Alkaline Water, Structured Water & EZ Water — Dr. Gerald Pollack Reports on the Water In Living Organisms

Do you know the best water to drink, to feed your LIVING cells? It’s EZ water, short for Exclusion Zone water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack is the world’s leading expert on water. He’s founding editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Water.

In his book The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor (#ad), he points out how structured water in living beings is a crystalline H3O2 (not H2O). He calls it EZ water, standing for “Exclusion Zone” because the water excludes impurities, as ice does.

Download free chapters of Dr. Pollack’s book here, including the final Chapter 18: The Secret Rules of Nature.

(from here on, I use H3O2 and H2O, ignoring the subscript)

This structured water is in all living organisms — including fruits, vegetables, and you ‘n me. It’s one reason fresh juices are so healthy. You’re drinking EZ water!

Listen to Dr. Pollack chatting with Bob McCauley here — Part 1 and Part 2. Bob is the author of The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water: The Definitive Guide to the World’s Healthiest Substance (#ad).

Dr. Pollack says the evidence points to alkaline water being similar in properties to his living EZ water. The chief difference is that alkaline water is made by electrodes in an Ionizer, whereas the EZ water inside you is created by your own metabolic reactions. And by healthy activities like basking in the sun and walking barefoot on the earth.

Years ago in 2004 I wrote that alkaline water is the closest thing to green juices. Finally in 2013 a scientist, Dr. Pollack, confirms it in a preliminary way. He’s raising funds to research the health benefits of EZ water.

It does not mean Dr. Pollack endorses Ionizers or any other structured water product. He emailed me on 11/29/13:

“I’m really careful to avoid endorsing ANY product. … We have many tests to conduct in the future, and we want to carry them out objectively.”

H3O2 Water in Living Organisms

I emailed Dr. Pollack with my questions about structured water. Here are his replies. Note:  this page has been checked and ok’d by Dr. Pollack.

Me, Val: This is my understanding so far. Please can you confirm it’s correct? The water in our bodies is not bulk water H2O. It’s EZ water H3O2? This is true of all living organisms — fruits, veggies, etc.?

Dr. Pollack: Yes that’s essentially true. I would say the “vast majority” of water in our bodies, rather than ALL the water. That would be more accurate.

Me, Val: The bulk water (H2O) we drink turns into EZ water (H3O2) on the hydrophilic [water-loving] surfaces of the double-lipid cell membranes?

Dr. Pollack: Not JUST the membranes, but all the hydrophilic surfaces within the cells, as well. That includes protein surfaces, nucleic acid surfaces, etc.

Me, Val: An EZ water layer builds up both outside the membrane (in the lymph) and inside (in the cytoplasm) when energy is applied to it? It builds by adding layer upon layer of EZ water, and can build millions of molecular layers?

Dr. Pollack: Yes, basically. The “millions of layers” are what we see in the laboratory. The number in the cell should be lower, mainly because the cell contains salt. In salty water, we find that EZs are smaller, so the number should be much less. (Also, there’s no ROOM in the cell for all those layers.)

From H2O to H3O2

Me, Val: The energy needed to convert regular bulk water (H2O) into healthy structured water (H3O2) inside our bodies, is provided by:

  • Photons of light especially sunlight and infrared light, e.g. sunbathing, infrared sauna, most powerful is wavelengths of about three micrometers? [see: Far Infrared Energy in Alkaline Water]
  • Dr. Pollack: Yes.
  • Val: Electrons pouring out of the earth’s negative field, e.g. walking barefoot on earth or otherwise grounding ourselves (#ad)?
  • Dr. Pollack: Yes.
  • Val: From our own metabolic reactions which continuously generate heat or infrared?
  • Dr. Pollack: Yes.
  • Val: And other more exotic ways like sitting in a hyperbaric chamber (oxygen pressure on the water in our bodies)?
  • Dr. Pollack: Yes.

Me, Val: Is glacial melt H3O2 water, because EZ water is the intermediate stage between liquid water and ice?

Dr. Pollack: Yes.

Do you see what Dr. Pollack is saying? You increase healthy H3O2 water inside you by walking barefoot on the earth, basking in the sun, eating raw fruits & vegetables. Pretty much what we did for millions of years.

Drinking H3O2 Water

Me, Val: Does it make no difference what water you drink? So long as it is clean — you’ve used a good filter. Because the sun, earthing, even your own metabolic activity, will all turn it into “structured water” (by structured I mean H3O2)?

