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I no longer recommend an expensive electric water Ionizer. To alkalize your water, and hence drink water with a negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential) that quenches free radicals, please check cheaper ways at Amazon such as the Ionpod.

For purifying your water, the Berkey Water Filter tops the charts consistently at #1 in all tests. You change the filter only once every few years (just scrub it clean) compared to every 9 months for an electric Ionizer.

Jupiter ionizers are sophisticated multi-stage water filters. They filter your water before it enters the ionization chamber. You can, in fact, choose Filter Only mode, when you simply want fresh clean water.

In Filter Only, your Jupiter naturally uses no electricity. It’s only when you switch the electrodes on, to separate alkaline and acid minerals, that you need electricity.

There are five optional pre-filters for every need you could possibly have, e.g. extra fluoride removal.

Paul Pitchford writes in Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition:

“Decay-prevention tests with fluoride water were carried out with calcium fluoride, yet sodium fluoride is the chemical added to city water supplies. Sodium fluoride is an extremely toxic by-product of the aluminum industry … its primary use was a rat poison.”

Calcium added through the calcium port (in top-end Jupiter models) will unite with toxic sodium fluoride and convert it to healthy calcium fluoride. One reason I prefer an Ionizer with a calcium additive port. It saves buying the fluoride pre-filter.

Dangers of Fluoride in Water

Betty Kamen in Hormone Replacement Therapy, reports on research showing that:

  • Non-vertebral fractures increase 300 to 600 percent in patients undergoing fluoride therapy;
  • Even a low level of fluoridation in drinking water correlates with higher fracture statistics, especially hip fractures;
  • A consensus is developing that fluoridation can be harmful to adults;
  • Chlorinated water, especially if consumed on a high fat diet, reduces calcium absorption. [Jupiter removes the chlorine in tap water]

Kamen writes:

“I have never allowed my family to consume fluoridated water when I could control the situation.”

Jupiter removes more than 30% of fluoride — it’s attracted to the positive electrodes, along with the acid minerals. No other standard water filter does this. Plus you can add an optional pre-filter that removes nearly all the fluoride.


The Jupiter Filter Cartridge removes every type of contaminant — microbial, organic and inorganic — to give you the highest quality Clean Water.

They say today’s wars are fought over oil, but tomorrow we’ll fight for water. Filtering technology gets better every year as our scientists work on recycling sewage. The new BioStone Ionizers use the most up-to-date filters. They screen out particles to 0.01 micron. See Compare Jupiter with Other Ionizers.

Filter Type — CarbonGranulated activated carbon made from natural coconut shells absorbs hazardous chromates, sulfates, and other organic pollutants
Silver-impregnated carbon — no silver can escape from filterSilver is well-known as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, killing over 650 types of disease organisms, it also prevents bacteria from taking up residence in your filter
Multiple layers of pleated fiberFilters out sediment, dirt, suspended solids, and radioactive particulates
Hollow tubular membranes with anti-bacterial bio-treatment — standard water filters don’t have this fantastic new filtering technology. In China it’s used to turn sewage into pure drinking water.Filters out sub-micron organic impurities like bacteria, parasites, cysts, waterborne flu virus, e-coli, cryptosporidium and giardia, down to 0.01 microns. This screen is finer than any other ionizer-filter — 0.01 filters out viruses.
Ultra-filtration is re-assuringTremendous surface area of the tubular membranes gives you ultra-filtration — they look like fiber-optic cables
Removes heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercuryRemoves over 93% of any lead there may be in your tap water
Removes 99.5% ChorineRemoves Chorine to undetectable levels, using a combination of carbon, calcium and ionization. Enjoy water that’s free of the bad taste and odor of chlorine, let alone the fact that chlorine destroys beneficial flora in our intestines. Also removes trihalomethanes.
Removes FluorideIonization removes over 30% of fluoride (it goes to the acid side) and for high-fluoride areas, there’s an optional pre-filter to exclude 97% fluoride
Convenient flow-through of waterWater is filtered and ionized, yet still flows continuously at nearly a gallon a minute
Average Filter Life2,000 gallons or 9 months depending on sediment level
Digital Filter Life Indicator, with reset buttonYou know the exact time to replace your filter to ensure the purest water quality — no guesswork here! The LED display tells you when it’s time for a new filter. Melody & Orion have a digital counter.
Single-piece FilterNo separate base to come loose or leak, as with the older ionizers
Quick-change FilterEasy to click the one-piece filter into place
Works with all Water SourcesFilters municipal tap water and well water. The limiting factor with well water is the hardness — if it’s too hard (high TDS) the water cell draws more current, thus kicking in a protective circuit which reduces power so that the degree of alkalinity may be lower [TDS = total dissolved solids]. This could occur over time with very hard water, but you can clean Jupiter’s electrode plates with vinegar to restore (in addition to auto-cleaning).
Coral Calcium layerThe new BioStone models are the first and only ionizers in the world to include a coral calcium layer in the filter, so your water has more free ionized calcium — it lasts the life of the filter. Read why we need calcium ions in Stop Osteoporosis and Benefits of Coral Calcium.
Optional Calcium — gives you extra calcium of 10 to 15 mg per gallon waterFor extra boost of easily-absorbed ionic calcium, insert a coral calcium cartridge into the Melody’s or Orion’s built-in percolator basket. The water flows through this basket prior to the ionization chamber so that all calcium picked up is ionized; lasts two months. Other ionizers have calcium sulfate, which is not as easily absorbed as coral calcium.
Biostone Ceramic layer with Tourmaline emitting FIR (far infrared energy waves)The new BioStone Ionizers are the only filters in the world to include the gemstone Tourmaline in the filter. Tourmaline naturally emits FIR which boosts metabolism, energizes, improves circulation, relieves stress, increases mental alertness and emotional well-being, strengthens the immune system, and fully moisturizes cells (water is better absorbed). Read details on how FIR does this in Far Infrared Energy in Water.
Option to install regular non-Tourmaline filterIf you don’t like Tourmaline, then you can replace it with a regular Jupiter filter, the kind used in the older Jupiter models. One distributor emailed me: “I’ve heard the extra minerals from the Tourmaline give the water a bad taste.”The Jupiter importer wrote me: “I don’t agree. Many comments from customers that their water tastes fantastic and is very easy to drink. Rare exception were customers ionizing at too high a level. This will over-ionize the water making it taste bitter and metallic. Easily solved by going down to lower setting and anyhow not caused by Tourmaline filter.”
All Materials used in the New Jupiter Water Filters Meet or Exceed FDA Standards for Use in Drinking Water Systems

