Essential Carbohydrates

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Whereas the three Nutritional Healing Schools all agree “Go Vegan” cut the flesh (chicken and fish are not vegetables, they’re decaying flesh) – when it comes to carbohydrates, they differ starkly.

The Doctor School *loves* cooked carbs. Medical doctors who teach nutrition are happily healing heart disease and cancer with a starch-centered diet.

The Macrobiotic School *loves* cooked carbs. They too are happily healing heart disease and cancer with platefuls of brown rice.

Only the Rawfood School is split on the issue of starches. In one camp are the Natural Hygiene followers of the late Dr. Herbert Shelton. In the other, are the Living Food followers of the late Dr. Ann Wigmore.


Many Natural Hygiene followers say: “Quit the grains. Only seed-eating birds are graminivores who thrive on the grains of various grasses. Even they feed their young on worms and insects, not grain.”

In the bird’s crop, the grains stay warm and moist, releasing their amylase and other living enzymes to predigest themselves. These enzymes in the grain itself, splice each grain into its nutritional molecules of amino acids, fats, and sugars. Thus doth the bird’s stomach have an easier time of it.

Now we humans don’t walk around with a crop under our chin to pre-digest grains. So Natural Hygiene says we’re not anatomically adapted to grains, they’re unnatural to our biological heritage.


I’m in the Ann Wigmore camp. We teach *variety* is the key to getting every nutrient you need. You will never suffer nutritional deficiencies when you eat *different* foods every day.

If you had a banana yesterday, eat avocado today. If you ate sprouted-wheat fig bars yesterday, eat oatmeal-date cookies today (all raw).

Best of all, we teach *living* anything is better than dead everything. We embrace sprouted grains and use them for milk and cookies. That’s raw grain milk like oatmilk, and dehydrated delights for cookies.

We say the pre-digestion process begins in the sprouting, so we don’t need a bird-crop. All we need is a human brain, one that can land on the moon and learn how to sprout.

A carrot torn from mother earth is dead within a day. A living sprouted grain is growing in the moment you eat it. If it’s alive and doesn’t have a face, eat it. That’s our core teaching.

We believe the life force has every nutrient encircling it to keep the organism alive, so it’ll keep us alive. Not just alive, but THRIVING ALIVE. Because Life Energy is Fully Alive.

The most alive thing you’ll ever discover is life energy itself. When you finally find it, you’re not quite sure whether It found you or you found It. But you’re so grateful for the Amazing Grace.

Grains busy sprouting are sparkling with life energy. You can see their radiance. When I began to eat the LIFE FORCE in Energy Soup, that’s when I experienced for the first time a Divine Order flowing my life into fulfillment.

Ann Wigmore advised us to eat one cup of sprouted grain a day. I eat it as raw sprouted grain crackers.

To me, grains give us the comfort, the snuggle we need, to feel warm in a cold world. Even when the world is hot and high, and we’re thrilled to live in an Abundant Universe, grains give us a sustenance I’ve found in only two other foods. And they are? The other starches! Cooked beans and cooked vegetable starches like butternut, sweet potato and gem squash.

Starch is your filler food 🙂 It doesn’t give you the sensitive tooth enamel that eating too much fruit will give you. Nor the tummy ache that too many nuts give. You need your calories. Starch provides them.


The oatmeal cookie below is the only recipe I’ve ever invented. Oats is the best source of dietary silicon, which our body transmutes into calcium to build strong bones. I’m at high risk for osteoporosis, being a skinny white female who drank and smoked for nearly 30 years.

I don’t eat too much calcium – high-calcium seeds like sesame and pumpkin I’ll have 2-3 days a week. Since menopause I haven’t absorbed calcium too well. It piles up round my finger joints as a hard knob. If I lifted weights, thereby forcing the calcium into my bones, that would help.

Actually when I quit cheese, the bone spurs stopped growing. Pasteurized animal milk is ugly elemental calcium, fine for growing baby calves quickly, so they run on their own legs. But in humans it’s overload, it accumulates along our joints and arteries, leading to bone spurs and brittle arteries (arteriosclerosis).

We’re the only species mad enough to carry on drinking milk after our mother stopped nursing us. If you drink it, ask yourself, do I really want to suckle on a cow or goat?

With silicon, you get the calcium you need, but no excess. The body won’t expend energy on converting an element it doesn’t need. Silicon stimulates collagen formation in bone so it’s a key factor in the control of osteoporosis.

Horsetail tea is a great way to absorb organic silicon – infuse it in distilled water overnight – the best tonic for bone repair, regenerating finger-nails, and strengthening hair.

Recipe — Raw Oat Cookies

3C (cups) oat groats, 1/2C cashews, 1/2C dates, 1/2C raisins, 1/4C sultanas, 1 banana, 1 apple, and 1 orange juiced

Grind the oats in a coffee-nut grinder, and soak for 3 hours in water (1 to 2 inches above the oats, if the oats soaks all this up, then add more water), soak dried fruit (dates, raisins, sultanas) in water just covering for half an hour.

Pour water off oats and dried fruit, then in a food processor grind cashews with orange juice, add dried fruit and grind, add oats and grind, then fresh fruit (banana and apple) and grind to smooth.

Pour 1/4-inch thick on dehydrator trays – that’s to the rim of solid sheets in L’Equip – and dry for 2+ days at 105F (40C) degrees.

If you prefer the bitter taste of oats, use more oats or less dried fruit.

P.S. Please, if you don’t have a dehydrator, discover here how it will transform your life.

It’s the only way to “cook” food below 43 degrees C (110°F) so the enzymes stay alive. You need the food’s enzymes to help digest that food.

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