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Sprouts and baby greens are an absolute daily necessity for healing. Growing them at home is the only way you’ll get fresh organic plant foods – cheaply!

Lettuce – even expensive organic – loses 60% of its vitamin C within 24 hours of picking. Yet home-grown bean sprouts are so high in vitamin C, two tablespoons of soya bean sprouts give 100% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance). Please see my sprouter page for details – it’s so easy to get fresh living food every day!

Are You A Miracle, or Are You A Miracle?

Mother Nature knows how to build bodies. She built you from one near-invisible cell.

Every cell in your body has one goal – to keep you alive and healthy. Every second, every cell will perform 6 trillion chemical reactions, yet most cells are so small you can’t see them – an estimated 19.5 billion cells in one square inch of your skin!

75 trillion cells work together as a team to reach this goal of Life for you – that’s like 15,000 earths of 5 billion people each, all working in perfect harmony, and everyone doing 6 trillion jobs a second! Meanwhile, we lose and replace 300 to 800 billion cells a day – about ten million every second.

Your cells need you. They’re like babies, helplessly dependent on what you give them. Smoke a cigarette and in 20 seconds your bloodstream has carried the carbon monoxide to every cell, and it’s gasping for oxygen. Drink one dry martini, and you kill 10,000 brain cells.

Mother Nature’s food – raw, fresh, alive – has a secret formula your baby cells will drink with joy.

“What to eat? Wonderful raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds! The variety is endless! When to eat? Whenever you want! How much to eat? As much as you want! Give yourself 4 weeks of pleasure eating only raw food and then see how you are affected! You will be amazed!”

Testimonial quoted in David Wolfe’s book The Sunfood Diet Success System (#ad)

Why Are Sprouts So Healing?

Our cells work 100% correctly – and repair and cleanse themselves – when we give them the right molecules to perform their chemical reactions. And we don’t give them the wrong molecules, like synthetic chemicals, which interfere in their reactions.

Do you see the power of this?  Give your cells what they need to work, and for the first time in your life you’ll know the freedom of true health.  No more pain.

 And no more fat!  When your cells are satisfied, cravings drop away like leaves in the fall.  You don’t need will-power.  You need living foods.

Over 3.5 billion (repeat, Billion) years Nature evolved the chemical molecules that make up the bodies of raw humans and raw plants.  These molecules work with each other, like a big happy family – they grew up together!

Home-grown food is the key to healing. Sprouts reach their nutritional peak at 4-6 days.  Yet the sprouts in stores could be a week old, and the vegetables even older (all that trucking + refrigeration wastes energy).

Sprouted alfalfa, lentils, Chinese mung, etc. are the only vegetables you can grow in your kitchen with no pesticides and with the freshest organic seeds.

When you give Mother Nature a chance, and eat the molecules She’s provided for millenia, on that day healing begins.

Why Does Bad Health Strike?

We get sick because we denature Nature’s molecules with heat and chemicals (50,000 pesticides alone) and by trucking them long distances.

Fruit and veg. in the store has traveled on average a thousand miles and a week since picking.  The USDA has found there’s seldom any vitamin C left in a supermarket orange.

Yet sprouted legumes – like lentil and green pea – are the richest source of vitamin C on planet earth.  In germinating, the beans multiply their vitamin C by 500 times!

Do you know how desperate your brain, immune system and adrenal glands are for Vitamin C?  They need 2-4,000 mg a day each, especially when you reach your late forties.  We’re talking fresh vitamin C from freshly growing plants – the way your brain and adrenals ate for millions of years.

Why do we crazy humans pass our food through a machine first before we’ll eat it?  So someone can make a $ profit from our precious irreplaceable body-mind.

Synthetic chemicals have foreign shapes unknown in nature, created by the addition of atoms at unusual positions.   We don’t have the enzymes to turn off or tune down these chemicals – so even at nanogram doses (like a grain of sand in an Olympic swimming pool) they cause imbalance and sickness in our bodies.

Please read Our Stolen Future (#ad) by Drs. Theo Colborn, et al.to appreciate the medical effects of pesticides.

Mother Nature’s molecules are so sensitive and gentle, exquisitely designed for the miracle body we live in, by Grace.

