My Late Mom — High Energy at 81

My mother, Jean Archer, aged 81, in 1999 (born 1918) running through the waves at Port Elizabeth, South Africa — always in 100% top health, no arthritis, no colds — lots of fresh air and exercise, fresh fruits and vegetables, soaked almonds and seeds.

What was her secret? Fresh food all her life — very few machine foods, other than bread — and Oxygen, tons of oxygen!

I was given a raw orange and fresh-cooked oats for breakfast as a child. Only on a Sunday were we allowed cereal from a box, and then it had to be plain, like corn flakes, no frosted flakes!

Eugh! I hated having to eat that half an orange first thing every morning. Today I love oranges and freshly-squeezed orange juice.

Mom passed on in October 2008, nine days before her 90th birthday. She wanted to live to 100 and get a telegram from the Queen.


We printed this photo on the cover of the brochure for mom’s funeral service. We cut it off at the top of her thighs because she didn’t like her thighs!

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