Alter Your Lifestyle to Heal Your Self

My mom died of colon cancer on October 21, 2008, nine days short of her 90th birthday. In the last week the cancer spread to her bones. I saw her pain and I was helpless.

If you have cancer, then please watch this DVD first — Healing Cancer From Inside Out (#ad).

YOU do not have to stand by helpless in the face of cancer — or diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease. These are lifestyle diseases. When we alter our lifestyle, we alter the course of the disease. Really, my mom died of old age. There is no pill for old age.

We need to prevent ill health from ever coming into our life! Are you building a home with strong materials that will stand up to heavy weather? Or do you choose crumbly bricks that dissolve in the first rainstorm? So rain comes pouring in.

Foundation Bricks

What are the foundation bricks? What do we need to put in place before we add any padding? Padding is watching more TV than is healthy for us, or eating more fat. In my experience, we can pad a little here and a little there, to help cushion us from the painful side of life.

But first we need to build that strong home, the home that is our only true temple. The One who resides within us is sacred. Your home-owner is Divine.

Six bricks are cornerstone. We live in a hexagon, like the cells of a beehive. They are:

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Work-Financial

Physical Healing

Feed your cells the chemical molecules they need to work at peak performance. Evolve away from molecules that jam up the works.

Since our home-owner is Divine, it’s easy to know what food our cells need — divine food created with Love. It’s the food we see in nature — raw fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, grains and beans — all whole foods, ideally organic and straight from nature, or cooked low and slow at home.

Love the food that loves you back! Gradually change your diet to organic raw living plants. It’s what you do most of the time that counts. I enjoy eating out with friends, and warm soup on a winter evening. But my healing comes from eating raw fruits, sprouts, salads and Green Smoothies.

Steer away from anything with a face (animals & birds) except to love them! Choose compassion. Your body-mind will be super healthy when you do! And so will our planet. Let the cheese go. When I finally did, the osteo-arthritis in my finger joints deflated within a year.

If you have a terminal disease, then it’s best to change your diet overnight to 100% organic LIVING and raw foods, at least until you are healed. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT. A live food is growing in the moment you eat it. See how easy it is in an Automatic Sprouter.

It is unwise to cheat where cancer or any of the major debilitating diseases are concerned because these diseases are unforgiving of even the smallest infractions of the Phase I diet.” — Eydie Mae Hunsberger, Eydie Mae’s Natural Recipes (#ad).

Eydie Mae healed herself of breast cancer with Ann Wigmore’s living foods program. Her Phase I diet is 100% raw, NO COOKED FOODS.

You can attend an Ann Wigmore health retreat such as the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, or the Ann Wigmore Foundation in Puerto Rico.

Do you have all the Joy and Energy you want? Joy is inside you. Healing is in the Consciousness of every cell. Living Foods for Living Cells is the path. Ann Wigmore is the teacher.

Spiritual Healing

Do you set aside time to experience the Presence within you? Not think it, but FEEL it?

Feel the vast Expansiveness of who you really are. Feel the wonder of how on earth does such a Vast Self fit into such a tiny body? Believe me, it’s a tight squeeze, even if you weigh 500 lbs, your body is TINY.

For inspiration to meditate, I find Eckhart Tolle’s books helpful — The Power of Now (#ad) and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (#ad). Tolle reminds me that Consciousness — getting conscious and Being Conscious — is the first step we need to take when we awake, and then in moments throughout the day.

“I learned to go into that inner timeless and deathless realm. I dwelt in states of such indescribable bliss and sacredness. More fundamental, perhaps, than any experience is the undercurrent of peace that has never left me.”

Are you going inside? Are you enjoying the experience you want, spiritually? If not, practice more! Find the right teachers for you.

Mental Healing — Reason to Live

Deep inside us, we choose sickness over health, and we choose the form of our disease. This is the experience of cancer surgeon and integrative healer Dr. Bernie Siegel in Love, Medicine and Miracles (#ad). Bernie says: “there are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”

As one who healed from a terminal disease (alcoholism) I can only say, I agree with Dr. Siegel. You have to face the question, why am I sick? What path did I follow to get me here? WHY did I choose that path?

Yes, I inherited the alcoholic genes from the Scottish side of my family. But why did I choose to express them? Or rather, why did some hidden corner of my psyche choose it?

More critical is the question: Why do I want to heal? Is it just to be free of pain? That’s a good reason! But what’s the deeper reason? WHY do I want to live? What service do I want to do? If I don’t do it in my life, will I be sad in my last breath?

Often we’re well into our healing before repressed memories bubble up and we discover WHY we are sick. The more raw you eat, the quicker they bubble up. At times you don’t even see the why. The pain pours out of you, huge pain over hours, and then you are released. You’re at one with the pain of others. You understand.