Dr. Pollack: Yes and no. All of the factors you mention will certainly help to build EZ water. However, DRINKING EZ water SHOULD (we are testing) hydrate more quickly because of the large dipole moment, and also the relative ease of building onto existing EZ layers.


Me, Val: I understand that a dipole moment is when a molecule has a region (or pole) that has a positive charge, and the opposite pole has a negative charge of equal magnitude, like this:

But how does that give EZ water the ability to move easily into the cell?

Dr. Pollack: The EZ water as a whole (rather than the individual H3O2 molecule) is negative. The bulk water beyond is positive, so you have a huge dipole moment there of “+” and “–”. The positive end of that dipole will orient toward the negative cell, and will get sucked in.

Dr. Pollack: Water molecules have dipole moments as well, but those tiny dipoles are transiently stuck to one another in random configurations. So, they tend to cancel one another. There’s effectively no dipole to orient. This is why I’ve a hunch EZ water is better at hydrating each cell, than regular water.

Me, Val: Once it’s EZ water, does it mean the cell is easily hydrated because EZ has no contaminants, so it can flow through the membrane more easily?

Dr. Pollack: Not exactly. This point is a bit complicated. First, “flow through the membrane” is not a limiting factor. The world perceives “aquaporin” channels as limiting. My 2001 book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life (#ad), disputes the existence of ion-selective channels. I maintain that point. For example, think of a “selective” channel for some large ion or molecule. When that channel opens, what prevents the diminutive water molecule from flowing through at the same time? And, if it does flow, then the “aquaporin channel” is irrelevant.

Dr. Pollack: The actual mechanism of hydration is not so clear. I THINK the reason EZ water hydrates better than bulk water is because of its high dipole moment. The dipole is pulled into the negatively charged cell. We need to test this idea, but my hunch is that it’s valid.

Me, Val: Dr. Batmanghelidj in Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (#ad) discovered over 20 years of clinical and scientific research that Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD) stresses our cells and leads to chronic pain, even degenerative disease. Now you’re testing that it’s EZ water, not just any ol’ water, which is the true basis of health. I like that! It makes sense that when we walk barefoot and bask in the sun, we increase the EZ water round our cells. And this EZ water is likewise the best water to drink for our health, because it moves into (hydrates) our cells so easily.

Me, Val: Does EZ water also have a smaller molecular cluster? Sorry if you said this in your book I missed it! It’s claimed that tap, filtered, distilled, and bottled spring water have 10 to 13 molecules per cluster, whereas alkaline water has 5-6 molecules. Since EZ and alkaline are so similar, I’m guessing EZ water is also micro-clustered?

Dr. Pollack: The evidence for “clusters” seems to me to be rather indirect. I’ve seen no convincing evidence. On the other hand, it seems natural to think that EZ water will cluster around any hydrophilic or charged substance. That would include small ions or small solutes. So, yes… I would expect clusters.

EZ Water & Alkaline Water

Me, Val: I was listening to your interview with Bob McCauley and my impression is that EZ water has many of the same properties as alkaline water. In fact, it seems that if you don’t have easy access to a melting glacier (like the Hunzas do) then alkaline water is your next best bet to hydrate your cells…

Me, Val: We know that alkaline water from an electric Ionizer has billions of hydroxyl ions (OH-). Whereas EZ water is H3O2. Can you explain why their properties and effect are so similar when their molecular structure is so different?

Dr. Pollack: At this stage, we’re not sure whether alkaline water differs from EZ water. True, EZ water — as best we can surmise — is H3O2. Alkaline water is said to contain many OH- groups. However, the linkage of those many OH- groups creates H3O2 — you can see that from the early chapters of my book [download them here]. So, one possibility is that alkaline water contains many individual OH- groups, while in EZ water those OH- groups have coalesced into massive EZ structures. We’re not sure of this, but it’s a hunch based on experience.

Dr. Pollack: A relevant experiment (unpublished): we immersed gold electrodes into water and passed current. We confirmed EZ water (by the 270 nm absorption) next to the negative electrode. So, we know that much the same technology used to create alkaline water DOES create EZ. However, there’s a difference: in our experiment water remains stationary. In the alkaline water machine, the water flows constantly past the electrodes. It MAY be that the rapid flow prevents the OH- groups from coalescing into an EZ.

Me, Val: With the cheaper alkalizers, like the alkaline water sticks (#ad) — do you know if they just add alkaline minerals to the water? Does adding minerals automatically create the hydroxyl ion that could lead to coalescing into EZ water?

Dr. Pollack: Don’t know anything about the device.

