Feedback from Spouter Users

Everyone agrees — my GoGreen Sprouter is the cheapest way in the world today for growing living foods in-doors, and it’s the only fully Automatic Sprouter.

You can sprinkle seeds in a tray and five days later come back to a tray filled with living greens — and do nothing in-between! I have readers who travel and plant-harvest only one day a week. All other sprouters (like the Easygreen and Freshlife) need daily nursing.

Eating Raw Foods

I receive so many e-mails thanking me for the GoGreen Sprouter. I’ve selected a few at random. I thank our Creator every day for giving me my Sprouters! I can’t imagine life without the ease of living greens daily.

To tell you the truth, my whole life has become one big Thank You. This is the power of raw foods. My niece told me she’s happily married, loves her job and home, and doesn’t want to eat raw because she loves her food.

I guess raw foods are for those who’ve bumped their head on the four corners of the world and are ready for a change — for happiness bubbling over like a mountain brook.

Labor-Free Sprouter

Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, NC, loves his GoGreen Sprouter:

“Sprouter up and running — HALLELUJAH! Dear Val, the sprouter is fantastic! Just harvested our first 5 trays, one of them sunflower sprouts, and they all turned out great! Thanks for making it happen! Blessings!”

Connie of Encinitas, California, writes:

“My husband is so happy with our sprouters and how he’s feeling after his blends that he’s told half the people he works with about it. He’s so excited about what you are doing, Val. Your sprouter is such a great invention.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had an automatic sprouter but it just seemed so out of the question because they’re so expensive — especially when you need to grow sprouts for three people. I grow ALL my sprouts in mine — baby greens, beans, grains, and sunflower, and everything turns out so much better than any other method I’ve tried. I’ve retired my hemp bags and jars.”

and from Jeanette of Marietta, Georgia:

“Everything is working great. We planted a tray of sunflower five days ago and some are now over five inches tall. We harvested the sunflower and will use it in energy soup. We are very pleased with our new “garden”. We have been juicing wheatgrass from our sprouter. Thanks for everything!!”

Oxygen-rich Misting

Peter e-mailed me from Germany:

“The positioning of jets on both sides of the box is sensational and hard to beat. This is definitely the better way to do things. It is absolutely stunning to see the storm of mist spraying every inch of the plant trays perfectly — no need to turn the trays every day. Boy is this fun. I am totally ecstatic.”

In “no need to turn the trays” Peter is referring to the EasyGreen sprouter where trays are misted only from one side, so you have to turn each tray daily, and fill the water container daily! My GoGreen Sprouter mists from *both* sides and has no slimy water container.

Dennis of Kaneohe, Hawaii, writes:

“Thanks so much for your help on our new sprouting system. It’s great to see life growing every day… very cool. I am so happy to be doing this for my family.”

“You should hear my six year old son say “dad, it’s time to harvest again.” See what you have done? Started a cycle of health that will go on thru out my life and my son’s and hopefully his kids and their kids…”

John of Taylorville, Illinois, writes:

“I love my sprouter. It’s so great, the way everything works automatically. Your efforts are a real benefit to mankind.” [uh, humankind, John]

Lose Weight

Patty of Lafayette, CA, happily reported:

I’ve started with the energy soup 6 days a week and after about 2 weeks now am beginning to feel a difference. Today I was able to fit into a pair of pants that I haven’t worn for awhile and I can walk by all magazines at the grocery store featuring the latest diet without even looking at them. I’m sure I can reach my health goals now. Thanks for your enthusiasm, positive attitude and the information you’re sending.”

Lee of Westminster, CA, wrote:

“After reading your clearly written chapter on how to build a sprouter, I thought it seemed very simple and even I should be able to build one. … When I finished the sprouter and placed my first set of wheatgrass and bean seeds in it, I sat down and looked at it — as the mister kicked on for the first time — with a deep sense of pride and knowledge that I had done something positive for myself. Now, I enjoy the benefits of both wheatgrass and sprouts grown right here at home! Again, Val, thank you and I am very happy that our paths crossed.”

Living Foods

ConnieB reported in our forums (now closed):

I’ve got four automatic sprouters going and I really love them. Everything is working fine, growing beautifully … I had been wanting to do living foods for a long time but I was so tired and my digestion so poor — from fibromyalgia and chronic bronchitis — that it seemed overwhelming. I just didn’t have the energy before to do all that rinsing, etc. Thanks again, Val, for teaching us how to make the automatic sprouters! We really love ours and are constantly amazed at how well it works and how much food we get from it daily.”

Bob of Wildwood, Missouri, e-mailed me:

“It was so cool to come down at three hour intervals to the basement and see if this was really working and just like clockwork misting away. I am so happy I am expanding to 3 sprouters. The other two will be very economical to make. This way I can do wheatgrass without messing with the dirt. I love the sunflower.”

“My wife and I went 100% raw 6 months ago and the sprouter is going to really save me some major dollars and insure we are getting organic greens. Thank you so much for improving the quality of our everyday food.”

Green Bean Sprouts

Dan of Belgium, Wisconsin, wrote to me:

“I just got the instructions for 9.95, and it’s the best ‘plans’ money I’ve spent. I am an engineering consultant to inventors, and I see a lot of those “Send 10.00 for plans” advertisements, which never yield more than a couple of faded, hard to read pages of vague instructions. I downloaded your instructions and it is very thorough and professional. This will save me a lot of time on my sprouter project.”

Moe of Los Angeles, CA, e-mailed me (in Hollywood city, their visions are BIG):

“Dear Val, last Saturday I had my first harvest from my large sprouter. It is unbelievable, navy bean 7.5″ tall very healthy and very green, they also look very proud, the roots shiny white. I washed them and put them in the blender, roots and all. How can they grow that big with no fertilizer? Probably the mist and sun light.

You really are a miracle worker, and honestly you deserve the Nobel Price for this invention. Imagine every home in the US having a sprouter, the health of the nation will go sky high, and maybe the wars around the world will stop.

Val I am not really sure if you realize the impact you just created on this planet, I know there are other people selling sprouters, but nothing like this one.

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, Thank you! -:)”

And thank you from me, Val, in South Africa. Your e-mails lift me out of cyberspace into a real world … of gratitude and love 🙂

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