Recipes for Raw Fruit Juices

My favorite juice is apple and fresh ginger. Have you tried it? Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got love in my Tummy…” Whoops! That dates me back to the 60’s 🙂

Juiceman’s favorite was apple and carrot, but I’m not crazy about the hybridized sugars in carrot juice, they sneak past your liver and play havoc with blood sugar levels.

Popular Ingredients

Fruit Juices

Oranges, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, apple, pear, peach, kiwi, strawberry, etc.

How To Make

Go easy on fruit juices (and fruit smoothies). They’re a sweet treat, but leafy green juices are the true healers.

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Citrus fruit juiceMixed Fruit Juice
Enjoy fresh orange or watermelon juice! No junk soda or pasteurized juice.

Eat RAW and you’ll discover Super Health and Energy!

Watermelon Juice

With watermelon, Samson juices both the hard green rind and juicy pink flesh, without any back-up in the hopper. I feed it in long strips. Most (or all other?) low-cost juicers can’t handle hard and soft simultaneously like this.

You enjoy a rich array of minerals when you juice watermelon rind too, plus the juice is mellower, not so ultra-sweet that it unbalances your blood sugar levels.

Boycott mineral supplements! Drink LIVING ORGANIC minerals and truly turn your health around.

Cleansing Power of Fruit

Fruit juices are energizers and cleansers. Their sugar gives quick energy and their acids (the tart taste) are the cleansers.

Juiceman Jay Kordich advises never to juice fruit and vegetables together, except for carrot and apple. He writes in The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing (#ad):

“combining the natural oils in vegetables with the acidity of fruits is akin to mixing oil and water. It may cause you to experience bloating, gastric distress, and nausea.”

I juice apple and ginger with leafy greens to tone down the bitter taste of greens. Apple seems to go well with any vegetable. I love apple in my salad for a sweet touch.

Fruit Juices for Pain

If you’re in pain, you need to change your entire diet. Juicing is not a magic bullet, “Oh I’ll squeeze fresh orange juice and that’ll lower my blood pressure.” It doesn’t work like that! Your body-mind is a holistic whole. How can a bullet target a whole?

Truth is, blood pressure goes down within days of giving up flesh (animals, fish, birds) — saturated fat is the true culprit, not a lack of orange juice.

In The Juicing Book (#ad) Stephen Blauer lists fruit juices for a variety of pains. See the chart in full here in google books, Table 5.1 on page 74 — and see his recommended vegetable juices in Table 4.1 on p.30.

These charts are interesting, but in my experience Green Juices are the true healer. Drink lots of green juice and all your pain dissolves over time, emotional and mental too 🙂

Here’s Stephen’s advice on fruit juices (citrus = lemon, lime, orange):

  • Acne — papaya, strawberry
  • Aging (premature) — watermelon
  • Anemia — cherry, grape, citrus, prune
  • Arthritis — apple, cherry, watermelon
  • Asthma — cranberry
  • Bladder, urinary tract — cranberry, melon, pear
  • Bruises — grapefruit
  • Cancer, tumors — grape, papaya — and see my Wheatgrass Juice for Cancer
  • Ear-ache — grapefruit, lemon, lime
  • Gall stones — cherry
  • Gout — apple, cherry, grape, citrus, pineapple, strawberry
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure — orange, papaya
  • Hemorrhoids — grape
  • Mucus membranes (including catarrh) — cherry, grape, grapefruit, citrus
  • Pain — strawberry, watermelon
  • Prostate disorders — cherry, pear, strawberry, watermelon
  • Thyroid gland — strawberry
  • Ulcers — papaya
  • Varicose veins — grapefruit

Juices for Liver & Kidneys

Without a doubt, the juices of wheatgrass and leafy greens will flush out and rebuild liver, kidneys, and indeed all of you!

Dr Ann Wigmore reports in The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program (#ad) that apple and lemon are good for your liver, along with carrot, beet and green juices. Apple juice is high in malic acid, pectins and enzymes that act as a bile solvent and liver stimulant. Both she and I disagree with the oil-based liver flush that made me feel sick the one time I tried it!

