You WILL Break Free of Pain! — and of Cravings…

I want you to know, you will be FREE!

Your cravings, your pain, it’s all driven by the same thing…

Imbalanced biochemistry.

What’s the quick easy way for your cells to perform at their best?

Where you enjoy amazing energy, and NO pain, NO cravings?

The answer:

  • Eat freshly picked Greens by the ton — blend them, juice them.
  • Reach for Raw first when you’re hungry.
  • Eat plant-rich.

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Are you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to…

star  Take ONE RIGHT ACTION once a day?

This is it! You blend LIVING home-grown greens — with raw vegetables and fruit. A plant is ALIVE when it’s still growing in the moment you eat it.

I’m not asking you to turn your whole world upside down.

I am promising you that if you take only ONE step every day, your life will transform.

Get a cheap blender today!

Free eBook #1: Eat Life Force!

eat life book

Every wild animal eats food that’s alive and growing in the moment they eat it.

Did they pick it last week? Never! Can you picture a buck tearing at the grass, then stashing it in a corner for next week?

The more life force you eat, the quicker your cells will heal.

Energy comes from eating energy. When you eat 5-6 cups of fresh home-grown greens a day, your energy levels soar.

The only single food that’s high in energy is freshly picked living food — food grown at home or wild weeds.

With your own eyes you’ve seen that energy in the bright new leaves of Spring.

Can you count how many wild animals live on GREENS alone? Buck, zebra, elephants, hippo, giraffes, apes, buffalo — the list is endless!

LIVING leafy greens nourish every cell in your body-brain.

Free eBook #2: Discover Raw!

eat raw book

When you’re hungry, Reach for Raw food first.

Why raw? Because when you apply a flame to anything, you destroy it. Have you seen a burnt-out house? This is what you do to food when you cook it.

Want a bag of chips? Try munching on raw cauliflower and pecan nuts. I take a bite of each at the same time.

Want a candy or chocolate? Suck on a piece of dried fruit. Find the one that will satisfy your sugar need. For me it was Hunza apricots!

Want a soda? Buy a juice. If there’s no juice bar handy, then enjoy a pasteurized fruit or vegetable juice. It’s not raw. But hey, it has minerals.

Every enzyme in your body needs a mineral co-factor to work.

Free eBook #3: Eat Plant Rich!

Break free book

Do you love your meat? You’ve heard of the carnivorous caveman? I think it’s a myth!

We grew up with plants over millennia. It was so easy to pick a leaf, a root, or a fruit.

Surely it makes sense to eat that way today?

Drs. Kim O’Neill & Byron Murray are two cancer-research scientists boasting a combined 53 years in research when they wrote their book, Power Plants.

What miracle cancer cure did they discover, after 53 years?

“Vegetarians have the lowest rates of chronic disease and the highest life expectancy of any population.

…Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables is the single greatest thing you can do, to increase the quality of your life.”

Prevention IS the cure!

Try to eat ONLY plants for as many days as you can. My Free ebook teaches you how to do it for six weeks.

Discover the Healing Power of Living Plants!

It’s one day at a time. The longer you avoid the junk, the more time you give your cells to clean and rebuild.

Health is the most joyous freedom on earth!

  • You wake up laughing,
  • You earn good money doing what you love,
  • You find joy in loving relationships,
  • You have no medication in your home, not even an aspirin. You don’t need it.

A world of magic awaits you.

When you eat God’s food, God happily performs miracles in your life.

You’re eating the food created for you 🙂

Eat your medicine