Whatever your Pain… Learning How to Eat Right Will Change Your Life!

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Living Greens from my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter

Do you go back to the dentist or doctor over and over again, or put on unwanted pounds over and over again?

Then you may want to try the miracle that turned my life around — blended living foods — especially Energy Soup.

Living Foods are for those who are sick of the pain and want to make the effort to heal and re-build themselves. Drugs and surgery do not build new tissue. Energy Soup does.

The late Dr. Ann Wigmore discovered Energy Soup. She wrote in Rebuild Your Health (#ad):

“There is no need to be concerned with nutritional charts … because every element is present in Energy Soup in a most perfectly balanced form.

Her healing camps in India more than proved this.

Healing Hunger

In The Sprouting Book (#ad) Dr. Wigmore writes:

“In the past fifteen years I made several trips to the large cities of India to set up healing camps with doctors and government administrators there. Hundreds of people with all sorts of problems — from heart disease and cancer to leprosy and malnutrition — were admitted to these camps. The patients stayed in the camp and ate sprouts, wheatgrass, and other living foods until they recovered.

The recovery of starving children who were placed on a diet combining sprouts and fruits was truly amazing. In less than thirty days, their sores and scars disappeared, and abdominal swelling was in every case reduced to normal. Above all, these children became able to run and play, instead of having to be carried around.”

Try Energy Soup even if you’re healthy. Try it for the energy boost fresh every day — amazing! With so much energy, you work for your dreams. Your brain thinks more creatively than you ever dreamt possible.

Read more about healing children below.

Lose Weight Naturally

The secret to losing weight is to lose the desire for junk food in the first place.

Are you obsessed with going into every photocopy shop? No, because there is nothing there you want. So why do cake shops or hamburger joints give you so much angst? Because they have something you desire.

When you don’t want it, you don’t even notice the front door. You walk past. You’re free!

For nearly 30 years of my life (1966-1994) I was addicted to sugar — first as alcohol, then as cake, chocolate and soda when I got sober. Not go into the cake shop? You’re kidding. I had to go in even if I were stuffed to the hilt. I had to destroy myself, didn’t I?

We think it’s psychological — we’re weak-willed. Or it’s in our genes. Or we’re switched to self-destruct because of something that happened in our childhood (for me it was my father’s sudden death in an accident and my 15-year-old brain computed life wasn’t worth living if it could be snuffed out in an instant).

Baloney! It’s got little to do with psychology or genes. And everything to do with balanced biochemistry. When your biochemistry is out-of-balance, you over-eat.

When your body-mind is balanced, biochemically, you don’t binge. You eat whatever you like as much as you like, and what you like is nourishing and gives you energy and peace.

Your biochemistry will balance itself with living greens. For the first time in your life, you see light at the end of your tunnel.

All desire for junk food falls away from you, like leaves from a tree in autumn. You pass a cake shop, and it’s like passing a photocopy shop. You don’t even notice it.

Dr. Ann Wigmore (D.D., N.D.) — the doctor who discovered the power of blended sprouts and greens — writes in The Sprouting Book (#ad):

“With the Living Food Lifestyle, there is an average weight loss of four to fifteen pounds per week … Easy-to-digest, nutritious, and cleansing sprouts, greens, and other living foods are the key. … The pungent, cleansing sprouts radish, fenugreek, cabbage, alfalfa, and clover are especially good for weight loss.”

Read more about weight loss here under Alkaline Water.

“Obesity is nothing more than backed-up cooked-food waste trapped in the body. No amount of raw plant food is fattening, only cooked food is fattening. Eating raw bankrupts all the complex theories as to why and how people become fat.”

Arlin, Dini & Wolfe, Nature’s First Law: The Raw-Food Diet (#ad)

Heal Heart Disease Naturally

Do you know someone who had a heart attack or stroke from a blocked artery? No one should have to go through this pain.

When surgeons pull the sausage-like blockage out of the artery with tweezers and send it to the lab for analysis, it always comes back tabbed “saturated fat and cholesterol” — never “broccoli sprouts.”

Plants have NO cholesterol, and only a few tropical plants have saturated fat (like cocoa, palm nut and coconut). All plants have healthy polyunsaturated fats to keep your arteries supple.

Heart disease is reversible. Even blocked arteries can be unblocked with fresh plant foods. Please read any book by Dr. Dean Ornish, who heals heart disease with a plant-strong diet, meditation, exercise, and group therapy.

Wouldn’t you agree that the best plant to eat is a freshly picked organic one? With my Automatic Sprouter, you can easily grow fresh living greens every day, in your kitchen!

As for the little blood clots that are the final cause of a stroke or heart attack, Doctors Lopez, Williams & Miehlke (all M.D.’s) report in Enzymes, the Fountain of Life (#ad) (chap.14):

“The Enzyme Research Institute has demonstrated in countless double-blind studies … that oral enzyme mixtures are able to dissolve the little clots referred to as microthrombi and normalize the blood flow equilibrium.”

Sprouts are the ultimate “oral enzyme mixture” — with billions of enzymes dancing in synergistic harmony, as only Mother Nature knows how.

