Why I love My Single-Auger Juicer — the Samson 6-in-1 Juicer

My love for my Samson Juicer doesn’t quite match Elizabeth Barret Browning’s love for her husband Robert:

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach … and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.”

I feel that way about a Higher Power, not juicers. In any event, let’s take a look at what Samson does best…

six cones

SIX nozzles for juicing, mincing and making desserts, pasta, nut butters, etc.

squeezing strengths

THREE squeezing strengths, so useful for soft fruits.

reinforced screen rib

Reinforced SCREEN RIB insures longer life.


Juice Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens

juice wheatgrass

Drink the protein-rich juice of grasses and greens such as wheatgrass, barley grass, kamut, parsley, lettuce, spinach, cabbage and kale, AND sprouts like alfalfa, broccoli, mung and sunflower.

Greens and sunshine build strong bones! Juice fresh ginger and apple with greens, for taste.

Juice All Vegetables

Vegetable juice

Enjoy the mineral-rich hard and soft vegetables like carrot, beet, sweet pepper, asparagus and cucumber. Samson easily handles the long strings in celery stalk.

AND juices aloe vera leaves which no other juicer has ever done. Aloe vera is so easy to grow in pots at home and its juice is one of the best ways to alkalinize your blood.

Juice All Fruits

fruit juices

Enjoy the vitamin-rich juices of both hard and soft fruits — apples, grapes, pears, melons, oranges, peaches, pineapple and strawberries.

Many people juice the fruit in its skin, even when it’s a skin you wouldn’t eat, like melon and pineapple. There’s more minerals in the skin.


Enjoy Fat-Free Desserts

fat-free desserts

Turn fruits & veggies into gourmet raw food dishes — fat-free desserts, jams, fruit sorbets, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, soups, salsa, raw apple sauce, raw tomato sauce, and fresh RAW baby foods. So easy to digest!

Cooked food destroys nutrients, makes you sick. Now even on a cold day, you can enjoy a warm raw soup — mush fresh veggies in your Samson juicer, then warm to finger temp on the stove. Add warming herbs like fresh hot pepper and ginger for super blood circulation.

Enjoy Raw Nut Butters


Nut butters give us essential fatty acids to calm our nerves (reduce stress). But most of the factory ones are roasted — rife with free radicals that punch holes in your cell membranes. Even those raw nut butters have free radicals from exposure to light and oxygen.

The only healthy nut butter is one you make yourself, refrigerate right away, and eat within a week. Delicious in roll-ups — sprouted greens wrapped in lettuce leaf, spread with nut butter. Or my favorite — mash raw pecan or macedamia nut-butter with banana to take away junk-food cravings. Fat & Sweet satisfies!

Delight in Fresh Seasonings

fresh seasonings

Delight in the zing of freshly crushed seasonings like garlic, ginger, chili pepper, scallion, and radish. Use Samson’s mincing screen.

Fresh Pasta and Rice Cakes

making pasta

Make your own bread sticks, cookies, rice cakes, pasta and noodles from steamed grains such as rice. Delicious if you’re on a gluten-free diet.

For raw fooders, the breadstick maker (also called mochi-maker) will extrude long ropes from ground sprouted grains that you can then dehydrate, even braid first, and of course spice with a variety of freshly minced seasonings (garlic sticks).

Stock up your larder with tasty RAW snacks, and you’ll find it easy to Reach for Raw first.

Grind Fresh Coffee

grind coffee

Naughty naughty but yes it will grind your coffee beans for the richest taste.

Although I don’t see the point when it’s so easy to grind coffee in a cheap coffee grinder!

Mince Fish and Meat for Your Carnivores

mince meats

Mince fresh fish and meat for your carnivorous animal companions (cats). Divide into meal-size portions, freeze to kill bacteria, then transfer to refrigerator on day of meal, and mix with Energy Soup for the softest fur and brightest eyes.

Make Fresh Sesame Seed Oil

sesame seed oil

Make seed oil with optional attachment, shipped separately (does not fit in Juicer carton). Heats oil to temp of 131°F (55°C).

I don’t recommend this attachment. I use the Piteba manual oil expeller (#ad) that uses no heat. Heated oils have free radicals.

Can You Find Me a Juicer that’s Quicker to Clean?

Barbara of Fort Lauderdale, FL reports back:

“I hope I am writing to the correct email address to say a big Thank You!

I purchased a Champion juicer about 25 years ago and I still have it and use it. However, I decided I wanted to juice wheat grass and as you probably know, the Champion does not juice grass.

About a month ago, I spent days online scoping out juicers to find the one I thought would be the right one for me. I purchased a Green Star believing I made a great choice. So, ok, it juices wheat grass and I still have my Champion.

Two weeks ago while searching for more info on wheat grass, I discovered your site and read your comparison of the Green Star vs the Samson… wish I’d found you prior to purchasing the Green Star!! Especially when I discovered I could not return it!!

I received my Samson from you today and I just juiced for me, my husband and my daughter. It was a pleasure using my new juicer, clean up was a breeze and there was practically no waste like with the Green Star.

Thank you for your wonderful comparison that led me to purchase the Samson juicer. I am truly thrilled with it.

It’s such a pleasure juicing wheat grass in the Samson. You were right, there’s no waste and I get more juice out of less grass!”

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