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Diversity in your portfolio is key to economic resilience. With crypto, you want to invest only in the coins that have real utility, that are used in the real world. They have staying power.

“Crypto” is short for “cryptocurrency” which is digital coins or tokens on the Internet. By July 2022, there were more than 20,000 different ones listed at

How do you pick the gold nuggets among TWENTY THOUSAND?

In my view, the only useful coins are Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (ticker BSV) and those backed by silver or gold. The most popular is PAX Gold (ticker PAXG).

Bitcoin SV is the world’s only global complementary currency where you can shop with it today, in more than 160 countries. And easily earn it online.

Download the BSV CentBee wallet into your phone and click on “Shop.” Centbee works only on mobile phones.

Withdrawing Cash & Crypto from Nexo

If you prefer NOT to earn Free bitcoin BTC by referring others to Nexo, then:

  • Here’s how to withdraw your $100 deposit at Nexo,
  • plus the $25 Free bitcoin BTC they paid you for your one-month deposit.

(1) If you deposited $100 cash, then to withdraw it, see:

>> How do I withdraw EURx, GBPx, and USDx from my Nexo account

(2) If you deposited $100 in crypto, say USDC, then to withdraw it, see:

>> How do I withdraw crypto assets I have stored at Nexo

(3) To withdraw crypto to your own private wallet, I recommend the MoneyButton wallet.

  • It’s easy to swap your BTC for BSV in moneybutton, and then:
  • Earn even more money online, in BSV, which you can easily cash out, plus
  • Use BSV at a big box store near you, or online at a store like Amazon.

You can use MoneyButton wallet on both your desktop computer and mobile phone.

(4) To SELL your crypto at Nexo, you need a USD/GBP/EURO bank account in your name. That’s because you can only withdraw cash from Nexo to your own bank account.

Nexo’s Smart Routing System gives you the best current price from the Top Ten exchanges.

Otherwise you can send the crypto back to the exchange in your country, and sell it there.

I am convinced the best path is to swap your Free BTC for BSV which is actually the true bitcoin. That is easy to do in the MoneyButton wallet.

Swapping BTC for Bitcoin SV

To swap your Free bitcoin BTC for the true Bitcoin SV:

  • Go to on your desktop or phone,
  • Click “Sign Up.”
  • Enter email and password.
  • When asked for a username, choose one that’s short and easy for friends to remember. This will be your paymail email.

Paymail is unique to Bitcoin SV. No need to send to a BTC address that looks like this:

Instead in BSV, you send to an address that looks like this:

Once you are in moneybutton wallet, you must FIRST get your 12-word recovery phrase. Click on your username, and scroll down to “My mnemonics.” Click on “See your mnemonic.”

Write down on paper those 12 words, and keep it in a safe place. If you lose or switch your phone (or computer) then you recover your wallet — and all the funds in it — with these 12 words.

Now you are ready to exchange your BTC for BSV. You’ll see on moneybutton’s home screen: “Add, Exchange, Send.”

  • Click on “Exchange”
  • Enter your personal info in the popup window — country of residence, first name, last name, email
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions, click Continue
  • Enter the amount of your BTC at Nexo, it displays how much BSV you will receive
  • Click “Exchange Now”
  • It asks: “Where do you want to receive the funds?”
  • Do NOT change the alphanumeric string you see there — leave it exactly as is — it’s your BSV address that moneybutton uniquely generates
  • Click “I confirm I am the owner of this wallet”
  • It displays the order details, click Next
  • It gives you the wallet address to send your BTC
  • Copy that address.

Now return to Nexo:

  • Scroll down to your account balances where you see the BTC,
  • Click “Withdraw” next to it, and
  • Paste the wallet address you copied from moneybutton, that long string of letters and numbers (called an alphanumeric string).

When Nexo has sent your BTC to moneybutton wallet, you return to your moneybutton wallet, and click on “I’ve done the transaction.”

You will see the BSV in your wallet address. It may take a while because BTC blockchain is very slow to validate their blocks.

How to Send BSV to CentBee Wallet

The reason we use both MoneyButton and CentBee wallets for BSV is because:

  • Many online apps pay out BSV directly into moneybutton wallet, but you can’t shop with the BSV in moneybutton.
  • In Centbee wallet, we swap BSV for store vouchers to buy food and other goodies today.

Download the BSV CentBee wallet into your phone. Centbee works on mobile phones, not on desktop computers (moneybutton works on both).

Open Centbee app on your phone. It will ask for a “referral code” or “referral handle.” Type in the word gogreen (which is me) — or if a friend already has a centbee wallet, ask them what their centbee paymail address is. Type their name in.

When you refer others to Centbee wallet, ask them to enter your paymail name in that referral code. Your paymail is the username you choose when you sign up with Centbee. Choose a short easy name.

