Make Raw Nut Butters in Wheatgrass Juicer

Samson Juicer’s single-screw augur is ideal for grinding soft nuts into nut butters, without the mess you get with twin-gear juicers.

For hard nuts like almond, it’s quicker to grind them in your coffee grinder, then add a little raw almond oil. Or raw hemp oil gives a nuttier taste.

peanut butter

How to Make

For peanuts or almonds, remove skin before processing (or buy with no skin). Grind nuts with mincing cone and mincing nozzle.

Tasty Tips

Add a touch of cold-pressed raw almond oil, or flax or hemp oil, for smoother texture.

Flax and hemp help meet your need for Omega-3 EFA’s (essential fatty acids).

mincing conemincing nozzle
Mincing Cone & Mincing Nozzle

Mince nutsnutbutter
Enjoy fresh nut butters! Not the roasted store ones rife with free radicals.

Nuts & Seeds Fill the Empty Spaces when You’re Real Hungry!

Fresh Nut Butter

I love my macadamia nut butter, mashed with banana. You know how these soft “wet” nuts like macadamia, pecan and walnut, will not grind in a coffee grinder? They grind beautifully in the Samson Juicer, leaving no sticky mess at all.

The EFAs (essential fatty acids) in RAW nuts and seeds calm your nerves, feed your brain, and strengthen your immune system. They help you to absorb the minerals and carotenoids in your food, like beta-carotene in leafy greens.

Plant fats are great to satisfy hunger. If I come home stressed from a long day out, I head straight for my nut butter! It works wonders in calming me. I cut a banana down the middle, fill it with almond nut butter, then eat it like a sandwich.

I feel full and satisfied. Fruit doesn’t do the trick for me, when I’m stressed.

Mix Fat and Fruit?

Natural Hygiene teaches not to mix fat with fruit. In your blood, too much fat can stop fruit sugars from entering your cells to give you instant energy. Personally I’ve never had a problem eating banana with nuts or seeds.

Only if you have candida or other nasty microbes that feed on sugar, then I’d eat fat and fruit separately. Eat your fruit about half an hour before.

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