Best Blender — Compare Vitamix with Other Blenders

My Sprouter maker Dan in Michigan writes:

“I’ve tried to break my Vitamix 4500 since I knew I’d sell them one day. I’ve filled it with relatively dry (cooked) pinto beans to make a bean paste. It really puts a strain on it but it just keeps going.

My daughters and I make smoothies almost every day, sometimes 3 or 4 a day. The smoothies are our way of staying off ice cream. We make them as thick as we can, almost solid, like ice cream. The Vitamix just keeps going.

We use fruit and lots of ice. It’s a cold refreshing desert. The result is smooth and creamy, with the texture of ice cream.

Wow, instant raw ice cream, a rawfooder’s dream. You can also use the Samson Juicer here to make ice cream — run frozen fruit through it, using the mincing screen.

Compare with K-Tec

Reader Jill P. writes:

“I’ve had a Vitamix on our boat for many years. But I wanted a strong blender for at home too. Vitamix doesn’t fit under my cupboards. So, after much thought and study, I ordered the K-Tec blender because it fits under the cupboards and against the wall in my kitchen.

The K-Tec is so much harder to use and figure out. In fact, we never really have. We just turn it on and hope for the best.

The K-Tec WILL NOT BLEND SMALL QUANITIES, e.g. salad dressing. The blades are mounted too high to pick up anything underneath them.” [Jill’s capital letters, not mine]

Totally forget the K-Tec. It doesn’t come close to the Vitamix in performance.”

Roger Haeske reports in his Raw Savory Veggie Stews that:


“I would not get the Blendtec. It does not have a tamper (to push the foods down) and will end up ruining your Savory Veggie Stew recipe. I had one and know what I’m talking about. I ended up giving it away.

In my opinion, a tamper is vital to many raw food recipes. Without it you have to take much longer to make the recipes and you have to use much higher speeds which in effect changes the consistency and increases oxidation and therefore makes the recipe much less delicious and healthy than what it should be.

Also quite honestly the Vitamix is 10 times easier and more intuitive to use than the Blendtec.”

Blendtec is a division of K-TEC. It’s the same blender. And the same message — Vitamix is Best!

Vitamix for Smoothies

Dan writes:

“We tried Victoria’s favorite green smoothie. We all loved it! It’s so smooth in a Vitamix, no grittiness at all.

Diane and I have used lots of blenders in our 31 years of married life. We don’t have any of them anymore. Most of them died when we worked them too hard. We will never buy another ‘normal’ blender.

The shape of the Vitamix container, the stainless steel blades, and the speed and power of the motor make a very effective combination. It’s a great machine — well worth the money!”

Rawfood teacher Victoria Boutenko writes in her newsletter at

“Eleven years ago, after burning several blenders, I finally bought myself a Vitamix at the country fair. It still works like new.”

3 Vitamix models — 4500, 5000 or Super 5000

All three Vitamix models share the SAME high-performance motor and patented blade design.

They all give smoothies as thick as ice cream.

4500 +5000 Vitamix

Vitamix Turboblend 4500
Vitamix Turboblend 4500 is the one I recommend for best price-performance

The two Vitamix models 5000 and Super 5000 have a center variable speed dial, which I feel is not worth the price.

The variable speed is seldom used! Even in their own manual, Vitamix gives this recipe for smoothies:

“Select variable speed #1. Turn on machine and quickly increase speed to #10; then to High. Run for 1 minute until smooth.”

Well, that’s the same as flipping the 4500 switch from low to high! When you flip the 5000 to high, the variable switch is no longer active.

Why pay $75 more to turn a dial? I’m happy to flip a switch up. In fact, if my whole arm were bent one-way in plaster, I could not turn the dial. No kidding, it happened in my early 50’s when I broke my wrist trying to save a spider. The plaster went from hand to shoulder. A switch is easy!

Two 5000 Models

Vitamix 5000

The Super 5000 comes with two containers, and the 5000 with one.

Vitamix Corp writes of the Super 5000:

“The first container’s blades are ideal for processing wet foods, like juices, soups and frozen treats.”

“The second container has blades specially designed for grinding whole grains and kneading bread dough. The wet blades pull food through the blades during processing. The dry blades push foods up and away, making it the better choice for dry grinding or kneading sticky dough.”

I don’t agree with the Company. I use a stone flour mill for grinding whole grains to make bread in my bread-maker. A blender is for smoothies, not flour.


Up to 240 miles per hour!


Virtually unbreakable Container


Patented stainless steel Blades with sealed ball bearings

Driver contact

Metal to metal Driver contact to last a lifetime

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