The Essence of Healing

We can jam all the drugs and surgery we like into our body, but ill health will return again and again until the day comes when we decide, “Enough of the pain. From now on I’m taking charge of my health.”

On that day, there’s four essential steps we must take to heal. The steps come from my personal experience and research into biochemistry, physics and the books of doctors (medical and naturopathic) who teach how to heal the whole body-mind. Drugs and surgery may fix parts, but they can’t heal the whole.

We’ve got to restore cell structure, cell function, and cell communication to every cell. In other words, every cell in your body should look and act right, and talk properly to other cells. Not for show. This is for the real-life drama of your life.

We’ve got to connect with the Love that’s keeping us alive. This Love is Intelligent, it knows what it’s doing. And it does it best when we focus in on it, we let it flow into our lives.

Humans are the only living species who are so disconnected from the Source of Life that we’re actually destroying all life on earth (let alone our own).

The dinosaurs probably ate their way out of house and home too. But they had an excuse. They didn’t have the capacity for conscious action. We do. All our problems are the result of unconscious acts.

Getting free of pain includes these four steps:

Step One — Energy Soup

Begin to blend Energy Soup immediately, with sprouts and baby greens grown at home and tons of the freshest organic leafy greens. Print out the recipe here.

The sicker you are, the more Energy Soup you need. I did it four days a week for a year. At the Ann Wigmore Foundation, you get Energy Soup for every meal.

Energy Soup will give your cells the tools they need to do their job right. Energy Soup gives you energy, and brain focus. If you’re overweight, you’ll shed pounds with Energy Soup.

Step Two — Cleanse

So long as your colon is lined with sticky black rubber (yes, it is!) nutrients can’t reach your bloodstream and from there feed every cell. It’s essential to do a three-month colon cleanse. Use both herbs and water to cleanse your entire GI tract (GI = gastro-intestinal) not just the colon. Water includes both drinking and colonic irrigation. See this page I wrote for details on colon-cleansing herbs, and how best to do an enema and colonic.

Many people also do the kidney, liver and gall bladder flushes, together with skin brushing. Dr. Richard Schulze’s herbal flushes with fasting are good – 1-800-HERB-DOC. But fasting is difficult – it’s easier to cleanse slowly with Energy Soup and green drinks.

Use green drinks to clean your bloodstream faster, and rebuild your liver and kidneys. Sweeten them with the herb stevia or juice apples and a small piece of ginger with the greens. A green drink is wheatgrass and green leaves juiced in a wheatgrass juicer – read about the best one here under Juicing.

Green drinks are the fastest way to break an addiction. Because they sweep out the old toxins that make you crave more. Have you noticed how eating junk triggers a craving for more junk?

Step Three — Rebuild

Rebuilding has two phases:

(1) Rich Nutrition – you’ve got to spend time on preparing fresh food at home, or pay someone to do it for you. Most all doctors who heal with nutrition use a whole-foods plant-based diet. It’s the most humane, compassionate one too. You’ll find easy quick truly delicious links to recipes here.

(2) Illness-specific Therapye.g., MSM, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate for arthritis. I personally love to add coral calcium to distilled or alkaline water, to strengthen my bones and prevent osteoporosis. Prevention Is the Cure.

Step Four — Change Your Lifestyle

With Energy Soup, Green Smoothies and raw foods, you slowly grow into the new life. It takes time, but step by step we get there:

  • Go plant-strong,
  • Buy organic,
  • Eat whole foods only from nature,
  • Grow some of your food at home.

It’s easier when you know what to do, it’s quick, and it tastes good.

Here’s how to make chocolate, candy, ice-cream, butter, milk, yogurt, and cookies – all without animal-milk, flour or sugar, all healing whole foods, all raw or nearly-raw.

When you heal with living foods, I promise you that your life will change. Every day becomes a new joy.

Experience Peace

We need peace. Every day, we need to meditate, and experience the peace, love and kindness that’s keeping us alive.

It’s tough to take time out! I try to do it first thing when I wake.

“The purpose of life is not to become a raw food eater. Rather the purpose of raw food eating is to keep you healthy and energetic and clear of mind so that you can better accomplish some worthwhile goals in life.”

Joe Alexander, Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! (#ad)

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