WHY you want to live is something I’m sure you can answer today. It’s called the burning baby principle.

If I ask you to walk a 3-foot wide plank on a flat floor, no problem, you’ll do it. If I ask you to walk that same plank stretched between two buildings as high as the Empire State, would you walk it? No, never.

But what if one building’s on fire, your baby’s on the top floor, and the only way you can save her is to run across that plank and back? You’d do it then, wouldn’t you?

You must have a burning reason to live.

Mental Healing — Hope

Within that burning reason, is the flame of hope.

1976 is the first time I experienced Hope in my life. I was on a 10-day brown rice fast. I’d never do it today! But at the time macrobiotics was popular.

I ate that boring rice for every meal day after day. As each day passed, I felt Hope welling up inside me. Because I knew the ten days would end. I lived for that last day, to eat a decent meal again! I saw first-hand that Hope is when you can see the outcome, you *know* it’s going to happen.

Can you see yourself in your unique service? How do you discover your service? It’s in what you loved as a child, you showed a talent for it at an early age. Today you’re at your happiest when you’re doing that.

Therein lies your future and your financial freedom. All the Universe comes to serve the human being who is expressing their heart and soul.

You’re free to create hope in your mind. It doesn’t have to be in the real world. When my friend Ettie had a heart attack, she lay in hospital afterwards and visualized huge silver pipes going in and out of her heart. Little men were busy round-the-clock keeping those pipes sparkling clean inside — hosing them down, polishing them spotless.

“It gave me hope,” Ettie said. “Instead of lying there dwelling on the worst, I was too busy with my little men keeping my heart pipes crystal clear.” Needless to say, when Ettie went for her post-op checkup, her surgeon marveled at her healing.

Visualization & Affirmation

Philip McCluskey lost 200 lbs in 2 years when he switched to 100% raw foods — he dropped from 400 lbs to 205!

In his mind, he drew himself exactly as he wanted to be! He created a comic book character for himself. What does my character look like? What does s/he wear? What work does s/he do? What friends does s/he attract? And love?

I think one reason I go so slowly — giving a fraction of what I’m capable of — is because I don’t focus on the goal. I wander off to any ol’ field dribbling the ball. The goal is — when I’m happiest, what am I doing in that moment? Stick to doing that! For me, it’s writing.

I see that those people who are freest financially are the ones who broadcast their authentic voice. And they advocate a game-plan. They win because they see exactly how they will play the game. Like Olympic gold medallists, a gymnast will visualize herself performing a bar-twirl long before she’s capable of doing it physically.

Conscious Awareness — coming to know the Life energy within, and Conscious Action — acting on what we know, is what we and our planet need the most.

Actually I experienced today while kissing my sprouts and saying: “I love you so much,” that THIS is the purpose of the human species — to express LOVE. All animals, all plants on earth, and all the fish in the deep blue sea, are dying for humans to love them.

Joy to the world
All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me!

Your goal, your service, will involve LOVE.

Emotional Healing

Two different views on emotions crop up in integrative healing. In one camp are the materialists like The Secret (#ad). They say “feel the outcome you want” and “the happier you feel, the more you’re in tune with Source Energy, it’s a sign you are doing what’s right for you.”

I agree this works for discovering your passion. But is it good to use such a yardstick, just to consume more?

The other view, expressed by Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual teachers, is in the words of the song: “you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are really something lying far behind.”

In other words, both thought and emotion block the door to our Inner Light. You begin where thinking ends.

In The Power of Now (#ad) Tolle writes that thought and emotion feed each other in an up or down spiral — up and up if you’re happy with some one or thing, then down and more down if you’re angry. The more you think about it, the more you feel it.

When I take personal responsibility for everything that happens to me, I stay happy. I ask myself, “What did I do to create this? What can I do to fix it?” If someone else is involved then, “What can I say or do so we’re both happy?”

Emotional healing is living in gratitude — “thank you for giving me that experience!” And blessing others, not blaming them.

This all works best when you’ve broken the back of your addictions with Green Smoothies and raw food. If you are enslaved, you can’t make free choices.

Ultimately I’m in the Tolle camp. The Secret (#ad) teaches us to decide on what we want, then set up a vision-board. But WE ALREADY HAVE IT. Now we need to connect with it. That’s the tough part, going inside, not outside. That’s our future, Consciousness

God/dess does not need a vision-board. When you eat raw foods, you come into harmony with a Divine Order that manifests an amazing life for you — way beyond anything you could possibly dream up.