Centbee will then guide you to create your 12-word backup phrase. Write it down on paper! At any time, click on “Settings” and “View Backup Phrase.”

It’s critical you keep these 12 words in a safe place. If you lose them, you will lose your BSV. If you upgrade or lose your phone, you use those 12 words to open a Centbee wallet on a new phone to access your BSV.

In your Centbee wallet, click on “Receive” and make a note of your paymail address, e.g. if you signed up as “jenny” you’ll see your paymail is:

To send BSV from your moneybutton to centbee wallet, click “Send” in moneybutton, and in the “Recipient” field enter your centbee paymail, e.g. mine is

Right away, you will see the BSV in your centbee wallet. The fee is a fraction of a cent.

Now you can use your BSV to shop. Click on the menu, then on “Shop.” Choose a store near you, generate the voucher, and voila! Away you go, using the world’s first and only global complementary currency 🙂

I tested it. I sent one cent (US$ 0.01) from my wallet on my laptop, to my wallet in my phone.

In a micro-second, it showed up in my phone. It was so quick that both the send time on my laptop and the receive time on my phone was exactly the same 11:04. No fee was charged on this one-cent transaction.

This was a transaction in a block on the blockchain, confirmed by a miner in another country! If it was TAAL in Canada, that’s 13,000 km away from me.

One cent. Instant. THAT is the true Bitcoin.

Do You Even Want Free Bitcoin BTC?

Virtually all other crypto — especially BTC and ETH — are ponzi scams that all leading economists predict, will go to zero or near-zero.

A ponzi relies on the next greater fool to come in and buy it, in order for you to sell at a higher price than you bought.

BTC has no underlying value that can be used in the real world — no product, no service, no dividends, no interest payments… and volatility that has financially crushed the innocent.

Technologies analyst Jack Pitts (who bought Google at $80/share in its 2004 IPO) predicts in the youtube video:

>> The BSV network could have an “astronomical” value

04:16: “Where I think BTC is going, is effectively zero.”

Cryptowhale with half a million Twitter followers, tweeted on Dec 30, 2021:

“If #Bitcoin doesn’t crash under $10,000 in 2022, I’ll give everyone who retweets this post $100.”

At the time (12/30/21) you had to pay $47,000 to buy one BTC. Sure enough within six months by 6/18/22 BTC price had crashed to $19,000. A $30,000 LOSS if you owned BTC.

The only reason why anyone buys BTC is for speculation, and for the black market.

If anything spooks the markets, BTC instantly drops — along with NYSE and Nasdaq. The whales then sell BTC to meet their margin calls, and the ponzi coin plummets even more.

On Mar 11, 2022, cryptowhale reminded us again:

“Bitcoin’s true value is far below $10,000. All of these tiny pumps and dumps up here are just noise to get noobs rekt [newbies wrecked].”

Be patient, and wait for the collapse of the largest Ponzi on earth. Will be very exciting to watch!”

John Perez, technical analyst in the youtube series, The Crypto Conspiracy, with silver bug David Morgan, warned in late 2021 that bitcoin BTC will drop below $5,000 again.

In 2021 when BTC pumped to nearly $68,000, Perez correctly predicted on Redditt to sell at $66,600.

So yes, get Free bitcoin BTC. But when it arrives in your portfolio, ask yourself, do I want to hold it? Or swap it for a gold-backed token like PAXG? Or a global complementary currency like BSV?

BSV will buy you food, and seeds to grow food, at a local store in your town — so long as you have a Big Box store that offers vouchers.

Why Swap BTC for PAXG?

If you want to invest your $25 of Free bitcoin BTC, then the investment I like — besides BSV — is the gold-backed token PAXG.

If you’d rather speculate on the giant ponzi of BTC, and participate in the extractive economy of the 1%, then you’d keep your Free bitcoin BTC!

I don’t recommend ponzi-BTC because it’s been dropping steadily since November 2021 [as of August 2022].

The price of PAXG stays stable in line with the price of gold which does not fluctuate much, see:

>> PAX-Gold Price at CoinGecko — scroll down to the chart and click on “180d” to see the price of PAXG over the past six months, or “1y” to see the past year.

When stocks go down, crypto (especially BTC) plummets down with them. History shows that in a severe crash, at first gold and silver go down too, but at some point they decouple from every other asset class and go up again, as investors flock to their centuries-old safe haven.

Read about PAXG here:

>> PAX GOLD: The safest way to own gold

To SWAP your Free bitcoin BTC at Nexo for the gold-backed security token PAXGold, see:

>> Nexo Exchange Services Explained

Then you can either:

  • Keep your PAXG at Nexo and earn interest on it — if your country allows interest-earnings on crypto, or
  • Download the PAXG into a wallet such as Exodus — Investopedia’s top wallet choice for beginners (2022).

