Features to Look for in an Electric Water Ionizer

I no longer recommend an expensive electric water Ionizer. To alkalize your water, and hence drink water with a negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential) that quenches free radicals, please check cheaper ways at Amazon such as the Ionpod.

I’m leaving this page up, even though some models may not exist any more! It gives you an idea what to look for in an electric Ionizer.

Ah, to wake in the morning to a fresh glass of alkaline water! The taste is soft and slightly sweet. Drink 2-3 glasses without the “stuffed” feeling you get with other waters.

Why sweet? Because there’s no acid minerals! Acids taste sour. Indeed, sweetness is a test of any food or water. The sweeter a fruit or vegetable, the less pesticides and other acid chemicals in its making. Dr. Baroody mentions in Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance:

“The sweeter the food tastes, the higher its alkalinity.”

Of course he means raw foods from nature, not junk food made by machines.

Features — Electric Ionizers

These are the features you want to look for in the higher-end electric water Ionizers:

  • An optional Under-Sink Kit with its own faucet — then you can plumb your Ionizer directly into a cold water pipe instead of attaching it to a faucet. This is useful if you want to place your Ionizer away from the faucet, and eliminate the tubing and valve at faucet. Because it’s optional, you can buy the undersink upgrade kit at any time.
  • A cheaper electric Ionizer must stand at your faucet because you pull the diverter valve on the faucet when you turn the water on, and hold your glass under its spout.
  • High-end Ionizers have bigger electrode plates, making their plates the strongest and therefore the best at ionizing. The bigger the electrode plate, the more anti-oxidants in your water; it has a higher negative ORP, that’s oxidation reduction potential — read more about ORP here. The price goes up with each increase in the surface area of the plates.
  • High-end Ionizers have more ionization levels — this helps to accurately choose your specific pH. You can switch it to, say, 9, use the included pH test kit to see what pH 9 is, then switch it down to 8 or up to 10. Cheaper models just have low, medium, high.
  • Look for a Calcium Additive Port — giving you the option to add coral calcium pellets via this port. Lower-cost models don’t have this.
  • High-end Ionizers always give alkaline water, even when cleaning. Most Ionizers don’t give alkaline water during the cleaning cycle.
  • High-end Ionizers do a unique post-operation automatic cleansing, each silently cleans itself after every use, for an extended lifespan. Most other Ionizers have an auto-cleanse on start-up.

Customer Charlotte C. of Albuquerque writes:

“I was finally able to talk to Jay [importer for Jupiter] and he answered all my questions. It appears that the Melody, in addition to bells and whistles, does produce a higher quality of water (higher ORP and redox), not just the ph, because of the larger ionizer plates. And the calcium port aids in that water quality process.”

diverter valve

Easy to Install

All Jupiter models (the electric Ionizer I’d buy) are easy to install with a simple diverter valve with flow control, that attaches to your faucet and does not interfere with your normal use of faucet. Simply pull the knob on the valve to use your Ionizer.

user panel

Easy to Use

All models are a breeze to use with their intuitive user-panel and voice assistance that announces each selection made to confirm your choice (voice-over may be switched off). Their computer chip remembers your last setting. Select either Alkaline or Acid mode, at the pH level you want, or Filter Only.

sink faucet

Optional Under Sink Kit

Look for an optional conversion kit to attach your Ionizer to a cold water pipe or dishwasher hose under the counter, to eliminate tubing at faucet. Professional installation is recommended for this. Attachments include a plumb-in valve and a vented faucet (in photo) that ensures a one way flow of water upwards.

Coral Calcium In Filter

All Jupiter Ionizers have the BioStone filter with Tourmaline (gives far infrared energy) plus a built-in coral calcium layer *in their water filter.* This assists ionization in cases of mineral deficient water such as tank water, and helps to maintain your calcium balance.

It means that even in Filter Only mode, you enjoy extra ionized calcium. I write about the benefits of ionized calcium in Stop Osteoporosis.

As the water runs through the coral layer in the filter, it leaches calcium out. This layer is designed to last the life of the filter — approx. 2,000 gallons or 9 months.

