Get an Automatic Sprouter Today — Enjoy Fresh Living Greens Daily!

I’m so grateful for my GoGreen Sprouter pouring out living greens daily — with no work!

In my garden I struggle to grow papaya, fig and satsuma trees. Forget leafy greens like lettuce. They’re a feast for grasshoppers, slugs & snails!

The snails snuffed out the life of one baby papaya tree — munching on all her leaves to the last drop.

But in my kitchen? Oh what heaven! To simply sprinkle seeds in a tray, then every day harvest a brand new tray of tender baby greens, electrically alive with living energy. No snails, no hailstorms, snow, or boiling hot sun.

The fresh sunflower greens from my Sprouter I blend into a Green Smoothie with fruit in season. My daintier leafy greens, like alfalfa and broccoli growing in harmony, I wrap into a veggie wrap, or enjoy in a fresh crunchy salad.

My veggie wraps are simple:

  • 3 plates of large green leaves from the organic store or farmer’s market, such as cos lettuce or pak choy or sweet Chinese cabbage,
  • Fill each leaf with mashed-up avocado and chopped tomato (onion optional),
  • Sprinkle freshly ground pepper & Himalayan crystal salt on top (or pizza seasoning)
  • Then fill to overflowing with today’s baby greens from your Sprouter.

Such easy fast food. When you eat LIVING greens, growing in the moment you pop them into your mouth, you eat ENERGY. You eat ELECTRICITY. You light up with LIFE.

GoGreen Large Sprouter

See the wheatgrass growing to a height of NINE inches? Our competitor, the Easygreen, is only 5.5 inches high inside. Our GoGreen Sprouter grows both wheatgrass and baby greens (sunflower, broccoli, etc.) together in one container.

Do you see the mist-tubing with nozzles along the top back and front, to create oxygen-rich fine spray?

The tubing leads to the Timer-valve with Dan’s special quick-connect fittings — see photos in Deciding on your Water Source. My online Sprouter Plans come free with all Sprouters and Mist Kits.

Mist-nozzles create oxygen-rich fine spray every 3 hours which leafy greens love, they feel like they’re in a rain-forest, no chance for any mold here!

With optional Nozzle Plugs you can use fewer trays (half the Sprouter space) without wasting water, useful when taking a break from wheatgrass juice 🙂

The three six-inch wide wheatgrass trays x 13″ long (photo above shows four) give an amazing SIX ounces of wheatgrass juice each, using just under half-cup of seeds per tray.

With 3 trays, you get a new batch of wheatgrass every three days. For a new batch daily, you can continue to grow trays outside your Sprouter as soon as the root mats appear.

The six three-inch wide micro-greens trays (on right in photo) you use for baby greens like alfalfa and broccoli. They take 4-5 days to grow so you easily harvest a fresh tray of baby greens daily from your Sprouter.

Of course every seed that germinates will grow in the GoGreen Sprouter — all greens, grains, beans.

GoGreen Small Sprouter

You can grow in both the Small and Large Sprouters:

  • Microgreens (a.k.a baby greens) — like alfalfa, broccoli, clover, fenugreek,
  • 10-day-old greens — like sunflower and buckwheat greens,
  • Greens for juicing — like wheatgrass or barley grass,
  • All bean sprouts — like mung, lentil and my favorite, leafy green pea shoots, and
  • All grain sprouts — like sprouted grains for breads & crackers, or grow teff to leafy green, soft & delicious!

You need baby greens and bean sprouts daily for Energy Soup, Green Smoothies and salads.

This Small Sprouter comes with six three-inch wide trays x 13″ long, giving you one fresh tray every day (a big plateful) of baby greens like broccoli and alfalfa, which take 5 days to grow. See photos of baby greens, also called micro-greens.

Why Is A Faucet Best?

Why do I love connecting my Sprouter to a faucet and the municipal water pressure — to provide the water pressure needed for misting?

  • Quiet as a sleeping baby — we use water pressure for the misting. All other sprouters use a noisy electric motor.
  • Low maintenance — there’s no water container to fill or clean. Go away for a weekend and come home to fresh living greens. With other sprouters you must fill their water container DAILY and clean it often because it quickly slimes up.
  • Add additional Sprouters at low cost (up to 24 off one faucet!) — use the same hose with timer-valve for multiple Sprouters. All you need is a plastic box and nozzles. Other sprouters you pay in full each time, and add to your noise levels!

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