Here are true personal reports of those who followed the guidelines of a doctor who heals with nutrition.

These people healed themselves, many from “incurable” illnesses. All they used was food, straight from Mother Nature.

I hope you will find the inspiration here to try it in your own life. To me, the bottom line is to blend Energy Soup every day with fresh home-grown sprouts and baby greens.

If you have a healing story you’d love to report here, please e-mail it to help@greensmoothie.com.  Thank you! 


Aging — Rejuvenation: “At fifty years of age I was ready for an early retirement. My hair was gray, I had a terrible case of colitis and other colon problems, I suffered from low energy, and had no clear direction in life.  Out of desperation I turned to nature for relief. In wheatgrass, raw foods, and exercise, I found what I feel is as close to the fountain of youth as we are going to get. Twenty-five years after my discovery, my hair has turned fully naturally brown again. My weight has been a stable 119 (the same as it was in my youth), and my energy level is limitless. I haven’t needed the services of a physician in years. My work has taken me all over the world on many demanding lecture tours, sometimes for months at a time. Yet, I have more energy than I can ever remember having as a child – and I am no child at 76.” – Ann Wigmore, from her book Why You Do Not Need To Grow Old (#ad) (quoted with permission of Ann Wigmore Foundation, 505-552-0595)

Asthma: “For many many years I was a sufferer with asthma. And every so often my husband would have to rush me to the hospital in an ambulance where I would stay in the oxygen tank. I seemed to be allergic to everything. Especially in the Spring, I would have the hardest kind of time to live. A friend gave me your literature and I did not waste time to make the trip to the Mansion [Dr. Ann Wigmore’s living foods program]. I stayed on there three weeks. But in that time, my asthma completely disappeared. My friends tell me I look twenty years younger and now I am back to work once more, which I was forced to give up because of my health. I am very, very grateful to you for giving me new life.” – G.A., Massachusetts, from Ann Wigmore’s book Be Your Own Doctor (#ad)quoted with permission of Avery Publishing)

Asthma: Ron Roberts reports on his experience, in Asthma: An Alternative Approach (#ad). Ron was severely asthmatic from the age of eight, then improved his health so much he ran a full marathon without breathing problems:
“The most effective ways to treat your asthmatic condition are to revitalize your immune system with good nutrition, decrease the toxins in your body, avoid allergy triggers and conditions and exercise regularly … if you eliminate asthma triggering preservatives and additives from your diet, eat nutrition loaded foods and increase your fluid intake, you will feel better.”

Arthritis: “An attorney, knowing my husband was troubled painfully with arthritis, gave him a copy of Why Suffer? (#ad) [Ann Wigmore’s autobiography]. We both read the book and were so impressed that we had an indoor garden of wheatgrass growing within two days. My husband began taking it as soon as it was five inches tall. The results were miraculous. Getting up in the morning no longer meant massage and groans. After just seven days on your therapy, he was able to tie his own shoes without help. Within two weeks, on two drinks a day, morning and evening, his pains and the swollen redness about the knees disappeared.” – R.M., Michigan, from Ann Wigmore’s book Be Your Own Doctor (#ad) (quoted with permission of Avery Publishing)


Blood Pressure: “Even as a child I seemed to have high blood pressure. My face was always flushed, and the least exertion sent my heart pounding. When I married and the children began to fill the house, my real troubles began. My sister suggested I try the wheatgrass therapy.  Thanks to my husband’s labor, I had three boxes of wheatgrass growing. Two weeks later my doctor said my pressure had fallen 37 points and the week following 17 more. So the danger is passed and has been for over half a year. I cannot thank you enough.” – N.S., Montana, from Ann Wigmore’s book Be Your Own Doctor (#ad) (quoted with permission of Avery Publishing)

Breast Cancer: “I had a lump on the under part of my left breast for over a year and a half. It was growing slowly but steadily.  My doctor and our clinic said it was cancer. They advised an operation before it grew too large. Having read what you had accomplished with cancers through the use of wheatgrass, I got hold of your literature and have been taking the wheatgrass therapy for three months. The lump is now the size of a walnut where previously it was the size of a baseball. Also, it is now soft and there is no pain. My doctor feels I am on my way to recovery without an operation.” – E.A., New York, from Ann Wigmore’s book Be Your Own Doctor (#ad) (quoted with permission of Avery Publishing). Also see Eydie Mae’s book How I Conquered Cancer Naturally (#ad)


Malnutrition: “In The Sprouting Book (#ad), Dr. Ann Wigmore writes: “In the past fifteen years I made several trips to the large cities of India to set up healing camps with doctors and government administrators there. Hundreds of people with all sorts of problems – from heart disease and cancer to leprosy and malnutrition – were admitted to these camps. The patients stayed in the camp and ate sprouts, wheatgrass, and other living foods until they recovered.
“The recovery of starving children who were placed on a diet combining sprouts and fruits was truly amazing. In less than thirty days, their sores and scars disappeared, and abdominal swelling was in every case reduced to normal. Above all, these children became able to run and play, instead of having to be carried around.”


Smoking:  “When smokers drink wheatgrass juice, it immediately makes cigarettes taste terrible and they can’t stand to smoke.  Back in 1972 I helped a retired FBI agent and his wife to learn a better diet and how to grow Wheatgrass and juice it, and he told me that he couldn’t stand cigarettes after taking the juice. So he decided to do one better than that – he put wheatgrass in his pocket where the cigarettes used to be, so when he habitually reached for a cigarette, he pulled out the grass and started chewing on it. IT WORKED! He had tried hard to stop smoking several times previously, but he couldn’t do it. ALSO, he and his wife both got over their cancer with the help of the better diet and the WHEATGRASS juice.”
     “He was telling me how a friend of his laughed at him when he told him he couldn’t smoke after drinking wheatgrass juice – so he gave his friend a dose of it and said to let him know the results. THE FRIEND CALLED BACK AND SAID “YOU WIN!” – M.M., Oregon, from private e-mail to me, Val, author of this web site


Toothache & Bleeding Gums: “For the first five years of my early 40’s (1988-93) I spent  hours and hours in the dentist’s chair. I wasted thousands of dollars and lost five teeth in five years, to root canal or extraction.Then in the fall of 1993 I began blending Energy Soup (with home-grown sprouts and baby greens) 3-4 times a week. In a little over a year, by early 1995, my teeth had healed completely. I stopped going to the dentist! Today I have no pain when I chew, no more infections, no cavities or new root canals, and no bleeding gums. This is a miracle! I can’t describe my high every day, and my relief, that I sleep without pain, eat without pain. And to know that tomorrow the pain won’t be there, nor the day after. Because I grow my sprouts every day now.” – author of this web site, Val Archer


Weight Loss: Dr. Ann Wigmore (D.D., N.D.) – the doctor who discovered the power of blended sprouts and greens – writes in The Sprouting Book (#ad): “With the Living Food Lifestyle, there is an average weight loss of four to fifteen pounds per week … Easy-to-digest, nutritious, and cleansing sprouts, greens, and other living foods are the key. … The pungent, cleansing sprouts radish, fenugreek, cabbage, alfalfa, and clover are especially good for weight loss.” – (quoted with permission of Avery Publishing)

“Food is a love note from God. It says I love you and I shall take care of you and sustain you with the offerings of my earth. … Eating consciously is a way of opening one’s heart to God.”

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Conscious Eating (#ad)

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