Vegetable Juices & Leafy Green Juices

We all love juices, but who has the time to juice? The only people who have it easy are those who make a living from it, like juice bars!

Juices are a great source of minerals and vitamins. Your produce should be organic and under two days old (locally grown).

One juice does work miracles — GREEN DRINKS.

Green, green, green, we can’t get enough of it when healing! The Samson Juicer is perfect for green drinks.

Popular Ingredients

vegetable juice

Cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, carrots and carrot tops, beetroot & beet greens, parsley, wheatgrass, kale, aloe vera, sweet peppers, cabbage, etc.

How to Make

Clean vegetables and soak in water for a few minutes before juicing.

Pour two tablespoons of vinegar into the water to kill microbes and reduce fertilizer impurities.

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Vege JuicingVege juice
Enjoy GREEN juices from barley grass and wheatgrass!

Chlorophyll cleans and rebuilds your cells quicker than anything!

Green Juices End Addiction

Four times a week in my first year of healing, I juiced a huge pile of leafy greens, along with home-grown wheatgrass — which I grow today in my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter.

I threw everything in from the farmer’s market (picked that week) and added ginger and liquid stevia for taste. Apple works well too, as a sweetener.

I loved juicing carrot tops which the organic farmer gave me in bagfuls for free! His customers only wanted the roots buried underground (carrots). Crazy, eh? When you can eat SUN food, the leaf of the plant that adores the sun, like me, I’m a sun-worshiper.

“Chlorophyll [the green molecule in leafy greens] can protect us from carcinogens like no other food or medicine can. It acts to strengthen the cells, detoxify the liver and bloodstream, and chemically neutralize the polluting elements themselves.”

Ann Wigmore, The Wheatgrass Book (#ad)

Water and fruit juices are not strong enough to clean our toxic tissues of today. Decades after a pesticide is banned, it still persists in our waterways. If the oceans and rivers can’t break down the pesticide, how can a glass of water do so? Or the distilled water in fruit juices?

Why is GREEN so different? Because it works in the same way that soap strips oil from your hands. Chlorophyll packages the trash in your tissues into droplets (called micelles) which your blood then washes away. Read how it does this.

Otherwise this unnatural trash — like pesticides and drugs, even tumors — will choke your cells to death.

You need to juice lots of greens (dark green leaves and wheatgrass) for their chlorophyll to pull toxins, tumors and trash from your tissues. Eating the greens is not enough.

Test the Power of Green for yourself. What’s your addiction? Fried food? Cigarettes? Sugar or alcohol? The baker? Perhaps the butcher? I’m trusting you’re not making it with the candlestick maker…

The quickest way to break free of addictions is to drink green juices.

Juices for Heart Disease

With heart disease, we know magnesium is the great healer. See James B. Pierce, Ph.D., Heart Healthy Magnesium — Your Nutritional Key to Cardiovascular Wellness (#ad) — how to use magnesium to reduce your risk of heart attack & stroke, combat arrhythmia & angina, and lower your blood pressure.

All dark green leaves — such as kale, collard, spinach, cos lettuce — are a good magnesium source because every molecule of chlorophyll has a magnesium atom at its core.

Can you believe it, the USDA nutrient tables don’t give the magnesium content for most *raw* leafy greens? Those scientists think we boil our greens! They’ve not heard of the Green Smoothie revolution.

Same with seeds. Raw pumpkin seeds are great for magnesium. But USDA only lists them as roasted and salted. Has no one given a scientist a seed milk?

What a sad day. US taxpayers are paying scientists to produce long lists of nutrients in dead carcinogenic foods such as cakes, candies and breakfast cereals. While they remain dead silent about living foods that heal cancer and heart disease.

Actually, the best source of magnesium is sprouted buckwheat. It has about 350 mg per cup, which meets the RDA of 300mg for women and 350mg for men (2.5mg to 3mg per pound of body weight) — although of course we may only absorb half of what we eat.

This is why green juices are such a perfect source of magnesium. We easily absorb magnesium from juice.

Juices for Your Eyes

Let’s not forget your eyesight! The most common reason we go blind or near-blind in old age is from AMRD, age-related macular degeneration.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are critical to maintain healthy eyes. Prevention is the cure!

Dieticians Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina report research in Becoming Raw – the Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets (#ad):

“Women who consumed vegetable juice had 50 percent more lutein in their blood than others who consumed the same amount of these carotenoids from raw or cooked vegetables.”

Remember to eat a little fat at the same time, such as almonds or avocado, because carotenoids need bile salts to get absorbed, but bile is only released when we eat fat. A few slivers of fat is fine!

After the age of 60, if you don’t take a lutein-zeaxanthin supplement to protect your eyes, then it’s a good idea to juice your leafy greens for carotenoids!

I take the supplement FloraGLO. I need to protect my eyes against the hot African sun, plus I smoked heavily to the age of 40, very bad for eyes.

My Favorite Green Juice

My LIVING-GREEN drink I enjoy nearly every day is fresh wheatgrass or barley grass, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger.

All the juicing books agree, these ingredients make the world’s finest Fountain of Youth — and they’re the quickest of all to prepare! Why age prematurely? When you can stay younger longer!

Celery with its natural sodium is for joints, nerves, and restoring electrolytes after exercise.

Cucumber — juiced with its high-silica green skin — is for healthy bones, teeth, muscles, skin and all connective tissue. Use unwaxed pickling (kirby) cucumbers.

Both celery and cucumber boost your skin’s moisture and elasticity.

I find the LIVING GRASSES are so much more powerful — in giving me energy, focus and a soft skin — than the dead green leaves from the store, like spinach.

An Automatic Sprouter easily grows wheat grass for you, and lovely fresh greens like sunflower.

I cut the grass with scissors seconds before, so it’s still GROWING up to the moment of juicing. And nothing to wash. In fact, it’s best not to wash fresh greens you pick yourself because chances are they’re rich in Vitamin B12, made by microbes living on the greens. Don’t wash wild weeds either.

Only wash the small greens like alfalfa and broccoli where you need to rinse the hulls off. These greens are very juicy.

“Green drinks are very potent, incredibly healing, and speed up detoxification.”

Susie Miller & Karen Knowler, Feel Good Food (#ad) (2000)

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