Eckhart Tolle writes:

“For the next five months, I lived in a state of uninterrupted deep peace and bliss. I could still function in the world, although I realized that nothing I ever DID could possibly add anything to what I already had.

This is the emotion of healing — a deep peace and love you feel inside your breath. Are you ready to Stop Doing? For one moment, completely enjoy the moment, the miracle.

Social Healing

How much time are you reaching out to others, and how much do you bunker down alone? Laughter with family and friends is critical to healing.

I specially love the experience I get in the company of friends, that, hey, I’m a good person, and so is everyone else! Left to my own devices, I’d think I was pretty useless.

In my healing, the social took a long time to arrive. I began to change my diet in the fall of 1992. Then 15 years later in September 2007 I was feeling unbearably bored with life. Getting up and writing every day — or programming this website — was *so boring.*

So bored that I was finally motivated to make the effort to get out and make friends. For years I’d lived the isolated life of an addict, even though I got sober in 1988 and Energy Soup had beaten my sugar addiction by the late 1990’s.

Once I set out on the social path, friends came pouring into my life. First I attended any small gathering which interested me and where there’d be tea afterwards (I still do) — like Association of Creative Thought, University of the 3rd Age, Buddhist or yoga meditation retreats, a permaculture group (edible gardens) and the Eckhart Tolle classes.

The Tolle classes are life-transforming. I invited a few friends, they invited a few more, about a dozen of us came together for the 10-week A New Earth (#ad) course. We downloaded it from

I also ran a rawfood course using the DVD’s and mp3’s of experts. This ushered in a whole new bunch of friends who love the plant-strong, high-raw lifestyle.

Rawfood potlucks are a good first step to socializing. Why not attend your nearest one? Or start a group yourself.

Do not isolate. Reach For Raw and you’ll find yourself wanting to reach out for others too.

Financial Healing — Work/Service

You’ll notice one thing about rawfooders, they’re doing what they love and getting paid for it. They do it in their own time, where they’re free to meditate or go swimming any time of the day.

Do you wake up so excited about your job that you can barely wait to start the day? Or is money and work stressing you?

I know the stress of working in a job that is not remotely your purpose in life. I love to write and began life as a newspaper reporter in South Africa. Then for years I worked as a temp secretary for lawyers in London and New York. Now I believe lawyers are only there to protect the interests of the rich, especially in New York. Meanwhile, my heart is with the poorest of the poor.

I enjoyed temping because the lawyers loved me. I was so good at what I did. But day-after-day all I wanted was donuts, chips and chocolate (and in London alcohol). They black out the stress when you’re shackled to a job that is not you.

When I began to eat more LIVING foods, my life changed. I found myself writing at night and on days off, instead of watching Blockbuster videos. I began to grow food in my Brooklyn apartment — sprouts and baby greens — just as Ann Wigmore teaches.

I began sprouting in the fall of 1992 and to blend Energy Soup a year later. By 1998 I wrote the first pages of this website on sprouting, and in 2000 I co-invented the GoGreen Automatic Sprouter with a physicist friend in New Mexico. Then Dan Schaefer from Michigan joined my newsletter and offered to build Sprouters.

For the first time in my life, I was free to do what I always wanted to do — write to change people’s consciousness. All I did was slowly eat more raw and living foods, and the rest followed in its own time.

Other Teachers

You’ll discover dozens of teachers on your healing journey. I love Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life (#ad), and Brandon Bays The Journey (#ad). Louise’s DVD is a must-see and Brandon’s book a must-read especially if you have cancer.

If you beat up on yourself, and nothing you do is ever right (in your eyes) don’t worry about it. That goes pretty quickly the more raw living plants you eat. Make Energy Soup or Green Smoothie five days a week. As an alcoholic I was the world’s self-flagellation expert. I put myself on trial every minute and judged me.

Louise Hay’s DVD will help you to set aside the whip and love yourself, just as you are.

The Core of Healing

I believe the Spiritual and the Physical are the core. They are the two opposite ends of the spectrum. Get them right and over time everything else in-between falls into place — mental, emotional, social, work-financial.

The Physical is to eat raw living plants, and a leafy-green blend or juice every day. The Spiritual is to find teachers and friends who will help you to stop thinking, and feel your heart.

Go into The Light within. You’re walking round with broad daylight inside you in the middle of the darkest night!

Do Noble Deeds

You can do it! I’m round-shouldered — a chiropractor told me that I carry the burden of the world on my shoulders. So I like to say to myself:

“I walk tall and do noble deeds!”

When my mom died and I was told to write a death notice for the newspaper, all I could think of were the words she wrote in my autograph book when I was 8 years old:

“DO noble deeds, don’t dream them all day long,
And so make life, death and that vast forever
One grand sweet Song!

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