How to Restructure Your Water — Best Ways to Revitalize Water

Did you see Masaru Emoto’s photos of how water responds to love?

Did you read the book Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy (#ad) showing how water is a living organism?

I never clicked that I must ACT on what they are saying. Until I saw the Russian movie Water: The Great Mystery (#ad) the other day.

Instantly I switched to caring for my water. When we bless our water and say Thank you for coming into my life, we alter the very life force of the water we drink. I know it sounds impossible, that water can be like Lazarus, but look at the photos…

dam water

Maseru’s photo of water from the polluted Fujiwara Dam in Japan. See how the water is dark and unstructured? It has none of the delicate crystals we see in snow flakes.

Prayer water

Water from the same dam after a priest prayed for one hour beside the dam. Isn’t the change stunning? It’s now a clear bright-white crystal.

The Power of Staying Positive

Water in clear mountain streams leaps about in exquisite crystal forms, reflecting the wonder of snowflakes. In contrast, the molecules of polluted or stagnant water are deformed and distorted.

Can you picture how you distort the water in your own body, when you think negative thoughts?

We need to switch each thought into words of Love and Gratitude. You can do it! You’re 65% water by weight — even your bones are 50% water. Actually by counting molecules (not weight) we’re more than 90% water!

Distilled water exposed to classical music takes on a delicate, symmetrical crystal form.

distilled water

Distilled water, not quite as dead as polluted water, but still not a 6-pointed star…

Distilled water

Distilled water when the words Thank You are taped to the bottle. It morphs into crystals looking a lot like water exposed to Bach’s Goldberg Variations (music composed out of gratitude to Herr Goldberg).

Filter Your Water

Here’s how to care for the water you drink…

Step 1 is to filter your water with the best filter you can afford.

If your diet is *below* 80% raw fruit & vegetables, I recommend a low-cost manual water Ionizer (#ad).

If on the other hand, your diet is 80%+ fresh fruits & vegetables daily, you don’t need an Ionizer for alkaline water. You’re getting enough alkaline minerals in your diet.

For you (raw fooders) I recommend either a home water distiller (#ad) or a Berkey water filter (#ad). Berkey is best for families.

Is your family protected from an emp (electromagnetic pulse) from the sun? It will fry the grid, which means no municipal water, no working pump for well water. Your best protection is a tabletop non-electric distiller (#ad) with a Rocket stove (#ad) to boil the water in your distiller.

With water, you can grow seeds and enjoy food within days πŸ™‚

Restructure Your Water

Pears-shaped vortex
My pear-shaped water vortex bottle

Next you want to restructure your water. You see how water flows in a mountain stream through eddies and vortices? You want to recreate that in your home.

By “structured” water, I mean EZ water (Exlusion Zone water). It’s the fourth phase of water in all living organisms, discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington. Read my discussion with Dr. Pollack here.

Use a DIY vortexer you make out of two pear-shaped plastic bottles. Try to find that egg or pear shape.

You stick the caps of the two bottles together, then drill a hole through them. You can’t use glue, the caps break apart over time.

This youtube video shows you how to do it, using your stove — Weld Bottle Caps Together to Make a Vortex.

I use this method for my first two glasses of water in the morning. I vortex it four times clockwise, then 4 times counter-clockwise.

They teach us in hiking that water must flow over seven rocks before we drink it (through a bacterial filter of course).

Add a Mineral-Rich Salt

Now add Himalayan crystal salt to your water, if you’re using a home water distiller.

This is to re-mineralize your water and restore its electrical potentials.

In summer I use 1/4 teaspoon crystal salt to 1 liter of distilled water, as advised by Dr. Batmanghelidj in Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (#ad). He uses this ratio for tap water, which already has minerals (my distilled water has no minerals).

In winter I use less — 1/4 tsp to 2 liters. Our body retains more salt in the winter (no sweating).

It’s critical you use Himalayan crystal salt — it has all 90 elements in complete balance. Plus it’s a delicate living crystal. Other salts, like Celtic sea salt, are dead. Their minerals are in a state of static isolation.

In their book Water & Salt, the Essence of Life (#ad), Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira write:

“This Himalayan crystal salt is full of life! When taken as food, it will have a vital energetic affect on the body. The result is a net gain in life-generating power.

All life-giving processes in our universe are closely interlinked to the energy potentials that are released when water merges with salt.

I know natural hygiene opposes salt. They say it preserves your body, same way people use salt to preserve raw meat.

I disagree. I’m convinced we need salt in distilled water. Only with my Berkey filter, I don’t add salt because Berkey Filters (#ad) allow minerals through from your faucet, which to me is GOOD. Every enzyme in your body needs a mineral partner to do its job.

Dr. Batmanghelidj writes:

“In their order of importance, oxygen, water, salt and potassium rank as the primary elements for the survival of the human body…

The precaution to keep in mind is loss of salt from the body when water intake is increased and salt intake is not.”

We see on TV, animals like zebra and elephants (leafy green eaters) walk for miles under a boiling hot sun, to get to a salt lick. Fruit-eating birds and bats in the amazon do it too. So do tapirs in south America — they eat leafy greens and fruit, and love their salt licks.

The wild creatures are saying to me, “yes, leafy greens & fruit keep us vibrantly alive, but we need our salt too.”

