone with eyes. I am.

Aquaponic systems use warm-water fish like tilapia which are low in DHA. So again, go green, I say. Let the fish enjoy their swim.

Raw Snacks

Raw Condiments

Raw Drinks

Here’s healthy raw drink choices:

With alcohol, wine is the only one that may be raw. Hard alcohol is distilled, it’s boiled.

Be sure to get an organic wine with no added sulfites. Sulfites/sulphites are an inclusive term for sulfur dioxide (SO2).

All wines have sulfites (sulfur compounds). The yeast produce them during fermentation. Organic wine-makers use yeast strains that produce less SO2.

Wines without any SO2 have a shorter shelf life — about six months. It’s best to keep the wine in your refrigerator.

Alcohol does kill brain cells, and is toxic to your liver. If you drink a little wine, drink a lot of water afterwards. Otherwise you’ll wake up with a headache.

Gluten Free Living Bread

Don’t you just love a hunger-zapping slice of bread ‘n butter? Warm and soft right from the oven…

Sadly, as much as we love bread, that villainous two-timing bread does not love us back. Even sprouted grain breads, like rye and wheat, have the “bad gluten” protein that’s so abrasive it pokes holes in your intestinal wall. The result? Leaky gut.

Today you can enjoy breads, pizzas and sandwiches as satisfying as the ones you love — yet brimming with nutritious goodness!

Rita bread

Three top rawfood chefs show you how to make REAL bread. What’s real? When your bread loves you back. Love is the only Reality.

Download their ebook — Amazing Gluten Free Living Bread — the ultimate comfort food turned health food.

Love the food that loves you back! Eat the bread that soothes and heals you 🙂

P.S. one recipe is for raw butter made with coconut oil, flax oil, and a touch of salt. Even children can’t taste the difference from real butter!

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