How to Grow into Raw Foods

It’s so clear Kindness is keeping us alive. You see it in a sunset, in the moon dancing on water, in the gurgle of a mountain stream.

This Kindness will always help us to find fulfillment. Why would it want us to live in darkness, when it’s nature is Light?

As Deepak Chopra writes: “We’re not a body growing more brainy. We’re Intelligence learning how to be a body.”

To me it’s a little of both, like the DNA helix. We’re Consciousness learning how to be a body-mind. We’re a body-mind learning how to be Conscious.

Understanding and Commitment

On the days we eat right, how do we do it? And how do we get back to that lovely place of Grace again and again? So we feel fulfilled and free.

The secret is simply this. It’s a growth process in:

  • understanding and commitment.

Place yourself in an environment where your understanding and commitment will grow. Each and every day renew that environment.

When you don’t feel like Committing, then on that day make time to READ a book on Raw, or LISTEN to an audio.

The Understanding we get from reading and listening inspires us to DO IT. Gets us back on track.

For every one of us, life is a process of growth in understanding and commitment. Reach for Raw is a growth process. It’s a deepening understanding. It’s a beautiful commitment.

  • The more we understand the more we commit
  • The more we commit the more we understand

Human beings — growing in understanding and commitment — must be the most magical process happening on planet earth right now.

It’s the path of surrender. I always prayed for surrender. Until I realized surrender is a growth process in understanding and commitment. It’s a gift that’s given when I reach out to accept it.

from JAM to WAVE & RAVE

Here we are together going from a life stuck in JAM, surfing on a lovely WAVE right through to RAVE.

Once we ate JAM:

J — Junk
A — And
M — Meat


Now we’re riding the WAVE:

W — Wholefood
A — And
V — Vegetables (plant-strong) with
E — Exercise


cooked or raw Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Beans, Seeds, Nuts, Seaweeds (NO factory food)

All the way through to RAVE:

R — Rawfood
A — And
V — Vegetables (plant-strong) with
E — Exercise

baby greens

Living Greens from the GoGreen Automatic Sprouter

Why raw? Because when you apply a flame to anything, you destroy it. Have you seen a burnt-out house? This is what you do to food when you cook it.

A World of Understanding

Understanding brings commitment.

Read books and web-sites on raw and vegetarian foods, and healing naturally. Join vegan and vegetarian societies and get their newsletters. Watch TV shows on the magic of your body-mind. Attend rawfood festivals.

Flock to the talks of rawfood teachers at every opportunity.

Pay to see the teacher. It’s worth every penny. To me, the presence of the living teacher is the most inspiring joy on earth. Whether it was my unforgettable English teacher at high school or a special teacher today.

The teacher takes me higher faster and inspires me to try harder.

A World of Commitment

Commitment brings understanding.

This is why rawfood teachers are so inspiring, because they are so committed. And therefore understand so much more. First-hand experience of what’s true and beautiful, is their source of joy.

The easiest way to commit is to be in a committed environment.

If you have enough JAM food in your cupboard to last a week, give it away.

When you crave JAM food, buy only enough for one day. Force yourself to go to endless trouble and expense every time you want it.

If your family eats JUNK And MEAT, then find ways to avoid seeing it. Keep your own little cupboard and refrigerator.

Same goes for when you shop. Avoid that section of the store where your favorite chocolate, cheese or chips are. Don’t look at them.

Start a rawfood support group. As Alcoholics Anonymous says, the alcohol is more powerful than you. So is the JAM. Get help.

Break the Addiction

Cooked food is our first addiction in life. The longer you’ve been abusing a substance, the harder it is to stop.

You only have to get through today, one day at a time. Live in the present moment, not in your mind. If you’re thinking it, you’ll want it.

When I came off alcohol, to escape from a Mind flashing me photos of endless delights at the liquor store — and to live fully in the present moment — I’d tell myself out loud what I was busy doing.

“Now I’m eating beans on toast. Now I’m chewing. Now I’m brushing my teeth.”

Tremendous focus in the Now blocks out the temptations of Mind. Any yogi worth her salt knows that!

You’re not eating dead food NOW. You don’t have to give it up for all time, only for today, or for this moment while you make a Green Smoothie.

All time will take care of itself, one day at a time.

Balance Your Biochemistry

With food, I couldn’t begin to exercise will-power until I’d reached a certain level of biochemical balance. For me, that took one year of Energy Soup or green juices every day. With my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter, both are quick and easy.

