Benefits of EXCALIBUR Dehydrator


Most, if not all, raw food chefs and healing centers use Excalibur.

When you need Big, you need Excalibur.

At the biggest culinary school for training rawfood chefs — Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, northern California — you will find Excalibur the dehydrator of choice.

Unique Features Only in Excalibur

Excalibur boasts a few features that no other home dehydrator has:

Heating element and Fan are at the Back — so all trays dry equally at the same time and nothing spills into the heater and fan. With all other dehydrators, the heater-fan is in the base, so air picks up moisture from the bottom trays and then cannot dry the top trays equally well.

Nothing spills into L’Equip’s designer-base, but with Gardenmaster this is a problem.

Trays are Removable — so you pop a pyrex dish straight into Excalibur to make a pie shell or to warm the evening’s rawfood meal; all other dehydrators have only a 1 to 2-inch space between their trays. With Excalibur, you can remove all the trays and dry a complete flower arrangement inside it.

No Center Hole in each tray — so you have maximum drying space especially for dehydrating sprouted-grain crackers and fruit leathers.

Non-stick Fruit Leather Sheets — For their solid sheets, Excalibur uses Teflex coated in DuPont non-stick Teflon. All other dehydrators use plastic solid sheets, to which blended foods can stick, and crumble when you flip them over to continue drying on a mesh sheet. Of course, you pay extra for non-stick.

With L’Equip if I’m dehydrating something I know will stick, e.g. nachos crackers made with nuts (oil is sticky) I place a sheet of non-stick baking paper in each solid sheet, exactly fitting into the base. Then after 12-24 hours, I flip the sheet over onto a mesh sheet, and easily peel the paper off. I continue to dry them upside-down on a mesh sheet, same as with Excalibur.

World Bestseller

Roger Orton, a graduate in manufacturing engineering who founded Excalibur Products in 1973, writes on his web-site:

“In 30 years of business, we have hundreds of thousands of owners all across the country and around the world — gardeners, sports people, professional chefs, crafters, universities, and commercial enterprises.”

Excalibur Downside — Its Heat

Excalibur is notorious for its inaccurate temperature control, as discussed here under Excalibur Tech Specs. Users have found they’re cooking their food!

First, determine you have a problem. Use a meat (or digital) thermometer to measure the temperature inside your dehydrator.

If your thermodisc is inaccurate, you can throw it out and replace it with an accurate thermostat. I give instructions here under Convert Excal to Low-Heat.

DO NOT do this switch in the first year because you will void the warranty.

Model 2400 Is NOT for Living Foods

Excalibur 4-tray Model 2400 is low-cost but is NOT SUITABLE for raw fooders.

If you’re new to raw foods, please don’t buy this model in error. See why in Excalibur Tech Specs.

Excalibur trays
Excalibur trays are easy to remove, to pop in a pyrex dish or to dry flowers and craftwork.
air flow
With Excalibur, air is sucked in at the back (left) over the heating element and into the fan which then gently blows air across each tray, and out the front. The blue circles are the air molecules. This unique design dries every tray equally so you never have to rotate trays.
teflex sheets
Excalibur teflex sheets — for fruit leathers and sprouted grain crackers — are made of non-stick teflon. This unique feature makes it easy to remove crackers, nut-yogurt taffies and fruit leathers without any crumbling.

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