How to Prevent & Heal Osteoporosis

Do you suffer from brittle bones that break easily? A water Ionizer helps in two ways:

  • Alkaline water halts the leeching out of calcium from your bones;
  • Alkaline water provides calcium to build strong bones.

Keep the Calcium In Your Bones

When there’s too many acids in our blood stream, our body turns to pulling calcium out of our bones to buffer the acids.

Alkaline water is rich in calcium. When we drink it, this calcium (and other alkaline minerals) buffer all the acids in our bloodstream. So your body stops leeching calcium from your bones.

Scientist Sang Whang writes in Reverse Aging:

“The skeletal structure of the body is a ‘calcium bank’. When the body’s condition becomes too acidic, it frequently makes compensating withdrawals of calcium from the bones, leaving them brittle and subject to breakage. A bone is made out of proper combinations of calcium and phosphorus. When just the calcium is removed, the remaining bone becomes highly phosphorus and it becomes weak.

The postures of many old people change and they seem to get shorter as they age. These are the results of losing calcium from the skeletal structure. Prolonged usage of alkaline water can help prevent this disaster. Ionized Calcium can help to repair the damages.

Drink Calcium to Build New Bone

Dr. Nancy Appleton in Lick The Sugar Habit, reports that dentist Dr. Melvin Page:

“found that if he could get a patient’s calcium / phosphorus ratio to be the optimum 10 to 4 [that’s 2.5 times more calcium than phosphorus], the symptoms that led to tooth decay and bone loss would simply go away.”

We all eat far too much phosphorus — even vegans with their grains, seeds, nuts, and beans. Alkaline water is an easy way to ensure we get 2.5 times more calcium than phosphorus.

What Is Ionized Calcium ?

It’s free calcium that is not attached to any molecule.

To use the calcium in food or supplements, our body must first digest or split off the calcium atoms from the molecules they’re attached to. Then all alone and unattached, the two spare electrons in calcium’s outer orbit are free to work for us. Because it has free electrons it’s now an ionized atom, or more correctly, a calcium ion.

When you drink alkaline water, you instantly get ionized calcium without the energy-draining process of digestion. And you avoid all the toxins that often come with calcium foods, e.g. the phytic acids that trap and bind calcium in seeds, nuts, grains and beans, and the oxalic acids that do the same in some greens like spinach, dandelion, Swiss chard and citrus fruit.

Actually, people who regularly eat plant seeds begin to produce their own intestinal phytase enzyme to liberate the calcium from phytic acid bonds. I read this in Bone Loading by Ariel Simkin and Judith Ayalon.

Dairy calcium is the worst, loaded with the suffering of the cow and her calf, plus sex hormones, antibiotics, and other acidic drugs. Its excess protein leaves uric acid waste that accumulates in your muscles and joints.

The Big Dairy Lie

The two biggest lies ever perpetrated by the advertizing industry are from De Beers and The Dairy Board.

De Beers claims Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. How can a rock ever be your best friend? Even a plant is a better friend than a rock, let alone a live human friend who will soothe me when I’m upset 🙂

The Dairy Board shamefully tells women to drink milk and eat cheese for calcium. In fact, the *exact opposite* is true! The more milk you drink and the more cheese you eat, the more likely you’ll suffer severe osteoporosis.

See how the graphs for hip fracture and dairy consumption parallel each other (Hegsted DM. Calcium and osteoporosis. Adv Nutr Res 1994;(9);119-28, and J Nutr 1986;116(11);2316-9):

Hip fracture vs Dairy consumption

That graph is from 1986. More recently in 2001, John Robbins mentions in The Food Revolution:

Countries with the highest consumption of dairy productsFinland, Sweden, United States, England
Countries with the highest rates of osteoporosisFinland, Sweden, United States, England

Does it make sense to suckle on the breast of another species? Years after we’ve been weaned? Cow milk is for calves! Not adult humans…

See Vegetarians in Paradise website for factual info on how dangerous dairy is for you and your children — straight from the mouths of medical doctors! Print out their great list of calcium in plant foods.

Interestingly, Dr. Neal Barnard writes in Eat Right, Live Longer that the best calcium sources are greens and beans. They’re also best for protein! That’s why I recommend a Green Smoothie or Energy Soup daily.

Alkaline Water Better than Calcium Tablets

Sang Whang writes:

Drinking ionized alkaline water is much better than taking alkaline mineral tablets such as calcium tablets.

