Living Greens from GoGreen Sprouter Automatic!

* All Photos Taken by My Readers who Built a Sprouter or Bought One from Dan

Baby Greens

baby greens

Baby Greens growing in the GoGreen Automatic Sprouter. The tray closest is red clover, the middle tray is a salad of alfalfa, cabbage, radish, and the top one is broccoli.

Dr. Ann Wigmore writes in The Sprouting Book (#ad):

“The pungent, cleansing sprouts radish, fenugreek, cabbage, alfalfa, and clover are especially good for weight loss.”

Sunflower Greens

sunflower greens

Sunflower Greens from my GoGreen Sprouter, ready for eating. Here the roots have been cut off – this is a personal choice. Often I eat the roots, especially with quick-growing greens like alfalfa and broccoli.

Look how tall and bright with energy these sunflower shoots are! Compare the tired old greens like lettuce that get trucked around for days before you eat them.

LIVING Foods for LIVING Bodies! Only an indoor Automatic Sprouter will give you this all-year round – even when there’s snow or drought outside.

Broccoli Sprouts

broccoli greens

Broccoli from one 3″x12″ tray. Can any other Sprouter on earth grow such rich green broccoli? Have you ever seen vibrantly ALIVE broccoli in the store?

Broccoli sprouts give you 50 times more of the cancer-preventive chemical sulforaphane than mature broccoli. It’s so much easier to PREVENT cancer, than to cure it. We’re advised to eat 2 tablespoons of these baby broccoli greens a day.

Sunflower Greens

sunflower growing

Sunflower Growing in a 3×12 tray (this funky photo was taken by me, Val). My GoGreen Sprouter uses no soil. I believe it’s the most advanced indoor hydroponic system on planet Earth today – its working principles based on the latest research into NFT (nutrient film technique). You can easily build one wherever you live on earth!

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., writes in Conscious Eating (#ad) (2000):

“The drop in the electrical potential of cells is the first step in the disease process …[quotes research in Austria]… concluded that LIVE foods are the ONLY type of food that can restore the microelectrical potential of the tissues. LIVE foods have a regenerative power.”

I experienced this when healing my teeth. A blended LIVING green, a green leaf still GROWING in the moment you eat it, is the way to heal – not any old tired green leaf from the store. LIVING is more important than Organic.

You can easily prove this first-hand. Blend organic store greens for one month into Green Smoothies (recipe here) then blend LIVING greens from your Automatic Sprouter for one month.

William of Abington, PA, emailed me:

sunflower tray
Blend this Fresh tray of Sunflower with sweet fruit for healing.

“Let me take this opportunity to tell you what a genius I think you are! I did originally order the “other” six level sprouter and could never get a tray without mold. And dirt worked the best which is not what I was looking for. Your system is wonderful.”

In all modesty, it was my friend with a Ph.D. in physics, TD Raymond, who showed me how to build my first Sprouter. I’m simply a writer. I wrote up the Plans. TD always yearned to do something good for humanity.

The pastor who builds the GoGreen Sprouter for my readers – Dan, who found my site on the web in early 2000 after a 30-day fast on water – and myself sincerely believe that God/dess gave us the Sprouter. One of Dan’s favorite verses (1 Cor. 10:31):

“Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Healthy Fast Food

Do you see how easily baby greens grow in an Automatic Sprouter? While you work, while you sleep, nothing for you to do! Can you sprinkle seeds in a tray? Then you’re an expert kitchen gardener – with your Sprouter! These are the sweet living foods you’ll receive in return, fresh every day, 100% guaranteed NO MOLD.

Everything you eat as a tired old mature green, wouldn’t you rather eat as a vibrant living baby green? With all its Vitamin C, enzymes and soaring nutrient levels! Living foods for your living body, yes, prove it to yourself.

How long will it take you to pop these succulent greens into your mouth? This is the healthiest fast food on earth!

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