What You Can Do At Nexo

Nexo is a finance company in Switzerland where you can, depending on the country you live in (these figures were correct as of July 2022):

  • Literally go from zero to crypto in minutes; crypto exchanges are scary, they’re designed for seasoned traders, but at Nexo you simply click a button;
  • Easily buy, sell, or swap crypto;
  • Earn up to 12% compound interest on cash savings (USD, GBP, EUR) paid out daily;
  • Earn 8%-17% compound interest on crypto, paid out daily;
  • Get Free Cash back — up to 0.5% cashback for every crypto swap you do;
  • Get Top Price when you sell — Nexo’s Smart Routing System gives you the best current price from the Top Ten exchanges.
  • Instantly switch between crypto and cash, if you see the crypto market dropping;
  • Get instant loans (approved within seconds) in more than 40 fiat currencies, using your crypto as collateral. You keep your crypto asset, like a home equity loan;
  • Use the Nexo card to spend assets in your credit line wallet — only for residents of EEA countries as of July 2022. Unlike most cards, the Nexo card lets you keep your crypto, rather than sell it.

The interest and loans are not available in all countries. Check the Terms & Conditions.

How to Counter the BTC PsyOp

Through the PsyOp of the 1%, they are herding people into their trap of buying BTC.

Why? So you don’t compete against them in buying real assets.

Catherine Austin Fitts hits it on the head, speaking to Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog in Feb 2021:

“If you are trying to buy up all the gold, silver and farmland, the last thing you need is competition from retail [that’s you and me]. They want to shift them into crypto and get them to build the crypto train tracks.”

In other words, buying BTC:

  • Steers you out of real assets such as farmland, and
  • Into a digital ponzi that can
  • Vaporize at the stroke of a pen.

I guess you know, Bill Gates owns the most U.S. farmland?

BlackRock is purchasing entire neighborhoods and converting single-family homes into rentals.

After all, as World Economic Forum gloats: “you will own nothing and be happy.” You will rent everything from us at the price we stipulate, even library books.

To counter this gloat, your best bet is to buy real assets:

  • Own a home. You will own a farm and be happy 🙂
  • Earn extra money by expressing your own creativity, and supporting the creativity of others — on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
  • Invest your earnings in a business — where you have real assets and real cash flow.
  • Make a difference with green impact investing.

Virtually all cryptocurrency, except BSV, is backed by nothing at all. Which is exactly what the WEF wants for you — to own nothing.

BSV has real-life business applications. SME’s (small & medium size enterprises) and companies demonstrate what their businesses are doing on the BSV blockchain, at the Bitcoin SV Conferences.

Conferences are usually twice a year, and all replays are on youtube.

I love ex-BBC producer Charles Miller’s half-hour chats with business owners using BSV blockchain to transform their business, see:

>> CoinGeek Conversations

Discover More

(1) If you’d like to leave your $100 at Nexo and refer your friends and family to this program, so you and they each earn $25 in bitcoin, first read the instructions here:

>> Nexo Referral Program Explained

(2) To learn about Bitcoin SV — and stay up to date on the crypto crime cartel — the hottest news is from CoinGeek, twitter @RealCoinGeek, and the websites:

(3) I asked California IP patent attorney Dr. ZeMing M. Gao, a prolific author on BTC and BSV:

me, Val: “Is there ANY use for ponzi-BTC?

Dr. Gao replied:

“BTC’s use case is a black money market. Whether it is legal or moral, it is a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars and therefore is a use case.”

>> Why BTC is a value absorbing system while the real Bitcoin BSV is a value creating system

(4) My upcoming book reveals HOW, and WHY, bitcoin-BTC was hijacked by the 1% and turned into a ruthless ponzi. It can never be used for anything in the real world because they crippled it to seven transactions a second (TPS).

  • BTC — 7 transactions per second (TPS),
  • Ethereum — 15 TPS,
  • Paypal — 15 TPS,
  • Visa — 2,000 TPS,
  • Mastercard — 5,000 TPS,
  • BSV — 100,000+ transactions per second today, while scaling to millions this year (and billions within the decade) PER SECOND.

By April 2022, BSV was already doing 20 million transactions in a day.

The idea that bitcoin BTC could be the world’s global reserve currency, at 7 transactions a second, is pure PsyOp by the 1% to get you to buy their ponzi.

How can 8 billion people spend cash at seven transactions a second? Picture limiting IM’s so that only seven messages a second are allowed for 8 billion people — not seven each, but a total of seven.

If you’d like to read my book — Banksters KILL Bitcoin BTC: Discover the TRUTH about Bitcoin before You Lose Money — I’ll be sending out a discount link when I publish it, via my newsletter.