Why Blending Is Essential in a Raw Food Diet

Blending is magical. It turned my life around. I experienced some healing from pain when I ate raw bean sprouts and baby greens. But when I began to blend them a year later, the changes in my health in one month blew my mind!

When I started to GROW my own sprouts and baby greens in an Automatic Sprouter, and then BLEND them, my life began. I can honestly say — to that point in time, I was a self-destructive addict with no hope. Slowly with the Blended Living Greens, my brain began to focus on creative work, on building a New Val.

I got re-modeled by makeover star, Ms Food — specifically by Blended LIVING food.

Today when I wake in the morning, I know what I need to do and I love to DO it. My brain is clear. My energy is high. My former life is a ghost of the past. It’s hard to believe that was me.

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Buy any old blender. I began with a low-cost Oster (#ad). Years later I bought my Vitamix high-speed 1500W blender (#ad).

Blend or Supplement

We blend because we don’t have time to chew on the huge pile of nutrients we need to stay healthy in our stressful, polluted world. No supplement can supply these nutrients.

We don’t have the knowledge to make a pill that will feed our body as Nature does. We’ve mapped a fraction of the metabolic pathways in the human body-mind, and a fraction of the nutrients in foods. Supplements provide only for:

  • discovered nutrients, and
  • the known metabolic pathways of a nutrient.

Our knowledge is a pittance of what Mother Nature is actually doing.

A Small Subset of Metabolic Pathways in One Human Cell

Chart of 700 small molecules interacting in one part of a cell, each dot is a metabolite, each line a reaction pathway. This is grossly oversimplified because it’s impossible to show reactions which occur in the four dimensions of space and time (from Lifelines: Life beyond the Gene (#ad) by Steven Rose © 1997).

Do you think a pill can feed all these pathways? Never! Only the complex molecules in a living plant cell carry the same complex information and nutrition IN BALANCE.

A pill will flood one pathway with excess vitamin C, and cause a deficiency in another, as molecules rush to deal with the excess problem.

In a living green leaf, straight from an Automatic Sprouter, the enzymes and vitamins work together in harmony, in synergistic balance. Synergy means the whole working together, greater than any of its parts. In my experience, the team-work is divine, it’s in harmony with a divine plan.

I believe in purpose. I experience divine purpose manifesting in my life, since eating blended plant cells that are ALIVE.

Sure we’ve felt the Presence since we were little. But now we are set free for the first time. Until we change our diet, we are trapped, as I was, in the dark prison of our ignorant minds and addicted bodies.

Grow Your Own!

In the first month that I blended Energy Soup with home-grown sprouts, I began feeling a Divine Order in my life. Over the years, it’s grown more brilliant, more joyful, the purpose, as I’ve grown more into raw foods and away from junk.

It’s a beautiful life to be in balance. Plant cells will give you balance. You won’t get it from decaying adrenaline-shot animal tissue.

A pill supplies one molecule, say beta-carotene, whereas green leaves have thousands of carotenoids in addition to beta-carotene. Our body needs the integrated whole structure of a leaf, with all its inter-related nutrients — not the isolated fragment of a pill.

In a home Sprouter, you grow your own almost-free vitamins and minerals, instead of buying those expensive machine tablets, where you’re the guinea pig.

Blending cuts up the fiber into a mush. It does not touch the natural chemicals in food, like vitamin C or enzymes. They stay whole, just as in nature.

Food from your blender, juicer or food processor is NOT machine food. By machine, I mean food from a factory not a farm. When you blend raw food, only the fiber gets broken down.

A blender blade cannot break the forces holding electrons in place. The only forces strong enough to shove electrons around are those on the level of physics, like heat, pressure and light.

These are the forces that food factories use.

Blend or Cook?

With cooking, electrons jump orbit. Heat changes the structure of proteins. The strands of amino acids unravel and cross-link with other strands. The result? The proteins coagulate, making it much harder for you to digest. You see it when you cook an egg.

