How to Stay Younger Longer when You Deeply Care for the Skin of Your Face & Body

Would you love to skip the gray hair stage of old age?

The woman who saved my life, the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, did just this! Victoria Boutenko reports in Green For Life (#ad):

“At the ripe age of 82, Dr. Ann didn’t have a single gray hair. This fact was so unbelievable that her students asked her permission to study her hair in a lab to see if it was dyed. The test proved that it was her natural color.”

You know the secret, of course — LIVING greens!

Keep Your Skin Soft

And your skin? Wouldn’t you love your facial skin to stay soft and glowing? I understand we can’t have the skin of a newborn baby. But can you enjoy skin that looks years younger than your biological age?

You bet! The secret is NOT to use moisturizer. Use a pure oil. Decades ago, Dr. Ann mentioned that she uses a little oil on her face.

I could never find an oil that works for me! I tried raw almond, coconut, grapeseed oil. They all make my skin too greasy. The grease feels like a magnet for dirt to settle in.

Then in bounces Annmarie Gianni all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In late summer 2010 she and hubby Kevin were planning their first baby (Hudson was born summer 2012).

Annmarie was upset she could find no edible skin care line. How could she nurse Hudson with toxins in her blood? You know that whatever you apply to your skin, gets absorbed into your blood stream.

There’s no way Annmarie wanted to feed Hudson synthetic chemicals she’d never feed herself.

So she decided to make her own skin care goodies!

Get A Sample Skin Care Kit

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Choose a kit unique for your skin:

  • Anti-Aging Kit with Dead Sea Scrub
  • Anti-Aging Skin Repair Kit
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Each kit contains three of Annmarie’s best-sellers.

You feel the difference in the first week. How can that be?

It’s because every moment you shed skin cells and grow new ones. Every month you have an entirely new skin! 35 days actually — you grow ten new outer skins a year.

Isn’t that amazing? Your skin is your biggest organ for excreting toxins. You eliminate five pounds of waste a day (mostly water) through your skin, and only two pounds each via your kidneys, lungs, and colon.

Annmarie’s guiding light is: if you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your body!

Why Quit Moisturizer?

You get told to quit sugar, quit fat, quit smoking, quit … oh dear, do the quits never end?

Actually when you eat fresh living food, all that junk quits you. You don’t quit anything! Cool, eh? When evil turns its back on you because your cells are too clean for it.

Now why on earth quit moisturizer? Why did I stop using it? And switch to Annmarie’s anti-aging oil.

Because even the most organic moisturizing lotion is emulsified oil and water. They must heat the oil to turn it into a lotion.

Oil will oxidize when heated, you know that!

Oxidized oil is something you never want to put on your skin. It’s full of free radicals, eager to punch holes into your cell membranes (steal electrons).

Please stop using moisturizer. Try a pure oil from Annmarie.

You’ll see in the customer reviews for Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin, this one:

“My husband can’t use a lot of products on his face because they make it too oily, loves this product as well. He was skeptical because it was an oil but he can’t believe how moisturized his face feels and it is not greasy.”

What Other Horrors in Skin Care?

Take a look at the labels on shampoos and facial cleansers. You’ll see they’re all filled with chemicals…

  • Anything that says “propyl” is a synthetic version of alcohol, which dries your skin horribly, e.g. isopropyl alcohol.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, used for foaming, is an endocrine disruptor. It mimics the activity of sex hormones such as estrogen.
  • Mineral oil is a distillate of petroleum.
  • Propylene, parabens, sodium benzoate… all harmful to your body. Google them!
  • Even the fragrances and perfumes are unhealthy…

You’ll find artificial fragrance in virtually all perfumes, shampoos, soaps, and other body care items.

The petrochemicals used to create these fragrances include benzene, xylenes, methanol, DEP — all shown to disrupt your hormones.

The National Eczema Association (NEA) will not give its Seal of Acceptance to any product with fragrance or perfume. Their website states:

“Fragrances and perfumes are typically comprised of dozens or even hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds.”

These toxic chemicals are in so-called “organic” brands too.

With Annmarie, her skin care line is truly organic and wild-crafted, with pure aromatherapy oils. You enjoy a free aromatherapy session each time you clean your face!

Annmarie’s Skin Care Is Unique

Watch Annmarie’s 4-minute video here. It’s an eye-opener. You’ll see your skin care in a new light.

  • Clean
  • Soft
  • Glowing

Isn’t this what you want for your skin? I do. Read the testimonials on Annmarie’s site, how people see the difference within days.

I’m not surprised. You know everything I teach can be said in a dozen words:

starLiving Foods for Living Beings

starClean & Feed with Green to Heal

Are you making green juices? Then you know how soft and glowing your skin is within days.

That’s why you’ll quickly see the difference with Annmarie’s skin care. For the first time, you STOP clogging your skin cells. You liberate them to breathe again.

You know how good you feel when you’re out in the country, breathing fresh air deep into your lungs? Gazing out over the green hills, resting your eyes.

Your skin needs to breathe too! It needs rest.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. You don’t want toxic chemicals dumped into the exquisitely sensitive web of life. Why would you ever dump them into your own skin?

When you order from Annmarie, you’re helping to build a company who treasures Mother Earth, as her own baby.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

The Anti-Aging Eye Cream is my personal favorite. It hydrates and regenerates the thin, delicate skin around your eyes.

It soothes out dark circles and puffiness. You’re feeding your skin with cucumber, green tea, and herbs like echinacea and gotu kola.

Did you know, the skin around your eyes and eyelids is the thinnest skin in the body at 0.5 mm thick? It’s the first area to show signs of aging.

