Rejuvenation! Slow Down Aging — How to Live Younger Longer

Inventor and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil drinks 8 to 10 glasses of alkaline water every day. He urges us to do the same in his book Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

Kurzweil is the genius best known for his invention of the first reading machine for the blind. He received the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT prize, billed as the Academy Award for inventors, and was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 2002.

If someone *so brilliant* is drinking alkaline water for longevity, it re-assures me I’m on the right path 🙂

Rejuvenation, keeping our body-mind healthy for longer, is a great reason to invest in an Ionizer. Who has time to make green juices every day?

Look to the Oldest People

If we yearn to live young and long, our first step is to find a culture where everyone is younger for longer and see what’s unique to their culture. What are they doing that we aren’t?

Researchers have found many such cultures — in Georgia, Pakistan (Hunza), Ecuador, China, Tibet, Peru (reported in Search for the Oldest People in National Geographic, Jan. 1973). They share one trait — they all live high in the mountains and their water is loaded with alkaline minerals from melting glaciers. One quart of Hunza water contains 17,000 milligrams of calcium, and they drink a few quarts a day.

Barefoot and Reich, M.D., write in The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth:

“With all of the above cultures, disease does not exist: no cancer, no heart disease, no diabetes, no Alzheimer’s, no arthritis, etc. These cultures have no mental disorders and no doctors. They also live decades longer than we do in North America and their aging process is dramatically slower.”

So there you have it. Drink alkaline water. It’s the closest we can get to fresh glacial water. See photos in Why Drink Alkaline Water.

Incidentally, the world’s leading expert on water, Dr. Gerald Pollack, discovered that there’s a fourth stage of water — H3O2 — in all living organisms. This crystalline water is also in glacial melt.

Dr. Pollack calls it EZ water, short for Exclusion Zone, because it excludes impurities. His lab is busy researching his premise that the more EZ water you drink, the healthier you are.

Prevent Acid Waste Build-Up

A well-researched book on water Ionizers is Reverse Aging by Sang Whang (

Whang is an engineer, scientist and inventor with many US patents. Drinking alkaline water led to a radical change in his own health and to his discovery of acid wastes in aging and disease.

As he is fluent in English, Japanese and Korean, Whang was able to research alkaline water filters in depth. They were invented in Japan and many are made in Korea. He writes:

“In general, degenerative diseases are the result of acid waste build-ups within us. When we are born, we have the highest alkaline mineral concentration and also the highest body pH.

From that point on, the normal process of life is to gradually acidify. That is why these degenerative diseases do not occur when you are young.

The goal is to help your body dispose of more acidic waste products. The best water for this function is acid-free alkaline water, the water that neutralizes harmful acids and disposes of them safely while it does not leach out valuable alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium.

The device necessary to make the acid-free alkaline water is called a water ionizer. There is no other water treatment device that produces oxygen rich alkaline water.”

Read more about slowing down aging in Why Drink Alkaline Water.

Preventing Disease

Sang Whang writes:

“Adult diseases are non-contagious diseases that we develop, just because we get old.

Medical researchers have been looking for medicine to cure every kind of disease. None of these drugs reduce the acidity of the body. As a matter of a fact, most drugs are acidic.

Since these adult diseases are caused by too much acid in our body, unless the treatment actually removes acids from the body, the ‘cure’ at best will be only temporary.”

Fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables are the most alkaline of all foods. Be sure to blend a Green Smoothie daily!

Love and Gratitude

Life begins in water. There is no life without water. When we go to distant planets, we look for signs of water first.

Step One in regaining our youth is to restore vitality and life to our water. We can do this with good vibrations and a positive attitude!

Just as water is the universal solvent, so it also absorbs the energies around it. Play Mozart or Bach to a bottle of water, and its molecules will link into delicate lace crystals, the snowflakes we know so well. Play heavy metal music to water, and its molecules scatter into an ugly distorted mass.

Bernie Siegel writes in Love, Medicine and Miracles that deep down we choose sickness over health, and we choose our disease. Since we can see water molecules reacting to music, it follows that the water inside us responds to our self-talk. What do you say when you talk to yourself?

Maseru Emoto shows by photographs in The Hidden Messages in Water that water absorbs the energy of words taped to the bottle it’s in. He writes:

“One photograph was the most beautiful and delicate crystal — formed by being exposed to the words “love and gratitude.” It was so beautiful that it actually changed my life from that moment on. Water taught me the impact that ‘love and gratitude’ can have on the world.”

I Am Love, You Are Love

Love and Gratitude keep us young and fully alive! For me, it’s easy to greet every day with love and gratitude — it’s what I’m feeling when I awake — but excruciatingly tough to greet every situation likewise.

I want to appreciate everyone’s joy, and to realize that I and the other person can both be Right. We simply bring different experiences and perspectives to the same situation. I used to believe when I was Right, then the other person must be Wrong. And I’d fight for my rightness. Now I see the other person is equally right and valid, in light of their perspective and experience.

I get so critical when I see a mother feeding her child white flour, sugar and meat. To me, breaking a child’s immune system is the same as breaking her bones. It’s unforgiveable (in my critical eyes) because I’ve seen on TV how a little child cries and screams before they torture her with chemotherapy. I wish I weren’t so judgmental. I’d have a lot more fun in life if I could just let everyone be who they are. I wish I could see the mother’s love for her child. Instead I see the “bad” white sugar.

Rhio, author of Hooked on Raw: Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul With Nature’s Living Foods emailed me an Abraham-Hicks quote:

“You did not say as you made the decision to come forth into this physical environment, “I’ll go, but get all the kinks worked out before I get there.”

You said, “Let me at it. I will enjoy this contrast, and I will learn to find my vibrational place within it. And I will attract to me the ingredients that I choose to make the pie that is my life.”

You didn’t say, “Fix it, and then I’ll go,” nor did you say to any other person, “You have to be a certain way so that I can flow my Energy of Love to you.”

You said, “I have the capacity to love, and I have the ability to choose positive over negative. I don’t care how many negative aspects you choose to show me. I am a lover.”

And when you discover that, you are liberated.”

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