To get $25 of Free bitcoin BTC over and over again, follow the Quick Start below. It’s like winning at the slot machine every time you pull the lever!

The first time you do it, both of us receive a $25 reward.

Then you can continue to earn $25 of Free bitcoin BTC many times over, by referring others. Each time you refer someone, then you and your friend get $25 Free bitcoin BTC each (I earn nothing).

In this article, you will learn, step-by-step:

  • How to use a crypto wallet on your computer and smartphone, and
  • How to use the easiest, safest crypto exchange with the best customer service.

You will also discover:

  • How to swap your bitcoin BTC for the true Bitcoin SV, and
  • How to earn Free bitcoin SV online wherever you live in the world.

It’s time to join the money revolution!

Nexo is the company I recommend. They offer a unique way to get Free bitcoin BTC. Most crypto exchanges offer only $10 when you sign up with them, or refer a friend to them.

Nexo Finance is:

“the world’s largest and most trusted crypto lending institution … backed by Credissimo, a leading European FinTech Group that has been supervised by banking and financial services regulators for over a decade [since 2007].”

Nexo is a global company, but there are a few jurisdictions in which they do not operate. If your country or U.S. state is in this list, then you will not be able to participate. Please check here:

>> In which jurisdictions is Nexo product available

This is NOT investment advice. It’s for information only. I trust you to decide which investments are best for you.

For your Free Bitcoin, Nexo requires a one-month deposit of $100 in an interest-bearing account with them. At the end of the month you get $25 worth of BTC plus the return of your $100 with interest. It’s not for my readers who have zero cash.

Quick Start to Get Free Bitcoin BTC

If this Quick Start is hard for you to follow, then scroll down to my Step-by-Step Guide below.

(1) Create a Nexo account, by using this link:

>> Click here, then click on green button at Nexo:  Get $25 in BTC

(2) In Nexo, click on Profile/Security at top right, set up 2FA with google authenticator.

(3) Click on Profile/My Profile, ensure there’s green check marks next to “Verify Email” and “Personal Info.”

(4) Click on “Identity Verification” and go through advanced verification with your national ID.

(5) Deposit $100 USD in cash (USD/GBP/EUR) or crypto at Nexo for 30 days. You earn daily compound interest on this — if you live in a country that does not restrict interest (see Terms & Conditions below).

Even if your country forbids earning interest, you still get $25 in Free bitcoin BTC on your $100 deposit, after 30 days.

That’s a 25% return on your investment in one month.

To deposit $100 in crypto, the best is a stablecoin like USDC which hopefully will retain $100 value for a month. You need to have $100 on deposit at Nexo for 30 days, to get your $25 Free bitcoin BTC.

The $100 must come from an external crypto wallet or bank account. Any internal transfer (from other Nexo users) will disqualify you from getting the reward.

(6) After 30 days you will see the $25 Free bitcoin BTC in your portfolio. You are then free to withdraw your $100 cash or crypto that you deposited, plus the $25 BTC, and close your account.

OR, you can leave $100 on deposit and refer others to Nexo, so that you earn $25 BTC again and again!

Earn More Free Bitcoin BTC

When you stay with Nexo, then you can:

  • Refer your friends and family, and
  • Continue to earn Free bitcoin BTC — then swap for Bitcoin SV,
  • You get $25 in BTC for each person who qualifies at Nexo using your referral link,
  • for as long as Nexo runs the program.

Your friends will be grateful for the referral. That’s because Nexo is the easiest exchange to buy, sell, swap, and safely store crypto. Plus they too get $25 in Free bitcoin BTC 🙂

We all need to learn how to handle crypto wallets — just as we had to learn computers and then cell phones. I was 34 when I got my first home computer in 1982 (see me at age 72).

CBDC (central bank digital currencies) are coming. To counter CBDC surveillance and control, it’s best we start using today the world’s only global complementary currency. It’s called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (ticker: BSV).

BSV empowers us to exchange value with each other, both locally and globally, at high speed and low cost. You can use BSV today to buy from local stores — any national or online store that offers gift cards or vouchers.

Read THIS Before You Buy Bitcoin BTC!

In 2017 the companies that pay the BTC developers permanently crippled BTC down to 7 transactions per second.

Thus they solidified BTC into a giant ponzi, rendering it useless as a data ledger and as “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”

In my upcoming book, you’ll discover a Bankster PsyOp so huge — everyone’s in there like Mastercard, Bilderberg, WEF, World Banksters — and WHY they have tried to bury Dr. Craig S. Wright, the inventor of Bitcoin.

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Nexo Terms & Conditions

While you’re at Nexo, explore their best features:

Can you earn interest on crypto if you live in the United States?

>> Read here the latest SEC ruling for U.S. citizens

Also search for “USA” (or your country) on these pages, to see if your country allows you to earn interest on, or borrow against, your crypto:

On the next page 2, I describe in detail all the fun things you can do at Nexo:

>> What You Can Do At Nexo

Step-by-Step Guide for Free Bitcoin BTC

Here’s my step-by-step guide for newbies on how to get Free bitcoin BTC.

>> Click here to go to Nexo

  • At Nexo, click on the green button  Get $25 in BTC
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Check your emails and click on the Confirm Email link.

For the Free bitcoin BTC, you need to create this account immediately when you click the “Get $25 in BTC” button.

There is NO commitment. You are simply gaining access to Nexo so you can see what they offer.

Once you are inside Nexo, browse around. If you have any questions:

  • Click on the blue “Help” button in the lower right.
  • An AI robot will answer.
  • If it does not give you the FAQ page you want, then
  • Type into the chat “need live human agent” and
  • A real live human being will come all hours every day.

In the Help Center, you’ll read: “Nexo Customer Support is online 24/7 to help with your needs.”