Minerals held within the proteins fall out into the cooking water. Now they’re inorganic minerals, little pieces of rock, hard to digest.

Before cooking, they’re chelated organic minerals. Organic means snuggled within living tissue (linked to a carbon atom). It’s how we should eat all our minerals, as part of the plant. Only raw foods give us this.

Heat kills enzymes. A dried bean steamed for two minutes will no longer sprout.

Cooking alters the food chemically, not just physically. Deficiency is the result. Our cells don’t get all the natural chemicals they need to perform their chemical reactions.

Cooking triggers an immune response in our blood, as if we’d been infected. White blood cells (leukocytes) multiply. It’s a daily fight against the toxic effects of cooked food.

There’s no increase in white blood cells when you eat blended living foods.

Blend for healing

Blending is perfect chewing. It’s a dream come true for your digestive enzymes. Nutrients are absorbed quickly and easily.

Have you ever dropped a glass so it breaks into thousands of sparkling slivers? Now there’s more for your fingers to work on, as you pick up each sliver.

This is what blending does. It creates tiny molecules so there’s more surface area for your digestive enzymes to work on. The result? Easy digestion.

Healing relies on blended raw foods. We eat blended fruit instead of ice-cream, blended cashew yogurt (dried) in place of chocolate, blended greens and raw soups.

Blending by-passes all digestive problems like sore teeth, peptic ulcer, colitis, and a sick pancreas.

Blending maximizes nature’s nutrients. Greens are virtually calorie-free, and you can eat three times the quantity blended.

Greens are the quickest way to lose the desire for junk food. The chlorophyll molecule (green) sticks its water-hating tail into the old toxins in your body, and carries them triumphantly out.

When the toxins are gone, the desires go. Every addict knows this. Detox and you are Free!

Blend or Juice?

Whether you blend or juice depends on how far along the rawfood path you’ve come. In the early days when we are toxic and unbalanced from a lifetime of junk, we need to juice more, partly to cleanse and partly to take in more nutrients.

There are far more minerals, vitamins and other life-giving plant chemicals in a glass of green juice, than in a glass of green smoothie. Because the smoothie is clogged with fiber whereas juicing squeezes the nutrients out of the fiber and discards it as pulp.

When we reach 95% raw, we tend to juice less and blend more. Blending is much quicker of course!

Dr. Ann Wigmore — the naturopathic doctor who popularized wheatgrass juice — wrote in her later years in her booklet, Rebuild Your Health (#ad):

“I no longer advocate juicing, except for wheatgrass and watermelon juice Blending helps the body to clean itself and thus it restores health much quicker than just eating the foods as salads, yet it does not overtax the system with the rapid cleansing action of juices.”

“Juices are not as balanced as Nature would have it.”

A blender is the ultimate set of perfect teeth 🙂

My Favourite Blending Recipes

A few days a week, my main meal of the day is an upmarket Green Smoothie, one with frills. I blend it in the evening after work. This is the recipe:

  • one full 12-inch tray of Living greens from my Sprouter — sunflower, or green pea shoot, or a mix of alfalfa, broccoli etc.,
  • a bunch of large green leaves — I alternate baby spinach, cabbage, lettuce, kale, collard, or wild weeds, best picked from your own garden,
  • a starchy veggie — I alternate carrot or turnip, sometimes beet but it’s messy, jicama is good too,
  • a vegetable fruit — alternating cucumber, zucchini, baby marrow or summer squash, all those little veggies that have seeds,
  • 3-4 sweet fruits in season,
  • half an avocado or small banana for smoothness, and
  • fresh raw date or two for taste.

I snack on raw nuts like macadamia and pecan, for crunch. This meal completely nourishes me. I wake up full of bounce. If I have bean sprouts I may add them, but then it keeps me awake at night, it’s so much protein.

For a high-protein blend, Energy Soup will do the trick! For a quick easy blend, Green Smoothie is my favorite.

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