But naturally you get more calcium with an additive port. If you’d like both Tourmaline with FIR and extra ionized calcium, and to locate your Ionizer away from your kitchen sink, then go for a high-end Ionizer.

Differences between Jupiter Models

UltraTechnosA good, no-frills workhorse unit that will provide you quality water at an affordable price. Shares features of more expensive models such as — BioStone filter with Tourmaline & Far Infrared Energy, Filter-only mode for purified water, Hot water and low pressure alert, Bar graph display to tell you how much life your filter has left, and Stainless steel outlet hose for alkaline water. Best buy for tight budgets.
NeptuneNewer model than UltraTechnos so more advanced built-in circuitry, better electrode plates, and patented polymer ion separation technology. Has additional calcium additive port, stronger plating for ionizing, and flux sensor unique to newest models. Will automatically go into a clean cycle each time you turn it on using the power button. If however, you simply turn off the water flow then your Neptune will go into sleep mode and will awaken when water is turned on again. If the power button is not used then there is no auto clean and you should use the manual clean at least once every day. Best buy for on top of the sink.
MelodyAll features of above models plus patented ability that allows continued use while self-cleaning — fully automatic reverse cleaning system which gives you clean, alkaline, ionized water every time you turn on the water. With other brands on the market (and with above 3 Jupiter models at lower cost) you have to wait 15 seconds while they clean. Best buy for below the sink.

Both have all that Melody offers, plus new mesh coating on cells giving you more surface area and hence stronger ionization (more antioxidants), automatic flow adjustments to ensure same pH with different waters, and the patented DARC system for ultra cleaning. Best buy if you’re not on a budget. The Aquarius and Orion/Alphion are identical inside, they differ only in their external casing. The Aquarius is mostly black with a dark crimson front panel and a silver border. The Orion is silver metallic, looks like stainless-steel although it’s a plastic material.

Orion and Melody are the most popular models.


Water Ionizer Comparison Chart

FeatureUltraTechnosNeptuneMelodyAquarius & Orion/Alphion
Alkaline pH9.5 – 10.010.0 – 11.510.0 – 12.010.0 – 12.5
Acid pH5.0 – 6.54.0 – 6.04.0 – 6.04.0 – 6.0
ORP — Oxidation Reduction Potential-250 to -350

-250 to -450

10% Stronger Ionization than Microlite

-300 to -850

10%& Stronger Ionization than Neptune

-300 to -850

10% Stronger Ionization than Melody

pH Test KitIncluded — wide range test drops with color chart; you can determine the specific pH you’re producing at each ionization level. Ionization has a lot to do with the water, on how good of a charge it will take. This is where the pH test kit is handy, so you can see specifically what the pH is of, say, ionization level 9.
StorageStore alkaline water for maximum 24 hours in glass bottles, because micro-clusters break down the longer the water stands (so you lose the easy-absorption aspect). Also the ORP (oxygen reduction potential) in the hydroxyl ions is fragile, lasting only 18-24 hours. Don’t store in plastic bottles, they leach estrogen-mimickers into your pure water, and plastic allows carbon dioxide to pass through, it forms carbonic acid, thus lowering the water pH. Best is to drink alkaline water straight from your Jupiter.
Hook-UpFaucet Diverter Valve, 1/2-inch tubing to UnitFaucet Diverter Valve, 1/2-inch tubing to UnitFaucet Diverter Valve, 1/4-inch tube & Optional Undersink KitFaucet Diverter Valve, 1/4-inch tube & Optional Undersink Kit
Coral Calcium Additive PortNoYesYesYes
FilterSame BioStone Filter with Tourmaline in all models, and comes with 0.01 micron hollow-membrane filter (same size as used in kidney dialysis). Extremely effective filtration for chlorine and other contaminates — 0.01M has 100 times the particle filtration potential as a 0.1M filter. See Water Filter Specs and Far Infrared Energy in Water. Plus Coral Calcium layer built into filter, gives your water extra ionized calcium.
Auto-clean of Ionization Chamber

Automatic reverse polarity method cleans (1) electrodes, (2) membranes separating each set of electrodes, and (3) the chamber’s partition membrane separating alkaline from acid side. Goes into clean cycle every time it’s used (ok to interrupt) so you’re reassured the electrodes and membranes are in top condition. Option of manual on-demand clean cycle.

