How Automatic Sprouters Work & Chart Comparing Sprouters

my sprouter
Red circle shows timer & valve behind Sprouter

Both the GoGreen Large and Small Sprouters are whisper quiet and fully automatic. You can go away for a week and return to sparkling living greens so long as it drains into a sink, floor drain or garden.

If you drain into a bucket, then you must keep an eye on the bucket! Many a time I let mine overflow 🙂 Until I had the sense to start draining into a sink!

How My Automatic Sprouters Work

This is the very first home-built Sprouter! I built it in Albuquerque in early 2000 with my physicist friend, TD Raymond. I showed TD what I wanted. We went to Home Depot during his lunch hour and bought the parts.

Then I wrote & uploaded the Plans for anyone anywhere in the world to build their own Sprouter with off-the-shelf parts.

All other home-built Sprouters you see on the web today, got their ideas from this one 🙂

Later in 2000, pastor Dan Schaefer in Michigan began to assemble Sprouters for those who didn’t want to build their own.

Today Dan’s PVC Sprouter Stand holds your Sprouter at the exact angle it needs to drain efficiently.

Here’s how it works — see photos on previous page first. The photos show all the parts like mist tubing & valve.

  • Select a faucet that’s turned on all the time, e.g. connect both your Sprouter and washing machine to the same faucet, using a Y-connector.
  • A hose from the faucet leads to a valve with a timer. Keep this valve-timer over a sink if possible rather than at your Sprouter.
  • Valve is connected to mist-tubing that leads into your Sprouter.
  • Mist-tubing has mist-nozzles at regular intervals, and leads round the back and front of your Sprouter.
  • Valve-timer switches the water on for three minutes every three hours.
  • Water flows through the valve into your mist-tubing and mist nozzles.
  • Nozzles mist your sprouts, baby greens & wheatgrass growing in their trays.
  • There’s NO soil in the trays.
  • Trays have holes to drain the water out into the growing container.
  • Container has a drain hole with screw-in spout.
  • Spout is connected to a drain tube.
  • Tube drains the water out into a sink, floor drain or bucket.
  • You enjoy LIVING GREENS in your salads & smoothies — LIVING foods for LIVING bodies!

Chart Comparing Sprouters

Dan’s special auto-shutoff quick-connect fittings (connecting mist-tubing to valve) make it easy to click your Sprouter on to & off the water-line to move it or clean it.

All parts are installed, tested and ready-to-go. The only extra part you need is the hose leading to a faucet or cold-water pipe. Buy this locally or from Dan, see photos here.

Ask Dan about his other optional extras such as a water filter, nozzle plugs, and additional trays.

FeatureSmall SprouterLarge Sprouter
Growing Container20″ wide x 14″ deep x 9″ high (51 x 36 x 23 cm)40″ x 16.5″ x 9.5″ (100 x 42 x 24 cm)
with pre-fitted Mist Kit and quick-connect fittings13-ft Mist-tubing (4-ft inside Sprouter + 9-ft or 2.5m spare outside), 5 brass & stainless steel Nozzles, 5 nozzle T-fittings with 9 compression rings and 1 end-cap, 5 mist-tubing Hangers16-ft Mist-tubing (7-ft inside + 9-ft spare), 10 brass & stainless steel Nozzles, 10 nozzle T-fittings with 19 compression rings and 1 end-cap, 10 mist-tubing Hangers
Extra spare Nozzles1 pack of 51 pack of 10
Plant Trays, 2 inches high, food-grade plasticSix 3″x13″ traysSix 3″x13″ trays, plus three 6″x13″ wheatgrass trays
Drain Tube with Screw-in Spout3-feet tubing3-feet tubing
Timer & Valve with 8 misting cycles in 24-hour periodTimer comes with 110v Transformer (or select 230v with metric valve). Valve comes with Adapter to connect it to a washing-machine hose
PVC Sprouter Standyesyes
Retail Price — for guidance only, may differ today$199 + $20 Shipping$299+$20 — double the size but not double the price!
Need help? Call Pastor Dan Schaefer in Michigan at +1-989-689-0005 (EST-NY time) or email Danbuy nowbuy now
Mix & Matc Trays
Mix ‘n match plant trays in any position you like! This photo shows six 3×12 trays and four 6×9 trays in the Large Sprouter — from Dean in PA, who’s growing here a variety of alfalfa, wheatgrass, and sunflower.
small sprouter
One container for Small Sprouter with lid & six 3×13 trays. Actually you leave the lid open by one inch to allow natural light and air in.

Which Sprouter To Get?

Are you wondering which Sprouter to get?

I love the Large Sprouter because you grow wheatgrass, greens, beans and grains all in one Sprouter. This saves on cleaning!

I think we should chew on wheatgrass every day for teeth and gums, and juice it 4-5 days a week. The chlorophyll cleans and sterilizes your bloodstream, while the oxygen in fresh living grass is a microbe-killer. Green plants are rich in proteins and minerals to rebuild your cells and tissues.

Dan, who builds the Sprouters, also loves the Large Sprouter. He pays a plastics manufacturer to make the container and trays especially for you.

Dan writes:

“Both the container and trays are FDA approved food grade plastic. They’re more durable for years of dependable service.

My GoGreen Sprouter is the most reliable. The other automatic sprouters all have a motor that can break down.”

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