Easy-change Single-piece Water Filter Cartridge

— almost as tall as the 14-inch high Jupiter, the large surface area of its multiple layers gives you ultra-filtratio

Fluoride & Arsenic pre-filter
sediment pre-filter
Sediment pre-Filter

Optional Pre-Filters

These are convenient canisters installed in the tubing from the water-line.

The 5 optional pre-filters are:

  • Fluoride and Arsenic
  • Sediment
  • Solid Carbon block
  • Combo Carbon to prevent limescale build-up
  • Special Carbon for Chloramines

These manufacturer approved pre-filters are for users with special concerns about their water source. They may be installed individually or in combination, and are intended to compliment your Jupiter’s existing on-board filter.

Housed in convenient counter-top canisters, they are easily installed upstream of your Jupiter, in the supply tubing from the faucet, or from cold-water pipe if plumbed in. Simply cut the tubing at the point where you want to place pre-filter.


Fluoride and Arsenic pre-filterThe ionization process removes more than 30% of any fluoride added to your tapwater. This optional pre-filter removes 97% of the fluoride, and also removes arsenic, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide; about $70 for canister with cartridge, and $60 for replacement cartridge which should be replaced once a year
Disposable Sediment pre-filter — removes coarse sedimentThis pre-filter may allow the successful installation of a Jupiter on water sources with considerable suspended particles and/or hardness as found in some wells, springs, and municipal supplies; there is no replacement cartridge, the whole pre-filter unit gets replaced
Solid Carbon block pre-filterThe Jupiter’s built-in filter is granulated carbon, while this optional pre-filter is solid carbon for extra-fine filtration; removes particles to 0.5 micron, as well as chlorine, 99% of lead, etc.; this carbon block pre-filter prevents build up of larger than 0.5 particles in the Jupiter filter, as well as extending its useful life for chlorine removal; change once a year or every other machine filter change; about $60 for canister with cartridge, and $40 for replacement cartridge
Combo Carbon pre-filter for Chlorine and LimescaleCombination carbon and special agent to prevent limescale build-up; keeps limescale in suspension; change is location dependent, or simultaneous with every machine filter change; about $60 for canister with cartridge, and $40 for replacement cartridge
Special GAC for Chloramines pre-filterGranulated Activated Carbon to remove chloramines to 0.5 ppm over 2000 gallons; chloramine is similar to chlorine and is used in some municipal water treatment plants; change once a year or every other machine filter change; about $70 for canister with cartridge, and $40 for replacement cartridge

All counter-top pre-filters have barbed fittings that are sized for the tubing used in the specific Jupiter model.

The barbed fittings ensure a solid connection, while the replacement cartridge inside all pre-filter units (except the sediment filter) is easy to change.

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