How Much Wheatgrass Juice to Drink?

I wrote this page early in my days of recovery from hopeless addiction to sugar, and healing from unbearable toothache.

I must admit these days I’m so healthy & zinging with energy, I juice only when there’s a ton of leafy greens in my garden, clamoring for me to pick them.

Ann Wigmore

I drink a quart (one liter) of green juice a day on six days a week. The quart includes 3-4 ounces of wheatgrass juice. I cut the grass minutes before juicing it.

The late Dr. Ann Wigmore who popularized wheatgrass juice in the 1960’s and whose teachings I follow, writes in The Wheatgrass Book (#ad) (Avery Publishing, 1985):

“In general, two to four ounces of wheatgrass juice every day is sufficient.”

Dr. Ann reports that one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equal in nutrients to one and a half pounds of vegetables!

On three days a week, I juice two 9″x12″ trays of wheatgrass (nearly equal to the three wheatgrass trays each 6″x13″ in the GoGreen Large Sprouter) and cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, cabbage. On one day I add a big bunch of greens that varies each week (spinach, carrot tops, etc.).

Sometimes I use barleygrass but I don’t like its bitter taste. My wheatgrass trays are medium fridge dishes I bought at Servi-Star in South Africa.

I drink celery, with its natural sodium, for joints, nerves, and restoring electrolytes after exercise. Cucumber is for healthy bones, teeth, muscles, skin and all connective tissue. These are the “youthing” greens to stay younger longer, and they’re quick to wash ‘n chop.

No Carrot Juice

The soil-grown greens (like spinach, cabbage) are to top up my mineral levels. Our metabolic enzymes won’t work without their mineral co-factors. I don’t have time to wash ‘n chop green leaves from the store more than once a week.

My juice lasts me two days. I keep half of it refrigerated for one night in ten small 200ml green-glass bottles filled to the brim to reduce oxidation. Then I drink five bottles a day, or one quart (250ml equals 1/2 pint). The colored green glass keeps light out.

I occasionally add a few big carrots, but mostly I shun them because carrots are so high in hybridized sugars. It’s GREEN GRASSES and GREEN LEAVES that all the animals are living on — including the mountain gorilla and elephant. No one lives on carrots.

Sunshine power, chlorophyll, GREEN energy, sustains all life on earth. It’s the single biggest source of healing and RENEWAL, of New Life. Look at the fresh young leaves of Spring. You get Spring every day in your Sprouter!

Only the big cats are 100% carnivorous and I bet they chew on grass a little, just like my cats.

Three Sprouters

I have three Small Sprouters — equal to one Large and one Small. I grow my grass in two, and in the third I grow six 3″x13″ trays of sunflower greens, green pea shoot and mixed baby greens like broccoli, alfalfa, fenugreek. All these greens I enjoy in Energy Soup, Green Smoothies and salads.

I plant my wheatgrass trays on three days a week, the same day I juice (Mon, Wed, Friday). It’s so quick ‘n easy — sprinkle wheat in the tray and pop into Sprouter. I don’t soak the wheat first, you lose minerals in the soak water.

You should not drink wheatgrass juice seven days a week. Dr. Ann advised that you give it a break for one or two days.

Wheatgrass Juice

One 3″x13″ tray yields 2-3 ounces of wheatgrass juice — depending on your lighting, temperature (grows faster in summer) and how good your juicer is.

The 6″x13″ tray in the GoGreen Sprouter gives SIX ounces of juice, using just under half a cup of wheat berries (seed).

The Samson is the best Juicer, to me it’s perfect — read more here under Juicing. I make nut butters and sprouted-grain crackers and cookies with it as well.

For 3 ounces of juice a day, juicing every day, use ten 3″x13″ trays in two Small Sprouters or one Large. Both the Basic and Large Mist Kits will build two Small Sprouters or one Large.

Wheatgrass takes ten days to mature. As soon as grass has its root mats (after 4-5 days growth) you can continue to grow it outside your Sprouter, watering manually twice a day.

I always have trays of wheatgrass growing on my countertop ready for juicing, plus a few smaller trays of baby greens for salad and soup. They’re all from my Sprouters of course. I never grow in soil because the bags of soil — much as I love Mother Earth — are one big dirty hassle.

Need Energy Soup

My advice is, don’t drink only juice. Get another sprouter for greens and bean sprouts, if you plan to juice a lot of wheatgrass. You need Energy Soup too — blended Living baby greens and sprouts.

Blending and juicing — each has a role to play in our healing. Most critical is the LIFE FORCE, for half of what you eat each day, let it be alive and growing. Fruit is alive when it’s ripening.

As Dr. Ann said, dead foods for dead bodies, and

Living Foods for Living Bodies!

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