What’s the Secret to Eating Raw Food?
Own a Dehydrator!


Dehydrate Fruits SAFELY

Dry All Food Deliciously!

It’s a Magical KEY to Health + Energy with LIVING Foods

A Dehydrator gives you tons of rawfood snacks. Your Willpower to stay healthy and eat well, is made so much easier when you have raw snacks within reach.

A Dehydrator turns boring raw into GOURMET RAW. It gives you the variety of tastes you crave — savory, sweet, sour, salty, whatever you love, and the variety of textures — hard, soft, crunchy, munchy, suckable, chewable, infinitely edible.

Cashew yogurt crunch is my favorite quick dehydrator recipe. It liberated me from my addiction to chocolate. In the cashew-date blend, I get the fat-sweet I crave. Then as a crunch I munch or suck on it, like chocolate.

Cashew yogurt fresh from your Dehydrator, is rich in living enzymes and beneficial organisms for your colon, who in turn make B12 for you! See recipes.

Enjoy WARM raw meals in the heart of winter with a low-cost Dehydrator — yam patties with creamy pesto sauce, or crispy yam and sweet potato chips. Did you know you can eat raw yam? And even make cheese-free pizza in a Dehydrator.

So Easy to Reach For Raw

When you have lots of crunchies and chewies in your cupboard — ALL RAW — you get higher and higher eating raw foods. With a Dehydrator, you can always Reach for Raw first.

A Dehydrator gives you the freedom of raw foods — free health, free energy, free brain focus to reach your dreams.

You LOSE WEIGHT because raw plant foods have fewer calories than any other food on earth. Or you gain weight if you’re skinny. EAT RAW and your body will reach the perfect weight you were born for.

I find when I don’t dehydrate any crunchies, then I snack on nuts which are acidic and heavy in fat. A dehydrator is central to my rawfood life. When I want extra fats, I enjoy seed milks.

Enjoy A New Life

Inside you is an Intelligence that is Perfect and creates perfect bodies, celestial and earthly. Does It need a wire to hang the moon in the sky? All It asks is that you eat the food created for you — raw plant food.

Humans and their animals are the only species on earth that are so sick. They are the only ones who eat cooked food. Please return to Nature’s World of Raw today.

EXPERIENCE a new health and energy, and A NEW LIFE, a life where you see your dreams coming alive, a life of love.

Raw foods are created with Love. Machine foods are made to make money. They are not made for your exquisite human body-mind.

The way I slowly turned my back on machine foods like chocolate, cake and chips, is to have the same good tastes and textures in my pocket and at home — 100% RAW cakes, crackers, chips and chocolate from my Dehydrator.

Your stove is killing you! Discover the Taste Delights of a DEHYDRATOR and RAW food 🙂

Eat Fresh Raw Food

sunflower greens
sunflower greens

Why Get an AUTOMATIC Sprouter


and to SPROUT the GRAINS for Crackers from your Dehydrator…

Here you see a fresh tray of sunflower grown in my GoGreen Automatic Sprouter by reader Peter in Germany — no soil, no bugs, no labor…

Throw these greens into a blender with fresh fruit, then dehydrate, and delight in wheat-free crackers (salty or sweet) — see Green Smoothie recipes here in Blending.

When we hear the call to go high-raw plant-strong, then global warming will stop.

It’s not about changing your light bulbs…

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