Isn’t that the best? I’ve never found a crypto exchange whose support can come close to matching Nexo’s.

Is Nexo Exchange Secure?

Have you read that exchanges are honeypots to hackers? It’s true! They go where the money and crypto is.

How secure is your money and crypto at Nexo? On June 17, 2022 Nexo wrote in their newsletter:

“We remain the only crypto lender that has never been hacked and has never lost client funds or data.”

Read about the multiple mechanisms whereby Nexo insures your investment and protects your data:

Verify for Your $25 Free Bitcoin BTC

When you are ready for your Free bitcoin BTC, you need to verify yourself.

(1) Step One:  Enable 2-factor authentication.

In your cell phone, go to your app store and download “Google Authenticator.”

In Nexo, click on your Profile at the top right, then click “Security.”

Then follow these steps:

>> How to set up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

You get asked for 2FA often, e.g. when logging in, when withdrawing cash or crypto. Google authenticator is instant. The other alternative — “SMS Authentication” — is useless in my eyes because you never know how long the SMS will take to reach your phone.

When done, you should see “2FA Enabled” with a green check mark, on the Security page.

(1) Step Two:  Verify yourself.

In Nexo, click on your Profile at the top right, then click “My Profile.”

Make sure the first two blocks — “Verify Email” and “Personal Info” — both have “Verified” with a green check mark.

Click on the third block, “Identity Verification.” You will need your ID for this, such as passport or national identity card (social security card in USA).

Then follow these steps:

>> How to verify your identity

Qualify for Your $25 Free Bitcoin BTC

Once you’ve passed Advanced Verification, you are ready to qualify for the $25 Free bitcoin BTC.

It’s best to take this step no later than two months (60 days) after the day you first logged into Nexo and created an account — because your “Free Bitcoin BTC” link will expire.

To qualify for $25 Free bitcoin BTC, you need to deposit $100 in cash (USD/GBP/EUR) or crypto at Nexo for just one month.

You will receive daily compound interest on this deposit — unless you live in a country that forbids interest. See Nexo Terms & Conditions above.

The best is to deposit cash, or a crypto called a stablecoin such as USDC, for 30 days.

The reason I advise cash or stablecoin is because they keep their value for 30 days. Stablecoin is not as reliable as cash. You need to have $100 on deposit at Nexo for a month, to get your $25 Free bitcoin BTC.

The two most popular stablecoins by market cap are USD Coin (ticker USDC) and Tether (USDT). Be wary of USDT. Canada banned it from their exchanges in August 2021. USDC is reportedly more reliable.

All other crypto is extremely volatile. BTC can easily plummet more than 50% in 24 hours. This is because it’s a ponzi scheme manipulated by whales trading on leverage.

>> 4% of BTC owners hold more than 95% of the BTC in circulation

How to Deposit USD/GBP/EUR at Nexo

Follow these steps:

How to Deposit Crypto at Nexo

(1) To buy $100 of USDC (or the stablecoin of your choice) at Nexo with your credit card, click the “Exchange” tab on the top menu, select “Buy” in the dropdown, then highlight “Card Visa” on the buy page.

(2) If you do not want to buy a stablecoin at Nexo with credit card because your bank will likely treat it as borrowing cash (not as a product purchase) which means you pay interest on cash from day one, then either:

  • Use a debit card, or
  • Buy the USDC (or the stablecoin of your choice) on a crypto exchange in your country, where you can EFT from your bank account to the exchange.

If you buy crypto at another exchange, then you’ll need to buy $110 or more to allow for the network transaction fee to send it from your exchange to Nexo.

Only Bitcoin SV has low network fees at a fraction of a cent. BTC and ETH blockchains have excessive fees. That includes PAXG, it uses the Ethereum network.

>> See today’s fees on Ethereum network

If current fees are above $10, then you need to allow for that, so $100 worth of crypto arrives free and clear at Nexo.

The BTC and ETH networks are slow. Don’t expect to see your crypto show up instantly, as it does on the fast Bitcoin SV blockchain.

(3) After you’ve bought $110+ crypto, such as USDC, at an exchange in your country, then to transfer it to Nexo, see:

>> How to deposit crypto assets at Nexo

If you are sending USDC from then choose the “Ethereum (ERC20) network” in the Nexo dropdown “Select transfer network” because EasyCrypto does not support Polygon network.

Easy Crypto, a Non-Custodial Broker

For South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, the best exchange is Easy Crypto.

>> Click here to get $10 USD credit — on your first crypto purchase at Easy Crypto.

With the above link, you pay only $100 for $110 worth of, say, USDC.

I like EasyCrypto because they do not keep crypto or cash on their exchange. No one will hack them, there is nothing to steal. On the Luno exchange in South Africa I had a friend lose BTC, stolen from her wallet on the exchange.

Plus at EasyCrypto:

  • Its fees are lower than Luno,
  • It supports Bitcoin SV (the true bitcoin),
  • It has dollar cost averaging to build your portfolio over time.

See their FAQ pages:

You’ll See Your $25 Free Bitcoin BTC

At the end of the 30 days, you will see your $25 Free bitcoin BTC reward in your Nexo portfolio.

To see your portfolio, click on “Account” tab at the top. Scroll down to the list of tokens. The first one is Bitcoin BTC.

Now you are free to do whatever you like with the $100 you deposited. You could leave it at Nexo as savings for a rainy day.

Or you can withdraw your $100 cash or crypto, plus the $25 BTC, and close your account.

OR — what many of us have done — you can leave $100 on deposit and refer others to Nexo, so that you earn $25 BTC again and again! See Earn More Free Bitcoin above.

To swap your BTC for the true Bitcoin SV, or for the gold-backed PAXgold — continue to page 2.