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You WILL Break Free of Pain! — and of Cravings…

By / Aug 3, 2019 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

I want you to know, you will be FREE! Your cravings, your pain, it’s all driven by the same thing… Imbalanced biochemistry. What’s the quick easy way for your cells to perform at their best? Where you enjoy amazing energy, and NO pain, NO cravings? The answer: Eat freshly picked Greens by the ton —…Read More

Fast-Track into Raw Food Nutrition — Everything You Need to Know to Eat Raw Food Today

By / Jun 23, 2019 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags: ,  

How quickly and safely can you transition to 80% or more raw foods? Where you know how to do it right from day one. If you switch too quickly, and experience a bad reaction like a runny tummy, or constipation, what do you do? If you feel hungry all the time, what do you do?…Read More

Is a friend Sick or Overweight? Do you feel Helpless? Give them this Free Gift…

By / Sep 12, 2017 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

In October 2016 my niece’s husband, Adrian age 50, tucked their two little sons of 8 and 10 years old into bed, popped upstairs and… THUD! His wife and sons rushed up the stairs. He lay there dead from a heart attack. No time to say goodbye. On the funeral sheet the little 8-year-old wrote:…Read More

Dr. Gabriel Cousens Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine – How to Do a No Fruit Diet

By / Feb 15, 2017 / Posted in What to Eat / Tags:  

Do you enjoy fruit? Or does it hurt your teeth? When I came to living foods, I ate very little fruit. The juice seeping down into my cavities was too painful. Does fruit trigger carb cravings in you? Every summer when I blend a lot of watermelon, I want alcohol. It’s too much sugar hitting…Read More

How One Mother Healed Her Sinusitis, Acne & Joint Pain

By / Jun 18, 2014 / Posted in Heal Pain / Tags:  

Today’s guest blog is by Lisa Reinhardt. Lisa describes how, when she began to eat fresh plant foods, she healed years and years of pain. Lisa is a certified parent coach at TheParentJourney.net and a green smoothie enthusiast at Green-Smoothie-Recipes.net. Families are transformed by her unique holistic approach. Life was not always so happy for…Read More

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