Flavor! by Darshana — Runaway Bestseller Plant Recipes

Flavor! by Darshana
Three years after it came out, this amazing recipe book:

>> Flavor! Delicious, whole-food, plant-based recipes to cook every day — by Darshana Thacker,

Still held steady at #1 in top-level Amazon categories, such as:

  • #1 in Health, Fitness & Dieting (kindle)
  • #1 in Cooking, Food & Wine
  • #1 in Natural Foods

This is an impossible feat! It’s easy to be #1 in a low-level category the week you publish, but to hold #1 in the top-level Health, Fitness & Dieting three years later? You are the winner out of millions of books!

Darshana writes in her book:

“I take delicious treats such as samosas and empanadas, favorites that are typically fried, and transform them into yummy delights that don’t have the greasiness of the originals.

Likewise, staples such as enchiladas and ice cream, I reinvent using healthy, plant-based ingredients.

The resulting foods not only taste great but leave me and those I am serving feeling energetic and vibrant.”

I like her batch cooking and freezing, it’s what I do with beans and grains. You always have a take-to-work lunch or quick meal to heat up.

Darshana uses no oil. Her date paste to sweeten sauces and baked goods, you can refrigerate for a month or freeze for five months. How easy is that, to replace sugar?

Her recipes are to die for. They look so easy. Her Indian Mango Custard has only four ingredients — plant milk (such as home-made almond), agar-agar powder, mango and fresh lime juice.

Do you have digestive problems? Such as IBD or an inflamed colon? Then look for plant milk that’s free of carrageenan (E407 in EU) and guar gum. Locust bean (carob) gum is better tolerated.

Although carrageenan comes from a natural source — red edible seaweed known as Irish moss — it gets a bad rap for gastrointestinal problems.

Darshana has a thick, creamy almond milk recipe in her book which uses only almond flour and water. You avoid the pulp waste that comes with using whole almonds.

>> Look inside Darshana’s amazing recipe book — FLAVOR!

It’s Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Darshana grew up cooking alongside her mother and aunts in her native India. As a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, she draws inspiration from a wide range of ethnic cuisines.

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