How to Use Acid Water from an Electric Water Ionizer

The acid outlet of an Ionizer is as useful as the alkaline. Acid is what we use when we soak our raw fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water with vinegar added.

  • Acid water kills parasites and their eggs, and e.coli. from bird droppings and from people who didn’t wash their hands at the toilet. You never know who’s handled your raw produce!
  • With an Ionizer, it’s so quick and easy to wash raw fruits and vegetables, and your hands, under the acid hose.

High-end Ionizers allow you to select an acid cycle at any one of 4 different strengths. Lower cost Ionizers simply dispense acid water via their discharge hose. There’s no choice of acid water when you want it, how you want it.

Vinegar as Acid Water

Since I don’t own an Ionizer, I use vinegar as my acid water, to wash my produce and hands. I add 2 tablespoons to a bowl of water, as advised by Paul Pitchford in Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.

After reading Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Diseases, I began to dip my finger-tips into a cap of pure undiluted vinegar after preparing raw bird or fish for my cats, so as to thoroughly clean under my fingernails. She really got me paranoid about parasites!

  • Today you can simply wash your hands and produce under an Ionizer’s acid cycle. Chlorine I avoid as far as possible because among its many evils, it makes fish go blind.
  • I disinfect the countertop with acid water, when working with bird or fish for my animals. I also rinse their dishes in acid water after washing up, to sterilize them.
  • If I’m rinsing a lot of salad greens, not just an apple, then I dip my greens in a bowl of filtered water after soaking in acid water.
  • It’s cool that you can scrub your nails with soap under an Ionizer’s acid hose. You can’t do that with vinegar!

Acid Water as Hydrogen Peroxide

Acid burns holes in the outer membranes of microbes like parasites, bacteria, viruses and microscopic worms. Just as very strong acid will burn your skin.

Microbes are single-celled organisms. Once they lose their mantle or cover, they’re dead. It’s one way our immune system kills them, except it uses oxygen instead of acid. Both acid and oxygen do the same thing, they knock a hole in the membrane.

Micro-organisms are negatively charged, they contain extra electrons. Oxygen is short 2 electrons, so it steals electrons from the microbes, thus oxidizing or killing them.

Acid water is short on electrons too. Acids can accept electrons, so again they grab the excess electrons from a microbe and destroy it.

Use your Ionizer’s acid water as:

  • a mouthwash after brushing teeth — this is essential because toothpastes, especially natural ones, are high-alkaline with their calcium and baking soda (an antacid);
  • an antiseptic for cuts, scratches and wounds;
  • a warm-water soak for athlete’s foot;
  • a spray for rose bushes to reduce fungus;
  • an astringent for rashes, nail fungus, insect bites, and sunburn. Once when I got painfully sunburnt on Delaware beach, I was advised to wipe white vinegar onto my legs and arms, it works!
  • Acid water takes the itch out of mosquito bites, the sting out of insect bites. Use it for blue-bottle stings.
  • Diabetic ulcers (festering skin sores) can be safely soaked in acid water.

Acid Water as an Astringent

Acid water is especially good for splashing onto your face and skin after a shower, to restore your skin’s acid mantle after washing it with alkaline soap. Much more effective than expensive astringent!

Our body intentionally excretes acid toxins through the skin. This acid coating helps our skin to stop unwanted microbes from boring into us. Soap washes the mantle away, leaving our skin vulnerable to infection. Sometimes I restore the acid on my facial skin by splashing it with lemon juice diluted in water. For body skin I simply stopped using soap!

  • With an Ionizer, it’s so easy to splash your face and body with a bottle of acid water to restore your skin’s protective acids.
  • Acid water is a natural toner for improving your complexion — it removes the day’s grease and dirt without any harsh chemicals.
  • Acid water is a natural hair conditioner, restoring shine to your hair, in the same way rinsing it in lemon or vinegar water does — it removes all that sticky soap.
  • Acid water’s astringent quality helps to banish acne — and so do vegan raw foods of course!
  • Good results are reported with skin complaints, e.g. eczema, but again I stress a healthy diet.

Acid Water for Plants

High-end Ionizers give you a choice of different acid strengths from the top hose at any time. Inferior ionizers provide acid water during their clean cycle only.

  • House plants thrive on acid water, and
  • Cut flowers will last longer.
  • Acid water kills germs on contact — we can stop using chemicals that kill wildlife.
  • Wash your Sprout Trays with acid water, to avoid cross-contamination between batches — quit the chlorine!
  • Spray your wheatgrass with acid water, if there’s any sign of mold.
WaterpHWhat It Means
Tap Water7Slight oxidation potential, can sap your energy
Alkaline Water8-9Strong reduction potential, contains a mass of electrons that it donates to free radicals
Acid Water4Strong oxidation potential, a shortage of electrons giving it the ability to oxidize and sterilize


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