How Much Do You Spend on Dentists, Doctors, Drugs and Supplements?


Drugs include prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, and recreational drugs like cigarettes and alcohol. Because when you’re biochemically balanced, you never enter a pharmacy any more, and the recreational stuff smells and tastes horrid.

The late Dr. Ann Wigmore helped thousands of people to heal – from depression, chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, AIDS, and even leprosy in India – with a diet centered on blended sprouts and greens grown at home.

Whatever your pain, learning how to eat right will change your life.

A Sprouter Is the Investment of A Lifetime

For the first five years of my early 40’s (1988-93) I spent hours and hours in the dentist’s chair. I wasted thousands of dollars and lost five teeth in five years, to root canal or extraction.

Then in the fall of 1993 I began blending Energy Soup 3-4 times a week with home-grown greens and sprouts. In a little over a year, by early 1995, my teeth had healed completely. I stopped going to the dentist! Today I have no pain when I chew, no more infections, no cavities or new root canals, and no bleeding gums.

This is a miracle! I can’t describe my high every day, and my relief, that I sleep without pain, eat without pain. And to know that tomorrow the pain won’t be there, nor the day after. Because I grow my sprouts every day now.

Or rather, my Automatic Sprouter grows them!  It takes me a minute in the evening to sprinkle new seeds in.  We should call it The One-Minute Sprouter!

Why Are Sprouts So Effective?

Do you remember a day in your school’s chemistry lab, when the teacher showed you two chemicals reacting together? What did she do? She simply put the two lots of molecules together in one glass beaker, and perhaps heated it. Poof!

That’s all your cells need! They’re totally dependant on you to bring together in your body the molecules they need to perform their chemical reactions. No molecules, no reactions, your cells are out of work, and we suffer pain.

Nature has the molecules you need! We ate those molecules for 3.5 million years. As recently as 140 years ago, during the U.S. Civil War, 90% of Americans still lived on farms. When they ate blueberries for lunch, they picked them that day and happily munched while they picked. There was no refrigerator! And certainly no blueberries frozen in a box at the store – devoid of all the living enzymes in home-grown food.

You Save More Money Every Year

My Sprouter will save you a fortune. Living foods work! All those thousands of dollars I spent on dentists and supplements, and I still got tooth decay. They never worked.

The brochures were so colorful – I was convinced I needed colloidal minerals and multiple vitamins. But they never did a thing for my health. Have all the supplements you’ve eaten honestly taken away your real health problems?

It’s home-grown baby greens and sprouts that turned my life around. And gifted me with the joy of health. The freedom!

The older you get, the bigger your rate of return from your kitchen garden. I’m totally convinced I’ll never get cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s. Even now, I see everyone round me buying drugs and supplements, visiting doctors and dentists, and I’m free!

Medical bills are worse than cars when it comes to swallowing your money whole.  You know they’re the top cause of personal bankruptcy in the USA today?

How Precious Is Health to You?

Do you want to spend money for the rest of your life on fractionated medicines from machines? Or would you rather eat the delicious whole-food medicinals of Mother Nature?

She built you from a single cell. Over billions of years She evolved you hand-in-hand with plants.

Surely Mother Nature knows what molecules you need to heal and build your body-mind – more than any chemist does? Aren’t sprouted beans and baby greens the most nutrient-rich food on earth? And the highest in energy!

Energy comes from eating energy. I can’t explain this in terms of physics and biochemistry. All I know is, when you eat 5-6 cups of fresh home-grown food a day, your energy levels soar. I used to be so tired, I literally could not stand up at night to make a meal. Today I’ll work for 12-15 hours and still be bouncing at midnight!

The only single food that’s high in energy is freshly picked living food — food grown at home or wild weeds. With your own eyes you’ve seen that energy in the bright new leaves of Spring.  When you need energy, eat that energy.

Take Charge of Your Health

Isn’t today the best of all days to take charge of your health?

How much did you spend in the past year on doctors, dentists, drugs and supplements? $30 to $50 a month? That’s $600 a year! Our GoGreen Sprouter starts at $199, or build one for less using local parts. It’s a life-time investment, to harvest lovely fresh greens every day of your life.

The living foods lifestyle saves so much money. In 1998, I broke my finger, paid one visit to a city hospital in New York, waited eight hours, had one x-ray, and one splint taped to my finger (a ten-minute job) and it cost me $300! What does heart disease or cancer cost? Or an enlarged pancreas because you don’t eat enough living food that’s rich in enzymes.

