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Finally, a photo that's neither posed nor photoshopped, Val at 72, shot spontaneously by a friend.

Val Archer

Born Valerie Kathleen Archer in Cape Town, South Africa, 1948. Graduated B.A. from Rhodes University in 1968, where I drank alcoholically from my first drink. As a hippie on psychedelic drugs in London 1972 I went vegetarian. Have voraciously read health books & magazines for 50 years (except when I was too drunk to see the print). In New York 1988 I got sober (at age 40) and in 1992 painful toothaches led me to embrace -- slowly over many years! -- the high-raw living plants lifestyle. For three years from 2015 until I retired in 2018, I was paid to answer questions for students of the VegHealth Nutrition Mastery Program, an online program where you earn a Vegan/Vegetarian Nutrition Certificate when you pass the exams. The VegHealth Institute is accredited as a continuing professional educator provider by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In my experience, it is the best self-paced course over one year, to safely go plant-strong. The teachers include vegan medical doctors and Registered Dietitians. Read more »

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