Me, Val: I’d rather drink EZ water because it’s living water, it’s alive in nature, whereas ionized water is created by electrodes. I’m a great believer in LIVING ENERGY — if you want energy, EAT energy, plants that are still growing in the moment you eat them.

Dr. Pollack: Yes, right on!

Me, Val: I guess you know the late Dr. Norman Walker never drank H2O water because he lived on so many fresh juices — which are H3O2 you told Bob. I write about him here: Recipes for Raw Fruit Juices.

Dr. Pollack: Didn’t know about him… Thanks.

EZ Water & Structured Water

Me, Val: “Structured water” seems to be used very loosely. Am I right in saying when you speak of EZ water being structured water, you mean its structure is H3O2?

Dr. Pollack: Yes. The word “structured” is unfortunate; EVERYTHING has some structure. “Ordered” would be better. Maybe “crystalline” even better.

Me, Val: And that structure gives it a number of specific properties that you talk about with Bob and Dr. Mercola, e.g. it has a negative charge, it’s an anti-oxidant (negative ORP) with an abundance of electrons to donate, it’s alkaline, it’s detoxifying, it has hexagonal molecular clusters (like snowflakes), it hydrates the cells (passes easily through the cell membrane), it can hold energy & deliver energy like a battery, it’s free of impurities excluding even very small molecules like viruses, it’s more viscous (more honey-like), it’s optical properties are different (refractive index 10% higher than H2O), it’s 10% more dense.

Dr. Pollack: Yes on most of those. However “free of impurities” can be misleading. EZ water itself SHOULD be free of impurities. However, EZ water can SURROUND or ENVELOP viruses and other “impurities”; hence, the term “free of impurities” can be misleading, unless properly qualified.

Me, Val: A lot of websites talk about structured water. Is that the same thing as your H3O2? And they just don’t know to call it that yet because they haven’t seen your book?

Dr. Pollack: Yes.

Does Creating A Vortex Help?

Me, Val: Can we create vortices in the water before we drink it so we drink it as H3O2, not as H20?

Dr. Pollack: Probably. This is not yet confirmed to my satisfaction, but indirect evidence suggests that it’s so.

Me, Val: Does vortexing provide the same energy that light, grounding etc. provide to turn “dead” H2O into “living” H3O2?

Dr. Pollack: We have preliminary evidence that vortexing can create EZ water, but that evidence is far from conclusive. More work is needed. As mentioned, vortexing SHOULD create EZ water, but I would feel comfortable with more direct evidence.

Note:  read How to Restructure Your Water — Best Ways to Revitalize Water — to see how I vortex my water. It’s easy with a pear-shaped bottle.

Me, Val: I read — years ago in the 1980’s — Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (#ad) by Olof Alexandersson. So I understand that vortexing creates the nature-like eddies and flows that will revitalize water.

Me, Val: Schauberger’s experiments proved to him that water is a living organism responding to its environment. Although it seems to me water doesn’t permanently die like other organisms. It becomes “dead water” when it passes through all the polluted rivers, straight pipes, etc. But then we can “revitalize” it by vortexing it again. But does revitalize mean H302?

Dr. Pollack: I would think so, but, again, evidence is needed.

Me, Val: I looked up vortex in wikipedia and nowhere does it state that vortexing creates negative ions, and especially the EZ water that’s H3O2. If it does, can you edit that page? —

Dr. Pollack: They probably won’t accept my edits. Wikipedia tends toward the “generally accepted.” When they do acknowledge some “unusual” result, almost always they qualify it by quoting others who think it’s nonsense. Two years ago [in 2011] something appeared on EZ water. Don’t know who wrote it. Then, mysteriously, it disappeared a month later.

Awful Healthful Green Juice

Me, Val: I’m calling H3O2 living water because it’s in living organisms — mammals, fruits, vegetables, I guess anything that has living cell membranes!

Dr. Pollack: Nice idea. Except as mentioned, I think that the role of membranes is grossly overrated (see my book Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life (#ad)).

Me, Val: I want my readers to drink living H3O2 but not in an environmentally unfriendly way. Ionizers lead to disposal of too many filters, one every nine months, so I’m not too happy with them. Although I did write on my site back in 2004 that they produce the closest thing to green juices.

Dr. Pollack: We drink green juices… whenever my wife feels energetic enough to prepare them. I’ve gotten accustomed to their relatively awful taste. Now, “awful” has changed to “healthful.”

Me, Val: My big question is how can my readers *drink* EZ water? (besides juicing, earthing & sunbathing)

Dr. Pollack: We’re working on a method to produce it. Various waters contain varied amounts.

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