Protect and Heal Yourself from Radiation and Radioactive Fallout

Worried about a meltdown at a nuclear power plant? Or simply about the low-level ionizing radiation we’re exposed to daily in our high-tech world…

Steven Schechter reports in his book Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants With Foods, Herbs and Vitamins (#ad) that:

“There is no family of foods more protective against radiation than sea vegetables.”

Alginate for Radiation Protection

Schechter continues:

“One of the more powerful protective elements in sea vegetables is sodium alginate, found in the family of sea veg known as kelp, which includes arame, wakame, kombu and hijiki.

Sodium alginate reduces the amount of strontium-90 absorbed by bone tissue by 50 to 83 percent [quotes research].

Among the serious problems caused by strontium-90 are leukemia, bone cancer, Hodgkins disease, anemia, and decreased production of red and white blood cells.”

I guess you know the alginates in sea vegetables also bind with heavy metals? They help to quickly eliminate these toxins from your body — mercury, plutonium, lead, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic.

Make sure your kelp label says it’s been tested for heavy metals. Sea vegetables ABSORB heavy metals which is good in your body, but bad in the ocean before you eat it!

How Much Seaweed to Eat?

Research shows that brown sea vegetables, such as kelp, are the most effective sources of sodium alginate to reduce the danger from radioactive strontium.

How much kelp should we eat? The Biomedical and Environmental Research division of the US Atomic Energy Commission recommends a minimum of 2-3 ounces of sea vegetables a week, or 10 grams of alginate supplements a day — equal to 2 Tablespoons (Tbsp) daily — Schechter reports.

During or after direct exposure to radiation, the Research Division recommend that you increase this to two full tablespoons of alginate four times daily.

When you take alginate as a supplement — either in powder or tablets — it’s more effective when mixed with water so it’s gelatinous (like jelly) when you eat it.

Hijiki usually has high amounts of arsenic, which is toxic and carcinogenic. If you eat it, soak it first. Research shows that arsenic levels go down by more than 50% when hijiki is soaked in water for six hours at room temperature. The longer you soak the hijiki, the less it retains its arsenic (leaches out more into the soak water).

Personally I don’t eat hijiki because it’s cooked. When hijiki is harvested, it’s dried on the seashore under the sun. Then the dried plants are heated in boiling water and air-dried for the commercial market.

Ann Wigmore Diet

Two Tbsp a day of sea vegetables is exactly what my teacher, the late Dr Ann Wigmore, advises we eat daily — to ensure we get all trace minerals in our diet — in her book The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program (#ad).

Dr Ann and the Atomic Energy Commission are 100% in agreement, although for different reasons. Dr Ann advises to eat whole raw sea vegetables chopped up finely into 2 Tbsp.

The raw ones are dulse, kelp and black nori sheets. Green nori sheets are toasted. You’d think it’d be the other way round, wouldn’t you? But it’s not 🙂 With nori, black is raw.

Dr Ann says NOT to eat 2 Tbsp a day if you have a sensitive thyroid gland. Sea veg is high in iodine, so it stimulates the thyroid. If you have thyroid problems, follow your holistic doctor’s advice.

Remember, the more you process a food, the more you damage its cells. The upside of dulse flakes and kelp powder is that they’re dried, so there’s no risk of bacteria. Mold needs moisture to grow.

However, when you grind a vegetable into a flake or powder, you bust open its cell membranes and oxidize the nutrients. It’s always best to eat your food WHOLE, except when you yourself blend or grind it moments before eating.

Eat whole fronds of kelp, rather than kelp powder, and whole dulse rather than dulse flakes. I use dulse flakes only to make gomasio (see recipe here).

Nutrition Research on Seaweed

“Iodine is essential for energy metabolism, and deficiency can result in either depressed or accelerated metabolic function (known as hypo- and hyper-thyroidism, respectively) … this mineral is essential for normal brain development of the fetus.”

write registered dieticians (R.D.’s) Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina in their book Becoming Raw — The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets (#ad).

DRI of iodine for adults is 150 micrograms a day. (DRI = Dietary Reference Intake, a system of nutrition recommendations from the Institute of Medicine of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.)

You get 150 mcg in:

  • 1/2 tsp of Dulse granules
  • Less than 1/16 tsp of Kelp powder
  • 1-1/2 sheets of Nori

Iodine content varies depending on where the sea veg is harvested and how it’s dried. There’s more iodine in oceans that are fed by glacial and flood waters. During the drying process, iodine is lost to the air.

Davis & Melina write:

“Some people use 1/4 teaspoon of kelp every four days to meet their iodine DRI. It’s preferable to consume it in small but frequent amounts daily or once or twice a week than to consume a large dose less frequently.”

If, like me, you eat cruciferous vegetables daily — such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale and flax seeds — they contain Thiocyanates that interfere in thyroid metabolism ONLY WHEN your iodine is low.