Dr. David Brownstein (MD) is an expert on salt and iodine. His multiple books include Salt Your Way to Health (#ad), and Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It (#ad). Dr Brownstein advises us to eat a teaspoon of salt a day.

For & Against Salt

The “water authors” above such as Batmanghelidj, and Hendel & Ferreira, all advise to add salt to your water, even if you have high blood pressure. Dr. Batmanghelidj writes:

“The water we drink will ultimately have to get into the cells — water regulates the volume of a cell from inside.

Salt regulates the amount of water that is held outside the cells — the ocean around the cell.

Hypertension should primarily be treated with an increase in daily water intake [with salt].

…diuretics do not cure hypertension; they make the body more determined for salt and water absorption.”

At the other end of the scale is natural hygiene founder Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. Dr. Shelton writes in The Hygienic System: Orthotrophy (#ad):

“Salt is wholly innutritious and affords no nourishment to the body. It is both indigestible and unassimilable. It enters the body as a crude inorganic salt which the body cannot utilize, it is absorbed unchanged, goes the rounds of the general circulation as an unassimilated salt, and is finally eliminated as such.”

Actually salt is not meant to be digested. You can’t break it down, as you break down proteins into amino acids. Its crystal structure is electric, not molecular. It joyfully joins in just as it is, with the dance of your cells, performing critical roles such as in:

  • Osmosis, where liquids are sent from cell-to-cell, and
  • Thinking, where ions of potassium and sodium carry your thoughts along your nerves.

In all fairness, Dr. Shelton is talking about that horrid table salt I lapped up so lavishly when I was addicted to McDonald’s french fries. In his day, there was no living salt like Himalayan crystal in local stores.

In the same book, Dr. Shelton wrote it’s “superstition” that animals frequent salt licks! Then again, there was no TV in 1935.

Dr. Max Gerson, famous for healing cancer, showed that when the cell loses potassium — and as a result sodium pours into your cell — then the cell is damaged.

The Gerson healing diet is high in potassium, low in sodium. One of my facorite books is Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases (#ad) by his daughter Charlotte Gerson. Very inspiring πŸ™‚

My own diet is naturally high in potassium because I eat tons of fruit daily.

So with my distilled water, I made the decision *for* Himalayan crystal salt. I believe it gives electrical balance to all that potassium — potassium inside the cell, sodium outside.

For my Berkey water, I decided against adding salt, since filtered tap water is already mineral-rich.

I want you to know both points of view. Many leading raw fooders agree with Drs. Shelton and Gerson. They don’t touch salt.

In the bad ol’ days when I craved salt, I was addicted to chips and french fries. Amsterdam was heaven, with its chip-vending machines! Today I love to grind together in my coffee grinder, my own gomasio:

  • 4 Tbsp raw sesame seeds
  • 3 Tbsp dulse seaweed flakes
  • 1/4 tsp Himalayan Crystal salt

Then sprinkle as much as I want into a lettuce leaf — celery and lettuce are top sources of sodium. Or I eat it with quick ‘n easy buckwheat crunch for a crunchy snack, high in all the minerals & trace minerals.

Bless Your Water

Now your water wants you to bless it.

The Water (#ad) movie shows how regular tap water, when blessed in the Catholic church, turns into holy water with the power to revitalize dying plants.

I place my hands on my jug of water (I distill my water into a glass jug, not plastic) and say with my eyes closed:

“Bless you water. Thank you for coming into my life. I am so grateful for you.”

As I say my blessing, I visualize the Light that’s shining inside us — the Light that both we and water truly are. Honest, we’re walking around with broad daylight inside us in the middle of the darkest night!

Then I add my crystal salt, to restructure the water molecules. Salt triggers water’s memory of its innate molecular structure — so it returns to the look & feel it has when it springs from the earth. The molecules collect into 6-pointed stars, like snowflakes.

Any silicon will trigger water’s memory, so it re-structures itself. You could use homeopathic silicon but it’s made with lactose, a milk sugar that vegans avoid.

Water loses its structure — becomes de-structured and chaotic — when it flows into polluted rivers and then into pipes that bend at right angles, totally against water’s natural flow. It turns into dead water — no longer that electrically alive water you see in a mountain spring.

You may’ve heard to place water in sunlight to restructure it. I’d never do this. Water shies away from heat, it wilts like a plant. If you look at the places where it springs out of the earth, they’re cool wooded areas with ferns and moss.

Elicit the Exquisite Crystals

Now with simple words, you transform the stars into exquisite crystals, more beautiful than snow flakes.

Tape the words Love and Gratitude onto your water jar. I print them using the font Edwardian Script ITC.

Masaru Emoto in his book The Hidden Messages In Water (#ad) writes under his photo of the Love and Gratitude water crystal:

“This crystal is as perfect as can be. This indicates that love and gratitude are fundamental to the phenomenon of life in all nature.”

In the prologue he reports:

“It was the most beautiful and delicate crystal that I had seen — formed by being exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude.’ It was as if the water had rejoiced and celebrated by creating a flower in bloom.

It was so beautiful that I can say that it actually changed my life from that moment on.

5 Steps to Living Water

Now you know how to drink living crystal clean water filled with twinkling stars of Love and Gratitude!

Love & Gratutitude water
Emoto’s photo of the Love & Gratitude water crystal

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