Grab a tray of greens and a half-tray of bean sprouts from your Sprouter, blend them with fruit, avocado (or ground seeds), a little seaweed, and you’re done. Greens, fruit, fat and trace minerals from seaweed — a complete meal in ten minutes. This is Energy Soup.

Fats like avocado or ground seeds give solidity (chia, flax, pumpkin, sesame or sunflower seeds). Solidity means it fills the empty spaces in me. They lift me out of Oliver Twist mode (please Sir, I want more ).


  • free you of cravings
  • detoxify your tissues
  • rebuild your cells
  • balance your biochemistry

Only the chlorophyll molecule has the right chemistry to do this — chlorophyll acts inside you the same way soap washes oil off your hands. Only LIVING greens are rich in both chlorophyll and oxygen. Oxygen speeds up the cleansing.

One day someone’s JAM food will be right in front of you, and you won’t want it. You’re free in the peace of balance. As Joe Alexander writes in Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda!

“The raw foodist health nut enjoys the pleasure of peace and cleanliness within the body … There’s no pleasure greater than feeling comfortable in your own body.”

Invest In a Rawfood Kitchen

Keep a big Automatic Sprouter going in your home — the one here at is by far the best.

A Sprouter forces you to eat living greens every day, because the next day there’s a fresh tray! If you eat bread and cheese, fold the living greens into your sandwich.

Keep a second Sprouter for growing wheatgrass. Buy a multipurpose wheatgrass Juicer, this one is the best value for money. I use mine almost daily.

It’s so quick to juice a tray of wheatgrass. And easy to make raw nut butters — my juicer does it so cleanly, there’s virtually no clean-up. Macadamia is my favorite.

Nut butters satisfy cravings. You need the healthy fat. When you crave fat and sweet — try mashed banana with raw nut butter. When I started out on raw, I always kept 2-3 kinds of homemade nut butters in my refrigerator to satisfy my hunger. Today I prefer fruit.

Always have plenty of rawfood snacks on hand. Make It Easy to Reach for Raw. The dehydrator here gives you snacks of every taste and texture.

To eat dead food, you need a stove. To eat living food, you need a sprouter, juicer, dehydrator, and blender for making smoothies.

The Higher You Go

Be — Do — Have. Be committed, Do what it takes, and you will Have what you want.

Keep yourself in a committed environment, and you will find it easier to commit.

Commit — DO IT — and you will deepen your understanding. The higher you go, the higher you go!

Whoever said the higher you go, the harder you fall, was on cooked food.

You Can Do No Wrong

Above all, you can’t go wrong. Life is Innocent. Inside you is a power that has never sinned and can never sin. It’s keeping us alive, yet is untouched by what we eat.

We’ve all felt it. All our life we practice techniques to experience the peace within… a simple prayer… watching the setting sun… The most spectacular I ever saw was over the Rocky Mountains!

When I first began to change my diet, I’d beat up on myself daily, I could never do anything right. Every binge I whipped myself for being bad. I binged all the time — three days was my maximum for staying clean.

Today I let myself off the rope. I keep on with my greens (home-grown), keep on trucking, keep on growing in understanding and commitment. I see myself evolving in the heart of beauty.

A sincere heart is a winner! Every day, either deepen your understanding, or commit and take action. Ideally, do both.

The more we do both, the more surrendered and peaceful we grow. Life becomes a journey of fulfillment.

Raw Food Recipes

Our body-mind hates sudden changes! Make drastic changes only if you’re terminally ill.

Add Energy Soup and Green Smoothies to what you normally eat, then try a variety of rawfood recipes.

You probably enjoy a dozen different dishes of cooked and packaged meals. So go through the rawfood recipe books until you can quickly prepare ten meals you love.

If you over-eat, you’ll heal quicker when you binge first on whole foods (cooked or raw). Instead of bread ‘n cheese, eat cooked millet with raw avocado! Or try banana and avocado. You get the starch and fat, but as whole plant foods.

As you cleanse, your tissues will release toxins into your bloodstream that may trigger cravings you have not had in years.

Whatever you give in to, have Energy Soup or Green Smoothie too that day. This will slowly balance your biochemistry.

“Raw food vegetarianism is a humble way of eating. It is accepting food as it was created by God and not trying to improve on mother nature. It is peaceful. It is simplicity. Raw foods give life rather than take it away.”

Sherri Webb, from Joe Alexander’s book, Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda! (#ad)

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