What Can You NOT Spot in this Photo?

Samson Juicer
The soft cream of a Samson Juicer harmonizes with every decor

Why Is Samson Unique?

Have you been around the block looking at photo after photo of Juicers? And they all look the same?

That’s because there’s two things you can’t spot in a photo:

  • the Auger or central grinding screw — the most critical part of a multi-purpose Juicer (it’s the green screw inside the drum, in photo above) and
  • the after-sales Service.

Samson’s Power Auger

Samson Auger

The Samson works perfectly, the secret is in the auger which you can’t test in a photo. Samson is a unique patented single-screw design.

With its swirly ridges all differently spaced at different heights, it looks like high-tech physics and it works like magic!

NOT like those old meat-grinder screws in wheatgrass juicers such as the Wheateena, where grapes and apples turn into sauce (backing up into the hopper).

Samson grinds both hard and soft beautifully, e.g. watermelon or pineapple with their hard rinds and soft flesh. Always juice the rind too, that’s where the minerals are.

I use my Samson for grinding sprouted grain to make rawfood crackers. The ridges on the Auger grind every grain individually, far better than my Cuisinart food processor or Vita-Mix blender.

I love the rawfood candies the Samson makes — run soaked dried fruit and nuts like macadamia through the Juicer (use the mincing screen) then mix with fork and roll into balls.

You may have experienced you can’t grind macadamia in a normal coffee-nut grinder — but they grind beautifully in the Samson single-auger Juicer.

After-Sales Service

Customers are amazed at how quickly the US importer ships them a new part. Samson GB-9001 comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, and 10-year warranty on motor.

William of Madison, WI, e-mailed me:

“They got my replacement mincing cone to me in 2 days!”

The plastic parts of ALL the multi-purpose Juicers can crack, and you want a new part in hand within 48 hours, no questions asked.

I can honestly say it’s very seldom, almost never, that a Samson Juicer needs to be returned. But if that happens, this is what Jeremy of Redwood City, CA, reported:

“They sent me return postage and they will either fix it or replace it, so everything is going well with it. Thanks for following up.”

The importer’s Service Center gives factory authorized support in in their own repair shop using only genuine Samson replacement parts kept in the US.

Samson’s advanced modular component design makes any repair quick and easy. Usually it’s a simple part that’s shipped to you, like a nozzle.

Juicer Parts

The Samson Juicer has SIX nozzles and, on the drum cap, THREE squeezing positions, for the widest variety of dishes.

Juicer parts

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