Compare Jupiter with Other Water Ionizers

Here I compare the Jupiter models with all other Ionizers. Also see Compare Jupiter Models.

Jupiter-Dong Yang Science Company is Korea’s most experienced Ionizer manufacturer, the leader since 1984. They’re so far ahead, they make water cells for others. Jupiter Ionizers were the first CE approved water ionizers on the market, and therefore the *first* one admitted to the EEC (Europe).

Jupiter’s new BioStone models are the first of a totally new range. They are the first and only water ionizers in the world to include BioStone with Tourmaline in their filter.

I am convinced Tourmaline with FIR (far infrared energy) is highly beneficial. It helps to strengthen your immune system.

Tourmaline is so unique that I’ve devoted a special page to it, please read Far Infrared Energy in Water.

JUPITER IONIZERS — COMPARE with All Other Ionizers
Researched and developed by the Water Research Institute of Japan and Universities in Japan and KoreaThe BioStone models are the latest in water ionization design. Japan developed the first water ionizer in the 1950’s and in 1966 their govt Health & Rehabilitation Ministry approved the water ionizer as “a health improvement medical device.”
New Models with latest filtering technologyCheck the micron size of an Ionizer filter. Older alkalizers are only 0.1 micron. Some, like the AlkaBlue, are a little better, they filter down to 0.03 micron. Jupiter models have the finest screen of all, down to 0.01 microns, which filters out viruses.
Coral Calcium layer in FilterOnly the BioStone models have this. It adds free ionized calcium to your water, and assists ionization in cases of mineral deficient water such as tank water. For benefits of ionized calcium, see Stop Osteoporosis.
Tourmaline layer in Filter, with far infrared energyOnly the BioStone models have this — see Far Infrared Energy in Water.
Automatic Cleaning of ionization chamber, and option of manual cleaning at any timeNo need to remember when last you cleaned inside your unit. Melody does a silent auto-cleanse after every use so as to keep the electrodes free of lime-scale. Some Ionizers get cleaned only when their cleaning cycle is run.
Unique water cell with array of 5 platinum-coated Titanium electrode plates. Orion’s are bigger, making its plates the strongest out of all home ionizersIncorporates the very latest polymer ion separation technology, patented by Jupiter Science, giving the most effective ionization. It makes the new Jupiters capable of the best range of pH and negative antioxidant ions. Some older ionizers use stainless steel plates which emit nickel.
Integrated computer circuitryPressure and temperature safety systems ensure peace of mind. Some ionizers are not computer-controlled and thus restrict the pH of your water — cannot adjust it to optimal pH for your needs as you can with Melody and Orion.
Top quality controls in manufacturing, and factory warranty support and serviceJupiter Ionizers are dependable.
Certified by the International Organization for Standards — ISO 9001 and 9002 — they conform to international standards for manufacturingTo qualify for this, the highest standards of quality control and testing must be met by the manufacturer, Jupiter
Quality in the Details, and in Testing — read more in How an Ionizer WorksDesigned by Japanese engineers with attention to reliability, performance and filter performance. All units are 100% fully tested before shipping.
Built to Last for many years of dependable serviceIonization chambers are rated for a 20-year service life
Sophisticated micro-processors make all models very user-friendly — read more in Compare Jupiter ModelsJupiter models electronically remember your pH settings between use and automatically return to the last pH level used — no need to laboriously reset the pH level each time, as with some Ionizers
Voice Chip audibly confirms the setting you chooseYou’re re-assured that you’ve chosen Alkaline, Acid, or Filtered Only, while the chip also tells you when the automatic cleaning cycle is running (can switch voice off)
Jupiter water is rich in Antioxidants, because of its advanced water cell designMore electrodes means higher ORP — oxygen reduction potential or negative ions to squelch the free radicals that attack cell tissues. Read about ORP here.
Alkaline water has tiny easy-to-drink hexagonal crystals, a lot like snowflakesThis natural “mountain water” is easy for cells to absorb so you receive the water you need — you’re super-hydrated. See photos under Why Drink Alkaline Water.

Jupiter water is rich in Oxygen.

Cancer and pathological bacteria, parasites and viruses can not survive in a high oxygen environment. Also your heart is less stressed, doesn’t need to work so hard, when there’s more oxygen in your blood.

German medical doctors have reported that oxygen infusions (ozone) are a key factor in successfully reversing AIDS.

Low-oxygen blood is an ugly darkish black in color.

High-oxygen blood is a beautiful rich red. This is how you want your blood to be! High oxygen alkaline water oxygenates our blood without the need for any infusion.

This is specially helpful on days when you work in a low-oxygen office and don’t have time to exercise outdoors, far from traffic!

Alkaline water will re-oxygenate you. Fresh green juices will too, like wheatgrass juice.

Bottled spring water and filtered tap water have a fraction of the Oxygen that alkaline water has, while reverse osmosis water is acidic and deficient in oxygen.

Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water remove the beneficial minerals in water, which shows up over time, e.g. in hair loss, tooth decay, and irritability.

The figures below are from Reverse Aging by Sang Whang.

Water TypepHAmount Oxygen
Popular Cola2.5-158.1×1020
R.O. water6.8-0.005×1020
Distilled water7.00.000, so neutral H2O
Bottled water7.80.031×1020
Filtered Tap water, Miami8.40.125×1020
Alkaline water10.05.005×1020
This table shows that to neutralize the acid from a glass of cola, it takes about 32 glasses of high pH alkaline water (cola’s minus sign means it’s oxygen deficient)
Jupiter water is rich in Alkaline Minerals — calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, silicon — all these minerals are ionized for easier absorption.Read more about ionized minerals in Stop Osteoporosis.Alkaline minerals neutralize our acid wastes, and help our kidneys, lungs and skin to eliminate them. Acid toxins from our food, air, drugs, environment, and metabolic activities, accumulate in our tissues and cause disease and premature aging.
We desperately need to ALKALIZE in this acid world. When we detoxify the acids and get them out, we free our cells to focus on energizing and rejuvenating us.
Jupiter water helps to build a strong Immune SystemBoth the oxygen and alkaline minerals boost our immune system. Also unique to the BioStone models, their FIR energy strengthens the integrity of our immune system enzymes, see Far Infrared Energy in Water.
Acid water is perfect for washing raw fruits and vegetables, and to spray on your sprouts and wheatgrass to kill mold — read more in How to Use Acid WaterAvoid the laborious 2-step process of soaking your raw produce in a bowl of water with 2 Tbsp vinegar, then washing off the vinegar in filtered water. With your Jupiter, you simply rinse your fruit & veg under its acid hose and enjoy instant fresh food.
Choice of pH level — on convenient one-touch control panelAllows you to optimize the pH for the particular water properties of your municipal water, and for your body’s unique needs depending on how toxic you are (how much junk food you eat). I read that most Americans are too toxic to be eaten, but anyway I’m vegetarian 🙂
Built-in Filter removes chlorine, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, and organic contaminants from your drinking water, also one-third of the fluoride and, with optional pre-filter, 97% fluoride removal — read more in Water Filter SpecsAll this for pennies per glass, and no heavy bottles to carry. Enjoy clean water made at home at your convenience.With the Jupiter, water flows instantly into your glass, so it’s easy to use clean filtered alkaline water for drinking, and clean acid water for washing fruit and veg.
Separate Filter CompartmentEasy one-minute change filter. Actually it’s one reason I no longer recommend electric Ionizers. You must change their filter every 9 months. This trashes our earth. I use a Berkey water filter which lasts about 5 years. You just scrub the filter clean!

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