Living greens and ionized alkaline water share one big benefit — they are Rich in oxygen and anti-oxidants. We are starving for both at the cellular level.

2 Stages — Filter & Ionizer

Here’s a Flow Chart showing the 2 Stages of an electric Water Ionizer — (1) Filter and (2) Ionizer.

electric water ionizer

3-in-1 Water Filter

Calcium Additive Port

Do you see the calcium additive port? For an extra boost of easily-absorbed ionic calcium, insert a coral calcium cartridge into this built-in percolator basket, for benefits see Stop Osteoporosis.

Stage One : Purification

First an electric Ionizer filters your water to remove chlorine, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites and sediment. It’s a powerful filter, see details in Water Filter Specs.

You can simply enjoy a glass of this clean filtered water, and leave the ionization step out. Then you can also switch the power button off.

A big benefit of ionization is that it removes a third of the fluoride — or add an optional Fluoride pre-filter that removes 97% of the fluoride in your filtered water too.

Stage Two : Ionization

To drink alkaline water, just push the button of your choice, and right away pure alkaline water flows from the Ionizer’s stainless steel outlet. Flow rate is 3/4 gallon per minute. Choose from 4 levels of alkalinity or acidity, or “filter only.”

Alkaline water contains the minerals essential to our health — calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and silicon.

An Ionizer does not add any chemicals or minerals to your water, except for the option of extra calcium. It simply re-arranges the healthy minerals in the water, according to their electrical charge.

This takes place in the ionization chamber, which is divided into two compartments by a diaphragm or membrane. One side has five positive electrodes (anode) and the other has five negative electrodes (cathode). The five electrodes make for efficient ionization at a higher flow rate (some ionizers have fewer electrodes).

When the filtered water enters the ionization chamber, the negative electrodes attract the positive alkaline minerals to their compartment; while the positive electrodes attract the negative acid minerals to theirs.

So one side has only alkaline minerals and the other only acid, at which point alkaline water flows out from the Ionizer’s top outlet, and acid water from the bottom.

The water cell is designed to drain completely so there is no standing water in the chamber between uses — it’s labeled Electrolytic Cell in the diagram.

It’s easy to assess the alkalinity (or acidity) of your water with a pH test kit, supplied free with any good Ionizer.

Top-Quality Diaphragm

With Jupiter Ionizers, a proprietary matting is used for the membrane dividing the ionization chamber. This material allows water to pass through during ionization. This new matting is extremely resistant to mineral deposits. Limescale, iron, and other minerals are “sloughed off” enabling better ionization for a longer period of time.

All Jupiter models have an automatic cleaning cycle that cleans both this membrane and the electrodes, every time you use it. With other ionizers, if they don’t have an auto-clean cycle, then deposits from hard water will build up on the membrane and in time lower its transfer efficiency.

In addition, the patented structure of Jupiter’s electrolytic cells is designed for enhanced separation of alkaline and acid water. So you enjoy more efficient ionization as well as better isolation of any remaining chlorine or fluoride (which both pass to the acid side).

The combination of efficient draining, improved matting, and revised inner structure could enable the new Jupiters to operate on only one clean cycle per 24 hours, however, the AUTO CLEAN feature remains for every use (it’s OK to interrupt it if you’re in a hurry).

Chief Benefits of an Ionizer

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., writes in Conscious Eating:

“Water ionizers perform three functions:

  • They micro-cluster the water molecule complexes into smaller units, which increases water intake into the cells by six-fold.
  • They separate water into alkalinized water for drinking and acid water for washing skin and hair and wound healing.
  • The ionized alkaline water is filled with billions of OH ions that act as powerful anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals.”

OH is the chemical symbol for the hydroxyl group, and OH is the symbol for the hydroxyl ion. On this site I’ve used OH.

Alkaline Water Takes Care of Acid Waste

Rawfood author Rhio in her recipe book, Hooked on Raw: Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul With Nature’s Living Foods writes:

“Nobel Prize-winning biologist and surgeon Dr. Alexia Carrell did an experiment in which he kept parts of a chicken heart alive for 28 years in a saline solution which contained a full spectrum of minerals. The solution was changed every day to clean out the wastes.”

A chicken does not live anywhere near 28 years!

Carrell proved that:

“As long as waste products are disposed of, cells appear to be virtually immortal and cell renewal can go on indefinitely.”

Rhio continues:

“The waste products created from the body’s own process of metabolism are all acid. Protein metabolism produces sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Carbohydrate and fat metabolism produce acetic acid and lactic acid.

These acids are poisonous and must be washed out of the system. First they have to be neutralized by carbonic salts, which are composed of alkaline mineral compounds.

We must have a reserve of these alkaline minerals available at all times to assist the body to do its work efficiently.”

This is what an Ionizer gives you — a huge reserve of alkaline minerals to neutralize the poisonous acids! No wonder it’s medically approved in Japan and Korea.

Is Alkaline Water Natural?

One criticism I read is that there’s no electrodes in the earth, so alkaline water isn’t natural. Come on, is there ONE water that’s natural in our polluted world today?

Incidentally, that criticism was leveled by someone trying to sell an expensive water supplement made with “secret technology.”

In fact, alkaline water is as close to fresh glacial water as we’ll ever get. See photos in Why Drink Alkaline Water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, author of The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, is the world’s leading expert on water. He mentions in this email exchange with me that alkaline water is similar in properties to the H3O2 water in living organisms.

Even the purest spring water is bottled, shipped and stored so by the time we drink it, it’s dead in the water. And you’ll see acid minerals in its composition, and typically an acid pH.

In an ideal world, the only water we’d drink is freshly-made organic green juices and fresh melting water from a glacier.

Within 24 hours fresh juices will be unstructured dead water, the Flanagans found in their research on carrot juice — see Patrick and Gael Flanagan, Elixir of the Ageless: You Are What You Drink; Liquid Crystal Water. No data is given on wheatgrass juice.

A blender is not “natural.” Yet the Energy Soup we make in a blender is the quickest healer we’ll ever find in a food today. Recipe is here under Blending.

To me, so long as alkaline water offers the unique properties of green juices — crystal structure, alkaline minerals, oxygen and anti-oxidants —

and you EXPERIENCE it giving you energy, which means it’s properly moisturizing your cells, then

I’m happy. 🙂

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