Is a friend Sick or Overweight? Do you feel Helpless? Give them this Free Gift

In October 2016 my niece’s husband, Adrian age 50, tucked their two little sons of 8 and 10 years old into bed, popped upstairs and…

THUD! His wife and sons rushed up the stairs. He lay there dead from a heart attack. No time to say goodbye.

On the funeral sheet the little 8-year-old wrote:

cody's letter

One week earlier, his dad had felt chest pain, gone to the doctor, and was given an all-clear.

What Can You Do?

Seven months after Adrian’s passing, my friend Mark felt chest pain. His son was only 11 years old.

I immediately put together the info that Mark and his wife needed to act immediately.

Here for you today, is the gift packet that I gave to Mark.

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I give this to everyone who wants to quickly switch to eating God’s food.

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  • eBook #1: 6-week plant rich diet — how to eat plants for SIX WEEKS to support rapid healing and weight loss, based on the book Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
  • eBook #2: 6-day raw foods — menu plan with recipes and shopping list to eat raw foods only for SIX DAYS, by Brandi Rollins, Ph.D.

After the Six Weeks

In 42 days, you will have the knowledge and skills to eat in a plant-rich way for the rest of your life!

Plus, you will know how to easily sandwich raw foods into your busy schedule.

Never again will you feel helpless when a loved one gets sick. These two ebooks cover everything you need to know, to quickly shift into healthy eating.

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Eat your medicine