Sprouted Raw Buckwheat-Quinoa Porridge: quick breakfast

Do you buy donuts, chocolate croissant or a muffin on your way to work? I did, as a hopeless sugar addict — until I began blending Energy Soup in the early morning. I’d eat it on the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

The day came when I tired of Energy Soup. I switched to buckwheat-quinoa porridge. This recipe was my life-saver.

Whereas Energy Soup made me crave sweet afterwards (like Dunkin Donuts) this porridge lasted me till 2 p.m. Then I’d eat my lunch of home-grown sprouts and microgreens, plus big leafy greens & vegetable fruits.

I call it porridge but it’s not boiled in water or milk. It’s 100% raw.

This is a LIVING foods recipe. You sprout both the buckwheat and quinoa.

Health Benefits of Buckwheat

Buckwheat has good lecithin, which is rich in choline, needed for your chief neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It’s high in rutin, a bioflavonoid that strengthens your capillaries, those hair-thin blood vessels.

Remember to jump every day on your rebounder to get the blood flowing in the teeny capillaries leading to your eyes.

Buckwheat is rich in magnesium for your heart and artery muscles. Not to worry, you’re already eating plenty of magnesium in your Green Smoothies! You can’t overdose on magnesium.

A favorite of the late Dr. Ann Wigmore was to grow buckwheat greens in soil and juice them. Some people found when they did this, their skin would burn and turn a bright pink or red, especially in the sun.

Only the 10-day-old buckwheat greens — not the 2-day-old sprouts used in this recipe — can be a problem when you eat them in *big* quantities, like juicing. A handful of greens in your salad will never make your skin sensitive.

As the buckwheat seeds grow into leafy greens, they develop a chemical called fagopyrin, which triggers that skin sensitivity.

For this recipe, you use hulled buckwheat. It’s a creamy color. Unhulled buckwheat is black. You use the unhulled for growing buckwheat to leafy greens in soil.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

Both buckwheat and quinoa are pseudo-grains. They look and act like grains, but botanically they’re not. They lack the heavy starch in grains.

A big plus is they don’t have the “bad gluten” that’s in wheat, barley and rye. That gluten scratches holes in your intestinal walls.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is an ancient non-hybridized grain from South America that’s rich in protein. It has all the essential amino acids, including lycine which is low in most grains.

Quinoa is remarkably rich in iron. A half-cup gives you 4 mg, compared to the 2mg in a teaspoon of Blackstrap molasses. Eat your beans, lentils, leafy greens & quinoa and you’ll never get iron-deficiency anemia.

Vitamin C increases iron absorption. Anything that’s sprouting is high in vitamin C. It’s your LIVING vitamin. Where there’s growth, there’s vitamin C. Rip a plant out from Mother Earth and the first to die are the enzymes and vitamin C.

With this breakfast, you’re eating the living sprouts with all their vitamin C 100% intact.

Sprouting your quinoa releases the minerals bound up in its phytic acid, such as zinc, iron and calcium. All the better for you to absorb & utilize them!

The Recipe

Soak one-quarter cup of raw hulled buckwheat for 20 minutes at about 7 p.m. Sprout overnight.

Next morning soak 2 Tablespoons of quinoa for 1-2 hours. Did you notice the short soaking times for both buckwheat & quinoa? Never soak these delicate seeds for too long.

The following morning — after your buckwheat has sprouted for 36 hours and quinoa for 24 — blend the two with a little soaked dried fruit (raisins or currants or dates) and fresh fruit (small banana or apple) and eat on the way to work.

Culling the buckwheat and quinoa before sprouting is very quick. Just remove stones but don’t bother about broken seeds. They’re so soft and in 36 hours they won’t go rotten.

For extra Omega-3 fat for your brain, grind a Tablespoon or two of chia, flax or hemp seeds in a coffee grinder, add a little water to the chia or flax, then add to your blend. Alternate between the three.

Don’t do what I did. Reach your 60’s, after 40 years as a strict vegetarian, and you’re DHA/EPA deficient because you never ate enough Omega-3 seeds during your lifetime. Your body converts the ALA in these seeds into the long-chain fats of DHA/EPA needed for your brain and eyes.

Buzzing for Hours

This raw food breakfast will keep you buzzing for hours! Adjust the quantity for your needs.

Today I eat fruit for breakfast. I could never have done that in my early days of moving into raw foods. Fruit was too sugary for my painful teeth. And had me craving more soft sugar carbs, like croissants!

Unless you’ve been high-raw for a long time, fruit does not fill the empty spaces in your tummy. Sprouted buckwheat-quinoa porridge will 🙂

Living Foods for Living Beings!

Life Force is the source of all healing. Forget all the theories. Focus on God’s living food.

It’s common sense isn’t it?

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