Enzymes are the workers who perform the magic of chemistry in all living organisms. They join molecules or split them up. Molecule by molecule, enzymes string us together!

When plants are still growing as you eat them, they’re rich in living enzymes, busy as bees. Only home-grown sprouts are alive and growing and dancing with enzymes. Sprouts in the store are dead — look at their oxidized brown roots. As for enzyme capsules — how alive are they when you know they won’t grow if you plant them?

Enzymes break down fat deposits and clean out your arteries. Drs. Lopez, et al. show how easily plant enzymes are absorbed through your intestinal wall, ready to go to work instantly.

If you’re at risk for heart attack, please try the enzyme-rich Energy Soup Recipe with living greens from a Sprouter.

Read more about healing heart disease here under Alkaline Water.

Heal Cancer Naturally

If you have cancer, then please watch this DVD first — Healing Cancer From Inside Out (#ad).

In 1997 researchers at Johns Hopkins University reported that 3-day-old broccoli sprouts have up to 50 times more of the anti-cancer chemical sulforaphane than mature broccoli has.

Previously a 1994 study had shown that sulforaphane reduces cancer development by 60-80%.

Well! At last the scientists catch up with the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, who used sprouts to heal cancer way back in the 1960’s.

That is not to say you can buy a tub of broccoli sprouts at your local supermarket, and never get cancer.

Dr. Wigmore’s living foods diet includes blended sprouts and living greens grown at home, fermented seed yogurts and milk, cookies made with sprouted grains, and green drinks especially wheatgrass juice — follow the links for what to do and how.

With this program, the late Dr. Ann Wigmore was one of the most successful naturopathic doctors in the U.S., possibly in the world, for healing cancer.

An excellent patient’s book is Eydie Mae’s How I Conquered Cancer Naturally (#ad). When Dr. Wigmore helped Eydie Mae, she had not then discovered the Energy Soup recipe — so Eydie’s book focuses on juicing sprouts and greens. In later years, Dr. Wigmore found that blending is quicker and it works better.

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., reports in Foods Can Save Your Life: Leading Experts Tell You Why (#ad):

“In 1982, the National Research Council released a technical report, Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer, showing that diet was probably the greatest single factor in the epidemic of cancer.”

It’s synthetic chemicals and saturated fats that lead to cancer, not broccoli sprouts! You’ll find it easy to switch to a clean diet with my delicious and simple recipes. I’m not a kitchen lover, so all my recipes are instant!

Dr. Kristine Nolfi in Denmark cured her breast cancer with living foods. Joe Alexander writes in Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! (#ad):

“Being a medical doctor, she put her experience to good use in helping thousands of other cancer sufferers to gain similar remissions.”

Read more about healing cancer here under Alkaline Water. And in my End Cancer page.

Natural Healing for Children

Ear infections, asthma, and allergies are common childhood problems.

Energy Soup cured my ear infections, which flared up repeatedly for thirty years from my teens. Those ear-aches had me sitting in the emergency rooms of hospitals for countless hours!

I ate Energy Soup for my toothache, and it healed my ear as well! Today I grow fresh food in my kitchen, and dentists and ear-ache are totally a thing of the past.

With asthma, too, many authors write that a healthy whole foods diet takes away the need for drugs, sprays and other bronchodilators.

Ron Roberts reports on his experience, in Asthma: An Alternative Approach (#ad). Ron was severely asthmatic from the age of eight, then improved his health so much he ran a full marathon without breathing problems:

“The most effective ways to treat your asthmatic condition are to revitalize your immune system with good nutrition, decrease the toxins in your body, avoid allergy triggers and conditions and exercise regularly … if you eliminate asthma triggering preservatives and additives from your diet, eat nutrition loaded foods and increase your fluid intake, you will feel better.”

This is exactly what living foods do — they revitalize your immune system, are rich in nutrients, and loaded with enzymes, chlorophyll, oxygen and water which all clear out toxins. Of course, they contain no additives.

Children love sugar. So I’d make their Energy Soup as sweet as they want it. Best is soaked dried fruit like figs, raisins, dates or currants.

Or use apple juice concentrate (high in pectin to help flush out unwanted toxins and metals) or the grain malts as sweeteners — brown rice syrup, barley malt and amasake. They don’t destroy your child’s mineral balance (as refined sugar does, it leaches minerals out of bones).

The grain malts (not a raw food) also have the nutrients of whole grains (like chromium, a national deficiency in the U.S.) and their complex sugars take longer to digest — so there’s not the blood sugar highs and lows you get with other sweeteners.

Boycott Insane Corporations

Since I wrote the above, greedy corporations have gone crazy in multiple ways, such as:

  • Excessively vaccinating children,
  • Turning innocent-looking food into an allergy-triggering genetically modified organism (GMO) — they’re shooting the genes of other species into your food seeds,
  • Using more biocides like glyphosate on the GMO crops,
  • and so on. Who can list all the craziness? It gets worse every year!

The result is a host of new diseases in children, such as autism.

You MUST STOP mainlining so many chemical poisons into your child. Mainlining is a word I learned in my hippie days, it means injecting a toxic drug into your bloodstream.

Watch this movie, Bought: The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food.

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