Compare the thickest skin — on the soles of your feet — at 4 mm thick. How does the Cosmic Intelligence know to do this? “I’ll create thick skin here, papery thin skin here.”

See the ingredients in her Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and the happy 5-star reviews. Annmarie does not censor her reviews. If someone’s unhappy, their 1-star shines right up there among the 5-stars, just like Amazon.

The eye cream is vegan, like most of Annmarie’s line (a few items use honey).

Vitamin K2 to Prevent Wrinkles

Do you know, women who take calcium to prevent osteoporosis are more likely to get calcium plaque in their arteries, and a heart attack or stroke?

In fact, with calcium supplements, the increased risk of death from heart disease outweighs any benefit to bone health.

How do we reverse that? Persuade the calcium to go into our bones and teeth, and out of our arteries?

It’s Vitamin K2. This is the very vitamin that keeps your skin from wrinkling. What’s the connection between arteries and skin? They both have elastic fibers. You know that if you’ve had a baby!

The elastic fibers in your skin become calcified as you age, just as those of your arteries do. Whose job is it to stop this? A vitamin K2-dependent protein called MGP (matrix Gla protein). MGP sweeps calcium out of your soft tissues like arteries, veins, and skin.

Another vitamin K2-dependent protein, osteocalcin, grabs the free calcium and fixes it into your bones.

Women in Tokyo have stronger bones and fewer wrinkles compared with US women, and even with other Asian women in Shanghai and Bangkok. Why’s that? Research points to a single difference in their diet.

In Tokyo they eat stinky slimy natto for breakfast. Natto is a fermented soybean dish. It’s higher in Vitamin K2 than any other food.

Blood tests prove that Tokyo women enjoy exceptionally high levels of K2. In Shanghai, Bangkok and the USA, they don’t eat natto.

“This new data about what causes skin to sag show that K2 plays a major role in maintaining a smooth, supple complexion.”

writes Canadian naturopath Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue in her book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life (#ad).

When you don’t eat enough K2 to activate MGP, you end up with more wrinkles. Dr. Kate quotes a 2007 study proving this.

My upcoming book Cure Tooth Decay the Plant Strong Way! will give you details on what to eat for vitamin K2 — get my Newsletter to stay in touch 🙂

Meanwhile, you may want to break out the natto!

Kevin’s Feedback on Skin Care

Annmarie’s husband, Kevin Gianni, reports in his newsletter on 8/3/2013:

Like most people, we were using the standard “organic” skin care products at health food stores.

We started doing some research on these products. I’m talking about the organic “natural” skin care lines that are labeled superior to the commercial kinds.

We discovered a whole world that we didn’t even know existed. All kinds of chemicals could be used in even the most reputed natural skin care lines, with no need to list them on the labels.

EVERYBODY was doing it. All the big companies. What’s even more scary is that most of the organic and natural ones were too.

Why? Because it’s extremely difficult — and expensive — to create products that last on the shelves and work well without using some of those chemicals.

The only alternative is to use specific herbal extracts, so most companies (in fact ALL of them as far as we could tell) were using products that were not completely natural — but could still label their bottles as “organic” and “natural.”

Finally we came to the conclusion that there was not a single line of natural skin care products we could recommend to our readers 100%.

So naturally… the idea came: “what would it take to create a line of natural skin care products?”

I’m talking about products that actually work AND at the same time are completely natural and free of chemicals of any kind.

First, we had to find plant extracts that would keep the products fresh for almost as long as chemicals.

We had to use special violet glass bottles to keep UV light out and preserve freshness — compared to cheap bottles from China the other companies are using.

We found a herbalist who helped us create a complete skin care line, one product at a time.

The result was well worth it… Now, we have a product line that is truly unique in the world.

It’s a complete skin care line with products so pure you could eat them. And they work!

By using the products, you can reduce fine lines, look younger, achieve smooth skin, and even out your skin tone. Most people find they get the benefits after just a few applications.

The reason the products work is because we use the highest quality herbs — the same that have been used for thousands of years by herbalists around the world to look younger.

Those herbs are infused into the highest quality oil emulsions using a proprietary process.

Most importantly — there are no hidden ingredients or chemicals. Everything you see on the label is what’s included in the product.

Why Stop Using Soap?

Dr Ann Wigmore writes in The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program (#ad):

Avoid the use of soaps … Heavy soaping removes valuable skin oils and destroys the skin’s beneficial acid mantle. To restore the latter, the skin must borrow extra Vitamin C from the blood and organs.”

Annmarie’s best-seller replacement for soap is her Aloe Herb Cleanser. It’s in the Anti-Aging and Normal Skin sample kits. The oily/acne kit gives you Citrus Mint Cleanser.

She writes of her Aloe Herb Cleanser: “A beautifully simple way to start or wash away the day. Also removes (most) make-up. Use in the morning and evening. Apply to damp or dry skin, massage into face and neck then rinse.”

It’s lovely. I’ve been wanting to stop soap for ages. It dries my skin out. With Annmarie, I now have a cleanser I trust.

Get Your Sample Kit Today

My favorite hymn when I was a kid, was one verse in Once To Every Man & Nation. James R. Lowell composed the poem in 1845 to protest America’s war with Mexico.

“Once to every man and nation
Comes the moment to decide
In the strife of truth with falsehood
For the good or evil side”

I don’t want to be the drama queen. But it’s true, isn’t it? Every day we get to choose.

Will you choose to feed your skin today? Why clog it with perfumed poisons?

Let’s choose to support a company that nourishes and nurtures Mother Earth.

When we do this, who wins? You, your child, your grandchildren. And baby Hudson 🙂

It’s all so precious. Recognize how precious Life is ??

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