A glass of alkaline water (10 oz.) with a pH of 10 contains 1021 hydroxyl ions (OH) and each one of them is mated with positively ionized alkaline minerals such as Calcium (Ca+), Magnesium (Mg++), Sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+).

Calcium tablets sold in stores are not in the form of pure calcium, but they are neutral compounds with some other substances [like fillers & binders]. First they must be dissolved and then ionized to be effective.

Only a part of the compound actually gets dissolved and ionized.”

Whang then shows with chemical formulas how a calcium carbonate supplement, dissolved and ionized in our body, breaks up into calcium hydroxide and carbonic acid. The lungs must then breathe out this acid. Hopefully you exercise outdoors every day in oxygen-rich air!

Alkaline water has the same form of calcium (calcium hydroxide) but there is NO carbonic acid waste when you drink it. You get ready-to-use calcium with no acid trash!

I believe alkaline water is the best calcium booster on earth — free from your faucet! All you need is a low-cost water alkalizer such as the Ionpod.

With the more expensive electric water Ionizers look for a model that has a receptacle to add additional ionized calcium.

All other calcium comes with acid trash attached. Only alkaline water and green juices give you pure ionized calcium to feed your starving cells.

When you add *extra* calcium via a calcium port — then, as with juicing, don’t drink too much at once. One glass of alkaline water on the hour each hour is a nice steady stream of calcium.

Calcium is Chief BioElement

Your 75 trillion cells are starved of free calcium ions. Why?

Calcium lends a hand to every job inside us, well almost. What an amazing statement! Think for one moment how intricately put together you are, and in every intricate wheel of life, calcium is there.

Ionized calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body.

The total gas in our body is 95% — of which 78% is hydrogen and oxygen in water. That leaves only 5% for everything else. Did you know that nearly half the remaining 5% is calcium?

Calcium is found in every human cell. Ionized calcium, free from bondage to any molecule, readily combines with proteins. Life depends on complex protein molecules, and proteins depend on calcium.

From the book Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition by Drs. Abram Hoffer & Morton Walker:

  • Ionized calcium feeds every cell, it latches onto nutrients stacked outside the cell membrane and pulls them into the cell. It’s like an octopus squeezing through a rock formation (the nutrient channel in the cell membrane) with a nutrient stuck to each of its tentacles, carrying up to 22 polar compounds in one go.
  • Calcium provides the electrical energy for all muscle movement including the beating of your heart.
  • DNA synthesis can only occur on a substrate of calcium, so there’s no new cells without calcium. Right now your cells are dividing at the rate of millions per second.
  • Calcium is essential in transmitting nerve impulses; if you’re a nervous wreck, check your free calcium levels.
  • Calcium activates the energy-producing systems in every cell — see How We Oxidize Food.
  • Calcium is the chief mineral used by our blood to keep its alkalinity of 7.4.
  • This you know, calcium builds strong bones and teeth — they snatch 99% of the calcium you swallow.

Can You Eat Too Much Calcium?

Barefoot & Reich write in The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth:

“Calcium to acid, is like water to a fire. Calcium quickly destroys oxygen robbing acid in the body fluids. Thus, the more calcium, the more oxygen, and therefore, the less cancer and other degenerative disease.

The cultures around the world that consume mountain glacial water … ingest an astounding 100,000 milligrams of calcium each day … This proves that you cannot consume too much calcium and that excess calcium must readily pass harmlessly out of the body through the urine.”

I disagree. You can consume too much calcium if you take calcium tablets! If you’re not eating enough vitamin K2, then the calcium will land up in your arteries, not in your bones & teeth.

Did you know, women who take calcium to prevent osteoporosis are at higher risk of atherosclerosis (calcium plaque in their arteries), heart attack, and stroke than those who don’t?

it’s estimated that 150-200 mcg of K2 a day is enough to activate your body’s K2-dependent proteins to shuttle calcium out of your arteries and into your bones.

I bet those mountain cultures eat fresh cream & egg yolks from free-range animals and birds for their K2. Or perhaps lots of leafy greens which are high in K1. Your body converts K1 to K2.

The whole story is quite complicated — the connection between calcium, K2, A & D for building strong bones. More info in my upcoming book, Cure Tooth Decay The Plant-Strong Way! — stay tuned via my newsletter.

Benefits of Coral Calcium

Coral calcium is the ideal 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium with a host of essential trace elements.

High-end electric Ionizers have a calcium additive port — see photo, so you enjoy extra ionized calcium.

