Sprouter, Kit or Plans

Which Is Best?

Are you wondering what to buy – the Sprouter Plans, Mist Kit, or Automatic Sprouter? Here’s the experience of others.

I used to sell the plans for $9.95. Today you get them for free here.

Sprouter Plans

Dan of Belgium, Wisconsin, wrote of my Sprouter Plans:

“I just got the instructions for 9.95, and it’s the best ‘plans’ money I’ve spent. I am an engineering consultant to inventors, and I see a lot of those “Send 10.00 for plans” advertisements, which never yield more than a couple of faded, hard to read pages of vague instructions.

I downloaded your instructions and it is very thorough and professional. This will save me a lot of time on my sprouter project.”

Mist Kits

Customer Ron of Silver Springs, WA, wrote this of his Mist Kit:

The mist kit was very thoroughly put together and definitely saved us much time. Through the assembly process, I have learned how this will work and this will better enable me to make additions later.”

Yes! Once you’ve built one Sprouter, it’s easy to build more. Best of all, order our GoGreen Sprouter and see first-hand how it’s done!


Customer Tom of Renton, WA, recommends this path:

“I think that for an average person, they’d rather buy a ready built. Encourage them to buy the Sprouter. Tell them that by the time they go shopping, they hardly save any money and they waste a lot of time looking for parts and putting it together.

I wasted what? a couple of years trying to put a unit together. OK, I procrastinated a lot, but I’m sure some people do the same.”

Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres loves our GoGreen Sprouter:

“Sprouter up and running – HALLELUJAH! Dear Val, the sprouter is fantastic! Just harvested our first 5 trays, one of them sunflower sprouts, and they all turned out great!

Thanks for making it happen! Blessings!”

Sprouter or Kit?

If you live in the USA, it’s cheapest to buy the ready-built Sprouter. You save days and days of shopping for and assembling the parts. We don’t even know of a local source for Dan’s quick-connect fittings.

It’s easy to build your own Sprouter after you see the first one. Small Sprouter here means BIG in comparison to every other automatic Sprouter in the world. For instance, the EasyGreen sprouter has five 3×12″ trays, and Dan’s Small Sprouter has six 3×13″ trays.

The FreshLife sprouter has no long plant trays – so it’s totally unable to give you a fresh plateful daily of living greens. Plus FreshLife recyles its own dirty water, yeugh, full of low-level toxins like enzyme inhibitors.


It’s best to order a Kit here under Mist Kits and perhaps plant trays, and then buy locally (or build) a box for your growing container.

Click here to Compare Mist Kits and Sprouters

Wheatgrass Power

“How can 2,000 pound grazing animals, cattle, deer, horses, bison, buffalo, antelopes, elephants, gazelles and giraffes all live and thrive on a diet of grass?” asks Steve Meyerowitz in his book, Wheat Grass Nature’s Finest Medicine (Sproutman Publications, 1998).

“Wheatgrass is like jet fuel for humans. It’s the best fuel you can get.”

Dr. Ann reports in The Wheatgrass Book that research chemist Dr. Charles Schnabel (1895-1974) estimated one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equal in nutrients to one and a half pounds of vegetables. So with three ounces of juice, you’re getting 4.5 lbs or 2 kg of vegetables. In the 1940’s pharmacies across north America sold tins of grass because of Dr. Schnabel’s research, much like they sell bottles of vitamins today.

Let’s not forget, the wheatgrass in an Automatic Sprouter is growing and ALIVE, vegetables are dead unless you pick them in a garden minutes before eating. People who eat living foods are proving that energy does not come from oxidizing hydrogen atoms in our cells’ mitochondria to produce a chemical molecule called ATP.

Eat Living Foods

Energy comes from Eating Energy. The biochemists are lagging way behind our living experience. In fact, it’s the physicists who will have to discover how the energy from a living plant tops up the energy of a living animal.

A living plant is growing in the moment you eat it. Every living animal eats life energy except us.

Food is secondary energy, in the same way petroleum and the sun are secondary energy sources. People with Sprouters are living on primary energy, the energy of Life itself.

Biochemists are still waiting for the physicists to discover how a cell in your toe knows when you’ve cut your finger, long before any messenger molecules from your brain or glands reach the toe cell via nervous system or bloodstream. As famous biochemist Dr. Candace Pert told Bill Moyers – a message is traveling on the energy level long before the chemical billiard balls play their part.

Just as messages travel faster on energy waves than they do on molecules like neurotransmitters or hormones, SO DOES LIFE ENERGY. When you eat the living energy of living foods, you eat fewer molecules than your friends and family, yet you feel more energy than you ever felt in your life. You eat less because the food is so nutrient-rich and balanced, it fills you up.

Victoria Boutenko reports in her book 12 Steps to Raw Foods (Raw Family Publishing, 2001):

“Our family completed a fourteen day water fast … On the fourth day we all experienced energy. Sergei [my son] snowboarded all day. He was so excited to tell his friends he was on the third day of a water fast. His friends didn’t believe him. One boy said Sergei was just making it up, and that he didn’t look like he hadn’t eaten. … After finishing the fast, Sergei doubled his college classes. He doubled his music lessons.”

I want a bumper sticker that reads: I EAT ENERGY – Ask Me How!

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