It’s no problem if you’re eating 1/4 tsp kelp powder twice a week. Then you’re free to eat all the broccoli you like. I LOVE my broccoli sprouts! I grow them with alfalfa in my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter.

Natural Hygiene View

Natural hygiene teachers — such as Dr. Doug Graham — say we should never eat sea vegetables, except occasionally in a restaurant dish.

I don’t agree. I believe we need seaweed for all our trace elements such as iodine and cobalt. And for protection against radiation. But you may share the natural hygiene view 🙂

Sea vegetables are high in sodium. Natural hygiene is fussy about the sodium-potassium balance at the cell membrane. Imbalance damages the cell, when too much sodium pours into your cell. Their advice? Never eat anything that makes you thirsty!

It makes sense because you know fresh raw fruit and vegetables are the healthiest food for your body. Fruit & veggies are so high in water, even potatoes are 80% water. Avocado is 70% water, whereas the other fats — nuts and seeds — are only 5% water.

When you eat a food that makes you thirsty, you’re eating the exact opposite of the ideal food for humans. What’s that? In my experience, it’s fresh fruit and leafy greens — both are more than 90% water.

The strictest natural hygiene view is — never eat anything you can’t enjoy as a complete meal in itself. So bang goes my love of hot red pepper on avocado in the winter. But I still eat it!

The LIFE FORCE is the most powerful nutrient you can eat! It’s the source of all other nutrients. It gives you amazing energy.

If you’d love to reach the highest levels of health, do what I do and use a GoGreen Automatic Sprouter daily.

What’s Radiating Us?

The big danger is not from radioactive fallout from a nuclear power plant meltdown or an atomic bomb exploded on some distant atoll.

Our real danger is from never-ending exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation. We get this from:

  • Eating radioactive particles that fell from the air onto our food
  • Eating food that’s woven into its tissues the radioactive particles in water and soil
  • Eating herbs and other foods that have been irradiated
  • Flying — an airplane flight from coast to coast will expose you to several hundred millirads
  • Airport security scanners — each scanner delivers about 0.01 millirad of radiation — but you get 10,000 times more from the natural environment every year!
  • Medical x-rays — mammograms, bone x-rays, dental x-rays, CAT scans — it’s 100 to 1,000 millirads for a full set of dental x-rays
  • Radiation “therapy” for cancer
  • Microwaves
  • High-voltage power lines
  • Cell phones — a cell phone is a two-way microwave radio and should not be held next to the brain or close to the body unless you use a good protection.

Even your TV, computer monitor, and all electric devices emit ionizing radiation.

The only products I trust for protection from all this radiation (electro-pollution) are those invented by Ken Rohla, an electrical engineer & computer scientist who healed himself with living foods. See Ken’s range of Energy Devices & EMF Protection.

Health Dangers of Ionizing Radiation

You can’t see it, feel it, hear it, taste it, or smell it. You’re totally unaware when it (low-level ionizing radiation) is interacting with the tissues of your body.

Steven Schechter writes:

“It is the stuff horror movies are made of — a monster that strikes without apparent notice to cause sickness, deformity, and death.”

Dr. Gabriel Cousens writes in Conscious Eating (#ad):

“The end result of low-level radiation over a long period of time is the production of a great deal of free radicals. This free-radical production causes lethal radiation sickness and contributes to high rates of cancer.

There is no “safe” dose of radiation since radiation is cumulative.

Radiation is far more toxic than chemicals or pesticides. Radioactive isotypes that concentrate in specific organs are very damaging because, according to [researcher] Dr. Sternglass, each electron emitted by a radioactive nucleus has several million electron volts of energy, which is enough to disrupt millions of molecules in the living cell. These radioactive isotypes emit radiation as they decay.”

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

It’s obvious. When it comes to radiation, you have a better survival rate the healthier you are.

They actually researched this!

What does this mean for you? EAT RAW. Eat straight from the hand of our Creator.

Paul Pitchford points out in Healing With Whole Foods (#ad) that wheatgrass juice is excellent for counteracting radiation.

We already know this from Dr Ann Wigmore’s work. She discovered that when you place a tray of wheatgrass in front of your TV, it stops the radiation from reaching you and your family. Sounds like a cool way to protect your children!

Like alginate in seaweeds, wheatgrass excels at absorbing radioactive particles. I guess that’s why tortoises glow in the dark near a nuclear plant — they’re eating the grass!

It’s so easy and quick to enjoy fresh wheatgrass daily from my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter.

Spray the wheatgrass with diluted liquid kelp or OceanGrown solution to give your grass all the minerals and trace elements you need. Email Dan for OceanGrown.

Wheatgrass does not have the high sodium of sea vegetables 🙂

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William Bodri has Masters degrees in both Engineering and Clinical Nutrition, and is well-versed in naturopathy and Chinese medicine. He’s science-based, proof-oriented.


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