For kidneys, Dr Ann taught watermelon juice is the best, after green drinks of course! Also lemon juice and beet juice.

She mentions a variety of sea vegetables (seaweeds) give the vital minerals needed to detox your kidneys. Soak them for 10-20 minutes first to lower their salt content. Don’t soak for too long ’cause then their minerals will leach into the soak water!

Dr. Norman Walker lived to age 99 (1886-1985) on raw fruits & vegetables and their juices. Not bad for a sickly child who suffered chronic illness from the animal flesh and starches his parents fed him. Dr. Walker reports in Become Younger (#ad):

“Fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices furnish the body with the very finest quality of organic water … I personally do not drink a glass of water a year except the hot water and lemon juice which I drink every morning upon arising … I find that the lemon juice in hot water helps wonderfully to flush the liver and kidneys.”

“On the other hand I have found that by drinking it cold it helps to stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines and frequently helps the early morning elimination.”

I squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water in the winter when lemons are in season on my tree. In summer I don’t feel any need for it, I prefer a glass of fresh structured water.

Juices for Arthritis

Paul Schulick writes in his book Ginger – Common Spice & Wonder Drug (#ad):

“…Ginger’s therapeutic potential against arthritis. Ginger offers many advantages over non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Over a period of 3-6 months, clinical trials suggest that Ginger is more effective than these drugs and without serious side effects.

Ginger is a preventive treatment for critical cardiovascular disorders. Like aspirin it has the potential to prevent thousands of deaths from heart attacks and strokes as well as colon cancer. But unlike aspirin, it will have no side effects.

Ginger is a potentially powerful anti-ulcer treatment rivaling three of the nation’s most popular drugs.

Personally I love ginger for its ability to inhibit or kill dangerous parasites. It’s a good blood cleanser.

Fresh pineapple juice is good too. Its enzyme bromelain reduces swelling and inflammation in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Also raw potato juice — first thing in the morning drink potato juice diluted with water 50:50. Or cut an unpeeled potato into thin slices and soak overnight in a glass filled with warm (not hot) water. Then drink the water on an empty stomach when you wake. It’s anti-inflammatory and increases circulation into your joint pain.

Finding a Cheese Substitute

What’s the best thing for arthritis? Give up cheese! That inorganic calcium in cheese does not belong in an adult human body. Our body can’t absorb it, so it stacks the calcium into knobs on our joints. If you’ve got knobbly joints, quit the cheese. That’s my experience 🙂

Get your calcium from leafy greens and raw seeds like sesame.

How did I finally give up cheese? I went vegetarian in 1971-2, stopped all fish, meat, birds, eggs then. But did not go vegan (non-dairy vegetarian) until 38 years later, in 2010!

If you feel you’ve got addiction problems, now you’ve met someone who took 38 years to wean herself off one substance. I knew in 1971 I’m not meant to suckle on a cow.

Green Juices — and the Taste & Texture of any food — that’s the secret to give up anything. Search and search until you find a taste and texture that you can substitute. Meanwhile green juices zap and vaporize the cravings.

I discovered dehydrated buckwheat sprouts & mock parmesan cheese works for me. Also by the time I decided to stop buying cheese, I was eating only a little on rye bread with salad sprout mixes.

I switched to flax oil and banana slices on my bread, with salad sprouts like alfalfa. You may cringe at my combo of bread, flax oil and banana — cooked starch, fat and fruit-sugar in one mouthful. But hey, it got me off cheese. I don’t do it today 🙂

Enzymes in sprouts help to digest the cheese. Try to add living sprouts to everything you eat. Our GoGreen Automatic Sprouter makes it so easy!

“If fresh sprouts are added to ALL cooked foods, and we do mean all — mashed or baked potatoes, gravies, sandwiches, casseroles — the transition from conventional foods to all-raw foods will be much easier. And the sprouts help one to start feeling better right away.”

Elizabeth & Dr. Elton Baker, The Uncook Book (#ad)

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