RAVE Diet Book & DVD with Recipes — Say Good-bye to Hunger & Cravings!

Rave diet dvd

The RAVE book and DVD (#ad) is the answer to my prayers. For years I longed for a book that would show others how I healed myself with whole foods. Everything was so extremist, until RAVE came along.

This is the Book and DVD you want to give to every friend and family member you love.

I believe this is the highest gift of love you can give — because you’re giving the gift of LIFE.

I couldn’t put the book down. I read ’till past midnight. At last I have a book that answers every WHY and HOW question people ask me.

  • In simple words — it’s so easy to read, or watch the DVD,
  • Ending in hundreds of research references for the scientist,
  • Nearly 200 quick ZERO-FAT recipes, and
  • Web links to thousands of Fat-Free Recipes.

Why Low Fat?

The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle — the Natural Foods Diet with Meals that Heal (#ad) by Mike Anderson, explains why:

“Imagine what an oil spill in the ocean does to the marine life it encounters. Most are killed, some are maimed. Birds covered with oil cannot fly.

This is what happens when high amounts of fat hit your blood stream. Immune system cells die off, those that survive cannot “swim” in your blood stream, they become blinded and as a result cannot recognize and kill cancer cells. Americans have created a constant oil slick in their blood streams, which is caused by breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Any kind of fat will compromise the immune system, even so-called “good fats” containing Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to being an oil slick, it’s been found that Omega-3’s that come in concentrated forms, such as fish and vegetable oils, are composed of highly unstable molecules which decompose and unleash dangerous cancer-causing agents (free radicals).

The Omega-3s found in natural, whole foods are stable and do not produce free radicals. Thus, if you want Omega-3s, get them from whole plant foods, not vegetable or fish oils.

Eating concentrated sources of “good fat” really boils down to getting too much of a good thing. Just as a modest amount of sunlight can actually prevent cancer, too much sunlight can cause cancer.”

Do you see how easy RAVE is to read? Wherever people eat an animal-based diet, cancer and heart disease are the two leading killers.

Whole Foods

RAVE stands for:

  • NO Refined foods
  • NO Animal products [also no fish, no birds]
  • NO Vegetable oils
  • NO Exceptions (and Exercise)

WAVE is a better way of saying it positively!

  • Wholefood
  • And
  • Vegan eating, with
  • Exercise

The Secret (#ad) movie claims if you say “no refined foods,” you’ll attract more refined foods into your life! So let’s surf the WAVE of Health…

WHOLE foods for WHOLE people!

Rave Diet DVD

If you’re a 100% raw-fooder, you can get just the DVD. The book includes recipes for lightly cooked whole foods.

Personally I think you’ll miss out on the best book ever written in simple words to convince everyone you know — how easy it is to eat in a new way, and why — so they’ll prevent and heal major illness. Stop financing the sugar and medical industries!

The book and DVD (#ad) are used in wellness clinics in the US and around the world. Nutritional schools have incorporated it into their curriculum.

I’ve been reading nutrition books since I went vegetarian in 1972. Of the literally thousands of books I’ve read, why am I raving about RAVE?

You’ll see why when you own your copy to lend out to everyone!

Politics of Food

RAVE (#ad) is short and sweet, temptingly easy to read. yet it leaves out nothing.

Even the politics of food are covered. Why doesn’t the government promote this easy way of eating? Let RAVE explain:

“Compared to the billions of dollars spent subsidizing the meat, dairy, egg and sugar industries, fruits and vegetables destined for human consumption receive zero subsidies [my note: except genetically engineered crops, they’re subsidized, see The Future of Food DVD (#ad)]

Small farmers have been displaced by huge agri-businesses that receive almost all agricultural subsidies — and reap almost all the profits. And to ensure [it] continues uninterrupted, agri-businesses funnel millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians every election.

In addition, the pharmaceutical and medical industries would not be the giants they are today were it not for our diet. These industries have no incentive to change things either — and both contribute heavily to our politicians.

We are literally buried in scientific papers linking animal foods to the leading causes of death and disability in this country. … Yet our politicians continue to subsidize these industries that would, in fact, go bankrupt otherwise.

By subsidizing the animal and refined food industries, the government has made hamburger — one of the most expensive and resource-intensive foods on the planet — cheaper than raspberries. Until such subsidies are gone and the government gets out of food price-fixing, we have no free market when it comes to food.”

The DVD covers the environment too — how painfully we destroy our precious land, water and air — when we eat animal, bird, fish, and factory foods.

The DVD contains testimonials from medical doctors and others who have reversed a wide range of diseases with the RAVE diet. It’s so inspiring!


All my favorite authors recommend the RAVE diet Book & DVD (#ad) as the one single item to have in your Christmas stocking. You’ll be grateful for the rest of your life, trust me!

  • “Brilliant!” — Neal Barnard, M.D., author of Breaking the Food Seduction (#ad),
  • “Mind-blowing!” — Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of Eat To Live (#ad),
  • “Thank you. You’ve done us all a major service.” — John Robbins, author of Healthy at 100 (#ad).

In the DVD, medical doctors and top sportspeople will convince your family and friends in a way you never could. Click here to get your copy today (#ad).

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