Recipes for Fat-Free Raw Desserts & Raw Candy

I was amazed the first time I ran a frozen banana through my Samson Juicer — it has the taste and texture of real vanilla ice-cream.

Popular Ingredients

Frozen desserts

banana, kiwi, strawberry, mango, and all fruits that freeze easily (not apple)

How To Make

Choose fresh sweet fruits. Store whole in the freezer. Peel bananas before freezing. Run frozen fruit through Samson Juicer with mincing cone.

Blend with nut milk or soya yogurt for a protein-rich smoothie. Try almond milk with frozen bananas … yum…

Mincing Cone
Mincing Cone only

Strawberry icecreamBanana icecream
Enjoy frozen fruit as fresh sweet ice cream! No junk fats here.

Eat RAW and you’ll see your unwanted fat go, and go for good!

Raw Candy

I love rawfood candy from my Samson. You run soaked dried fruit and soft nuts like macadamia through the mincing cone, then mix with a fork and roll into balls.

If you need to keep the candy for more than a few days, then do *not* soak the dried fruit & nuts first. Dampness attracts mold.

Calcium tablets leach calcium from our bones. We must get calcium from food, not from machines. Dried Figs are especially high in calcium.

Pie Crust

My favorite is to:

  • grind unsoaked figs in my food processor
  • grind unsoaked almonds in a coffee grinder
  • add the almonds to figs in food-processor
  • pulse-chop quickly to blend together
  • store in small containers in freezer

Then I keep one container in my refrigerator ready to eat as is, or use for pie crust. The ratio is 2 cups almonds to one cup figs.

This nut-fruit ratio can be used for all crusts, e.g. 2 cups walnuts to 1 cup dates. Walnut-date crust is delicious with fresh raw apple. I grate the apple into it.

To make a crust, I moisten with water but you can also use fresh orange juice. For the filling, try blended mango with sliced banana on top.

I don’t use my Samson for the almonds when they’re unsoaked. This is too hard for any juicer. When running dates through the Samson, be sure to remove all pits first because those hard pits can crack the auger.

Mixing Fruit & Nuts

Natural Hygiene says don’t mix fruit with nuts. But for me it works fine. If you have a candida or yeast infection, then I’d do it only as a rare treat, not daily.

Fat (nuts) can hold sugar (fruit) trapped in your blood stream, where it becomes food for nasties like candida. Normally insulin shuttles the sugar straight into your cells for energy.

Raw candy is a healthy version of bread & butter. That too is a concentrated sugar (bread) with a concentrated fat (butter). If your digestive system can eat bread & butter, or bread & margarine, then you’ll be fine with dried fruit & nuts!

Truth is, when I came off alcohol in 1988, my craving for sugar was so HUGE that I had to carry a packet of hard candy with me always. It was multi-colored candy I bought in a regular store in Brooklyn, nothing healthy about it! But it satisfied my desperate desire for sugar.

Then I began switching to raw in the fall of 1992 and making raw candy with my Juicer. Today my blood stream and cells are so clean, I love adore worship fresh fruit! Fruit is my candy. I seldom mix dried fruit and nuts any more.

But I needed the heavy nut-fruit mixtures in my early days of growing slowly into raw foods. I was not satisfied with just fruit. I needed the heaviness of nuts, both for taste and to fill me up. I loved blended mango in a pie crust 🙂

How much fat to eat is a hotly debated issue in nutrition. The raw food world is no exception. We have our high-fat and low-fat gurus. Ultimately, you’ll find your own balance, eat what feels right for you today.

Don’t fret if you binge! Green Smoothies will take that away over time. You don’t need will-power. You just need raw foods and green juices.

Susan Schenck mentions in The Live Food Factor that all raw fooders eat more fat at the start. But as your cells become balanced and whole again — with balanced whole raw foods — the desire for fat falls away. This is my experience too!

I find in winter I want more fat. I enjoy a little sweet nut butter in winter.

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