The five cups of fresh greens every day that a Sprouter gives you will cost in the store $2-3 a day (plus shopping time) or $75 every month! Plus sprouts from the store are dead – look at their oxidized brown roots. They’re not a living food like your home-grown greens.

For me, my living foods lifestyle lays golden eggs. Every month I get $100 cash back (in savings on the dentist). Each year, this $100 a month goes up and up, I save more and more, because I don’t have the health costs associated with aging.

For you, how much will you save on dentists, doctors, drugs, supplements, and organic food? Once you’re following the steps on this site? And you’ve got as many Sprouters as you need for wheatgrass juice and blended living foods! Buy the first one, then it’s so easy to build more yourself, once you see how it’s done.

It’s pure savings. Cash in hand! And no more waiting round in medical rooms. Prevention Is The Cure.

Can you picture yourself with a tray of fresh sprouts from your automatic Sprouter? Then you add your favorite home-made dressing? Yumm, so delicious. Blending them is my favorite. Makes me feel like a princess. But I like munching on bean sprouts in the morning at my computer – gives my brain the proteins it needs for cascades of neuropeptides.

That’s all it takes! Mother Nature’s food.

Skeleton foods turn you into a skeleton. Whole foods make you whole.

You begin to heal when you eat home-grown greens at every meal.

I’m going to repeat that. When it comes to healing, it’s impossible to overdose on freshly picked organic living greens.

The more living greens you eat, the more you heal. The more you blend them, the faster you heal. You heal in your mind, your brain, your emotions, your body. In my first month of Energy Soup, I felt myself flowing in a Divine Plan. After ten years of blended and juiced living greens (and fewer and fewer junk foods) a wire in my brain that was programmed to self-destruct, simply snapped (it was a strong wire…:) I was free to be me, to create!

Now I understand why all the raw fooders report how LIBERATING the experience is. Be scientific – test it yourself for 21 days. Get a Sprouter for your home.

A low-cost Sprouter is the perfect gift for a loved one who’s not getting the nutrition she or he needs. Children and the elderly in particular tend to eat the same limited foods every day. Please give them the gift of fresh food.

Help Save Mother Earth

If we want our children to inherit a cleaner earth, then our only choice is to change our lifestyle.

Maybe some folks trust that our technology – or aliens – will miraculously dissolve all the plastic. But why sit on the fence ’till then? You feel better when you live clean. In your soul, you feel good.

Think of all the energy wasted and pollution spewed out when food is trucked for miles, then run through machines, and packaged. Nutritionist and biochemist Martha Oliver, in Add A Few Sprouts (#ad), describes the energy consumption in a single vegetable:

“The farmer uses oil and gas in his tractor to plow, harrow and plant. Coal [and petroleum] derivatives are used in the seed treatment, chemical fertilizers and herbicides as the crop grows. The vegetable is harvested by machine, transported by truck and processed in a mechanized way.

It is wrapped in paper or plastic, which consumed energy in its manufacture. Then it is transported to a central warehouse, and taken to the store by truck, where it is held at the proper temperature – all of which consumes energy. You drive to the store, buy it, and store it in your refrigerator.

How many gallons of gas and oil, kilowatt hours of electricity and tons of coal have been spent in getting that vegetable on your table?”

That’s a simple vegetable! What about the energy consumption and trash when food is stripped in a machine – like bread or a can of beans? What about the affect on your health of such skeleton foods? And the rape of our land and wild-life, when pesticides are used?

Not to mention the pollution all along the line! Those big trucks that guzzle fossil fuels and belch carbon gas – they’re double-glazing our earth, stopping our waste heat from returning into outer space. So we’ll all fry.

If we love our planet, and love our children,
the only earth-renewing lifestyle is to grow more of our food at home.

Healing — Blood Pressure: “Even as a child I seemed to have high blood pressure. My face was always flushed, and the least exertion sent my heart pounding. When I married and the children began to fill the house, my real troubles began. My sister suggested I try the wheatgrass therapy. Thanks to my husband’s labor, I had three boxes of wheatgrass growing. Two weeks later my doctor said my pressure had fallen 37 points and the week following 17 more. So the danger is passed and has been for over half a year. I cannot thank you enough.”

N.S., Montana, from Ann Wigmore’s book, Be Your Own Doctor (#ad)

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