Listen to the Doctors — Why Sprouting is Essential

automatic sprouter
GoGreen Automatic Sprouter for Wheatgrass, Sprouts & Baby Greens. This is LIVING food — still growing in the moment you eat it.

Is Your Health the Best it can be?

Are you at peak performance energy-wise?

Have you tried the healing power of home-grown GREENS?

When you need a recharge, plug yourself into the power of LIFE 🙂

LIVING GREENS have All Nutrition in Perfect Balance to Give You LIFE

Listen to the Doctors!

In their NY Times bestseller YOU, The Owner’s Manual (#ad) doctors Roizen and Oz write:

“We believe that food is the next frontier in medicine — by studying how food can be used for healing.”

I believe LIVING food is the real frontier. All wild animals pick their food ALIVE.

Have you seen how many animals live on GREENS? With my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter, you harvest your Greens minutes before you eat them.

Dr. Neal Barnard writes in Foods Can Save Your Life (#ad):

“You can lose weight permanently, prevent heart attacks and reverse existing heart disease.”

“The vast majority of cancers can be prevented. Dietary changes are the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr. Barnard is president of the US Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. His advice? Eat vegan! That’s 100% plant foods only.

Drs. Kim O’Neill and Byron Murray report in Power Plants: New Evidence that Nature’s Phyto-Fighters Are Your Best Medicine (#ad):

“Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables is the single greatest thing you can do to prevent disease and increase the quality of your life.”

Drs. O’Neill & Murray are two cancer-research scientists boasting a combined 53 years in biological research when they wrote Power Plants (#ad). What do they report?

“Vegetarians have the lowest rates of chronic disease and the highest life expectancy of any population.”

Do you know HOW to eat fresh fruits & vegetables and LIVING greens? Read What to Eat in a Raw Food Diet.

Dr. Henry Bieler writes in Food Is Your Best Medicine (#ad):

“Disease can be cured through the proper use of correct foods. The vegetable kingdom contains our best medicines.”

And Dr. Joel Fuhrman reports on his clinical experience in Fasting and Eating for Health (#ad):

“Most chronic medical problems can be reversed by adopting a more natural diet.”

Of course I could go on forever. But you get it, don’t you? Are you willing to take the first step? It’s one Green Smoothie daily with LIVING greens!

Sprouts & Wheatgrass

Thousands of people, including myself, have healed with wheatgrass juice, sprouting, living foods, broccoli sprouts, sunflower greens, alfalfa sprouts, and the raw food diet of Ann Wigmore.

With an Automatic Sprouter, you easily harvest a Fresh Tray Daily of LIVING GREENS and Sprouts to blend into a Green Smoothie or Energy Soup.

A Sprouter is the easy path to raw foods.

Look at Photos of the LIVING GREENS you will grow!

Sprouter or Mist Kit?

You’ll find our ready-to-go GoGreen Automatic Sprouter is 100% Best Performance and Lowest Price.

Check this Comparison Chart with EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter and FreshLife Sprouter.

Or build a Sprouter cheaply yourself. It’s so easy! My Free Plans show you how, and Dan’s Mist Kits make it simple.

Sprouters are expensive to ship outside North America. Did you know — wherever you are in our world — you can make your own Automatic Sprouter with cheap, local parts?

Automatic sets you FREEno watering, no dirt, no weeding, no bugs, no shopping! Your Sprouter does everything for you.

Enjoy Fresh Wheatgrass & Sprouts

white roots
See how white the roots are! Not a sign of mold. I never got results like this when I tried to grow sunflower in other Sprouters.
Sunflower greens growing happily in my Automatic Sprouter (with no soil). Incredible! Instant fast food given free by the Miracle of Life!

Eat Raw Foods from a Sprouter

  • Organic home-grown — No hormone-disruptive pesticides, No deadly E.Coli, and the best source of protein on earth! Reach in and munch by the handful.
  • Blend the Sprouts with fruit into a sweet Smoothie for your children, and watch their strength grow. Strong bones, strong immune system, creative brain-power!
  • You discover the joy of true health. Your body-brain zings with energy!
  • Blended greens balance your biochemistry. Addictions and allergies fly out the window! When you sprout organic food at home, you heal your Self and you heal Mother Earth.
  • You know Mother Nature has something of value to give you, from her vast medicine chest. You can GET FREE OF PAIN by taking simple steps toward wholeness, and whole foods.

“Within 24 months, every atom within our body has been replaced by new atoms derived from foods, water, and air … in 2 years our inherent rebuilding mechanisms can rebuild us a completely new body.”

Udo Erasmus, N.D., Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill (#ad)

wheatgrass roots

This fresh living wheatgrass was grown without soil in my Automatic Sprouter. All I did was sprinkle seeds in the tray!

Your Sprouter will mist, oxygenate and drain your sprouts every few hours — when you’re at work, asleep, or traveling.

Grow LIVING greens, sprouts and wheatgrass — the cheap quick way to eat healthy food.

Become Young Again!

Ann Wigmore writes in her book, Why You Do Not Need To Grow Old (#ad):

“At fifty years of age I was ready for an early retirement. My hair was gray, I had a terrible case of colitis and other colon problems, I suffered from low energy, and had no clear direction in life.

Out of desperation I turned to nature for relief. In wheatgrass, raw foods, and exercise, I found what I feel is as close to the fountain of youth as we are going to get.

Twenty-five years after my discovery, my hair has turned fully naturally brown again. My weight has been a stable 119 (the same as it was in my youth) and my energy level is limitless. I haven’t needed the services of a physician in years.

My work has taken me all over the world on many demanding lecture tours, sometimes for months at a time. Yet, I have more energy than I can ever remember having as a child — and I am no child at 76.”


Dr. Gabriel Cousens writes in Conscious Eating (#ad) (2000):

A live-food diet has been used with great success to heal arthritis, high blood pressure, menstrual difficulties, obesity, allergies, diabetes, ulcers, heart and other circulatory diseases, hormone disturbances, diverticulosis, anemia, weak immune system, and other degenerative diseases or poor states of health.

Many people have found a live-food diet an excellent aid for improving the brain/mind function … a high percentage of live food in the diet plays an important part in creating a healthful longevity.”

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