The cleaning method is simple — the magnetic field in the chamber is reversed so that any mineral that has energetically adhered to a titanium plate is repelled and flushed away. It assures a long, trouble-free life for your Jupiter.

Uniquely, the Melody (and Orion/Aquarius) is continuously cleaning itself so alkaline water is always instantly available. With most Ionizers, alkaline water is not available during cleaning.

Water-cell LifeProjected 20 years for all models
Water Flow Rate0.75 GPM (gallons per minute) — about 30% of this is acidic water which is produced at the same time as alkaline water
Water AlertsHot water and low pressure warnings; if pressure is too low, it will turn itself off
Overload Protection for very hard waterYes — if source water has high electrolyte level, then the water cell draws more current, until a protection circuit throttles back on current going to the cell; ultimately, unit will shut off until it cools down.
Power On / Off ControlMain on/off power switch on rear panel, but operates automatically with input of water — turn off switch only if you’re away for extended time
Power Consumption110 watts for all models, except UltraTechnos is 80 w
Voltage110v or 220v, but email supplier for availability of 220v (for UK, Europe. Australia, SA, etc.).
Replacement PartsFactory authorized support given by US importer in their own repair shop using only genuine Jupiter replacement parts kept in US
Modular PartsAdvanced modular component design makes any repair quick and easy
ReturnsTo US importer — repair or replacement for manufacturing flaws
ShippingFree shipping in continental USA. For outside 48 States, allow for all models in shipping box, a size of 17x14x12 inches, and a weight of 18 lbs. Length & girth is 68″ — that’s under the USPS maximum of 79″ for some countries, e.g. Africa, making it cheaper to ship globally
WarrantyOne YearFive YearsFive YearsFive Years
UltraTechnosNeptuneMelodyAquarius & Orion/Alphion
For more features, please read Compare Jupiter with Other Ionizers

Aquarius & Orion

The two high-end models — Aquarius and Orion — have these additional features:


In the USA the water supply can vary a lot from State to State. Because of this difference in source water, different Ionizers at the same alkaline settings will produce different alkaline levels.

In the new Aquarius and Orion there is a patented SOL valve and triple diaphragms that adjust the water flow automatically. This means that you now get the correct pH level no matter what your input water is, or if there is a change in your water pressure or flow rate.


The new Aquarius and Orion include the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature completely removes any scale from the electronic cell helping to make sure your Ionizer stays in top working condition.


In these later models are five of the most advanced platinum-titanium electrodes in the world. When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes are now covered in a super fine mesh with very distinct points and valleys. This greatly increases the electrode surface area without having to increase the size. The suppliers guarantee that no other models, regardless of price, will produce, under similar conditions, such a high and low pH or ORP (oxygen reduction potential).

electrode surface
Electrode surface has fine mesh giving greater ORP
Double action reverse cleaning
Double Action Reverse Cleaning

MICOM Technology

Only in Aquarius and Orion (not in Melody) a new MICOM control system optimizes the pH and ORP of your water and helps keep your Ionizer in top working condition. A new indicator light alerts you if service is needed on your Ionizer.

5 Year Warranty

With a record low return rate on existing models, Jupiter offer with confidence a full five year warranty on the Aquarius and Orion/Alphion. Offering a 5-year warranty is another world first for Jupiter Science.

Jupiter a Leading Manufacturer

Jupiter Science has been making water Ionizers since 1982 and before that were making medical equipment. As the leading manufacturer of quality water Ionizers, Jupiter has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 Ionizers a month (90% of all water Ionizers).

science factory
Jupiter Science Factory

All Jupiter’s ionization chambers are made in their Japanese factory where engineers continue to research and improve on functionality.

Jupiter models are the brand of choice for large companies such as Hyundai, Samsung and LG.

Jupiter sells more units in the USA than all the other water ionizer companies.

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