Look for a calcium additive port that takes *coral* calcium pellets, such as the Jupiter models. Most Ionizers use calcium *sulfate.*

In The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth Barefoot & Reich write:

“The human body is only capable of absorbing about 800 milligrams of calcium each day. Unfortunately, calcium is one of the hardest minerals for the body to absorb. Many of the calcium supplements are only in the 2 to 3% absorption range, while the so called “great” supplements are about only 15%.

The cultures like the Hunzas, who consume over 100,000 mg of calcium each day, obviously get their 800 mg absorption, while harmlessly passing the rest in their urine and excretion. With the Okinawans, because of the microbes in the coral, discovered by Swedish scientists in the 1990’s, the absorption approaches nearly 100%.

Therefore, taking 250 mg of calcium in an antacid product, which does severe harm to the elderly by wiping out their crucial stomach acid supplies, usually results in the absorption of 5 mg (2%) calcium by the body over a 20 hour period.

There is substantial evidence that the nutrients in coral are absorbed in less than 20 minutes (the blood chemistry undergoes a drastic change, for the better, in less than 20 minutes). Therefore the 250 mg of calcium in the coral results in 250 mg being absorbed by the body in less than 20 minutes, and without destroying the crucial stomach fluids. That’s almost “50 times as much calcium, 50 times as fast”.

No wonder the coral calcium works so well! In addition, when people have major diseases, the consumption of a triple dose of coral provides the maximum calcium absorption.

Coral calcium was first introduced to Western culture when it was brought to Europe by the Spanish explorers about 500 years ago. The world’s oldest drugstores in Spain, which today are historic monuments, have clay pots on their shelves labeled “Coral Calcium, Okinawa Japan”. Literature written by doctors of the day told of miraculous cures.

… Coral is very much like human bone and the body does not reject it, and it is conducive to allowing new bone growth. In Germany, surgeons will pack the cracks and holes in the broken bones of the elderly with a coral paste made from coral calcium and water. Within 3 weeks the coral is displaced with new bone growth.

… In the case of “coral calcium”, its versatile benefit that has resulted in literally millions of testimonials over the past 600 years is explained by the varied quantity of minerals contained within the coral (as a result of the coral leaching nutrients from the ocean waters for millions of years) and their important role in the maintenance of almost all important body structures and function.

… Japan, China, Russia, Sweden, France and England have tens of millions of people taking coral calcium daily with reportedly millions of testimonials. Coral has only been in America for a few years [written in 2002] but already the testimonies are flooding in.”

Barefoot & Reich then quote 19 pages from users testifying how coral calcium helped their cancer (many types), arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, leg cramps, joint pain, and heel spurs.

Vitamin D Needed

My experience is — when you take supplements, all you do is produce expensive poop. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on supplements when I lived in New York and they took me nowhere. Only when I slowly evolved into raw foods, did my life transform into the most amazing health, energy, balance and peace. Because raw and living foods are by nature in perfect balance and peace.

It’s the same with ionized calcium. You can poop it all out, if your small intestines don’t absorb it. Vitamin D is essential.

Long-chained Vitamin D penetrates deeply into the intestinal wall, through Vitamin D Receptors or VDR’s. Alkaline minerals like calcium latch onto this vitamin D — they’re positive, so they stick to the negative oxygen end of Vitamin D.

In this way Vitamin D draws the alkaline minerals into and through the intestinal wall. It’s estimated that filling the VDR receptors with vitamin D allows our body to absorb up to 20 times more calcium.

If you add extra ionized calcium to your alkaline water, through a calcium port, then Barefoot & Reich advise that you get two hours of sunshine or full-spectrum light every day, or 2,400 IU of vitamin D a day — that’s 6 capsules of 400 IU.

I think this is a little excessive. I try to be out in the sun for 20 minutes each day. In one hour, light skin produces 23 IU of vitamin D per square centimeter, and dark skin 10 IU. We have 20 sq. feet of skin or 18,600 sq.centimeters. If you expose 30% of your body (5,600 to sunlight or full spectrum light for 20 minutes, then you’ll make 18,600 IU (dark skin) to 43,000 IU (light skin) of vitamin D. That’s easily within the 2,400 IU we need.

Vitamin D is critical in activating the immune system’s killer cells, known as T cells, which remain dormant and unaware of threats from infections if vitamin D is lacking in the blood.

Begin today to get your ionized calcium from alkaline water, or green juices. Along with Vitamin D, you give Calcium a chance to strengthen every biological function.

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