Would you love to join the new economy for a New Earth? One where we use money that is interest-free!

Interest-charging money from the banksters, is at war with Mother Earth and all living beings. The interest they charge on every dollar they create, drives the growth imperative — which drives destruction.

It concentrates more and more wealth and power into the hands of fewer people. While masses are driven into poverty. Read Bank Robbery: The way we create money, and how it damages the world (#ad) by Ivo Mosely.

It’s time for each one of us to help build a new economy, where we experience fulfilment and joy by participating in online income-generating communities that do NOT use bankster cash.

My2cents is the first web 3.0 super app that truly brings wealth to all.

My2Cents gives away bonuses of up to 8,000 Euro a week (in Bitcoin SV) to motivate us to build the pipelines for a new economy.

Begin Here at My2Cents

Carefully read only the FIRST post in each of these links below, so you understand how to earn the most income. The first post is written by an expert, such as Dr. Maximilian Sinan Korkmaz, a civil engineer in Frankfurt, Germany, who founded My2Cents.

The posts after the first one are written by regular users and cannot be relied on to be correct. I trust only those posts written by “my2cents” and “Niemand” (the username of Dr. Korkmaz).

Best to read the posts in the order I list them below:

To earn the highest income, you need to go into My2Cents regularly, at least once a week if not daily, post quality content that others will enjoy reading, or watching (myVid) or listening to (myPodcast) or downloading (myBook).

What You Can Do at My2Cents

Today on My2cents, you can:

  • Publish a one-line opinion, or a 7,000 to 12,000-word blog (50,000-characters) — stats show that on the Internet, the ideal blog post is 2,000 to 2,500 words;
  • Copy your current blog posts into My2cents and earn from them, with a link to the original blog on your site;
  • Open your own AMA (Ask Me Anything) topic (forum) — especially useful for influencers;
  • Publish (and earn income from) videos, podcasts, books;
  • Sell and buy secondhand products to support the circular economy;
  • Post a video of the job you want, or service you offer;
  • Pitch your business idea to investors.

Spending Your Income

When you want to withdraw the Bitcoin SV you earn at My2Cents, the best is to:

  • Download the BSV Centbee wallet into your smartphone. Centbee generates vouchers for stores in more than 160 countries.
  • When you tap on it, Centbee asks for a “referral code” or “referral handle”. Type in the word: gogreen
  • You earn a honey reward — a small amount of free BSV — when you enter this referral code: gogreen
  • That’s my code. My paymail is
  • Choose a Username that’s easy to remember because it will be your paymail address.

Now send your Bitcoin SV in your My2cents wallet to your Centbee wallet:

  • In your Centbee wallet, click “Receive.” You’ll see your Centbee paymail address which you enter at My2cents.
  • In My2cents click “Wallet” in top menu, then “Withdraw.” Enter your Centbee paymail address, and the amount you wish to withdraw.

Centbee vouchers empower you to spend your Bitcoin SV at national chain stores that offer vouchers, such as Amazon or Walmart gift cards. Any store beholden to a central HQ, generally has vouchers.

In South Africa, you can swap BSV for store vouchers in the Centbee wallet to spend at shops like Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Builders Warehouse, and the Spaza shops that accept 1Voucher.

To learn more about how to set up a Centbee wallet, and send BSV to it, read the section I wrote here: How to Send BSV to CentBee Wallet.

Cashing In Your BitcoinSV

if you need bankster cash (the fiat money of your country) then you may need to sell via a crypto exchange… Not all exchanges in every country list BSV. In that case you’d:

  • Use the Exchange feature in your BSV wallet to swap BitcoinSV for a stablecoin like USDC,
  • Or swap BSV for a stablecoin at a trustworthy site like Changelly, the address is:
  • Then sell the stablecoin at a crypto exchange in your country, and
  • Send the cash (sale proceeds) from the exchange to your bank account. To open an account at a crypto exchange, you need a bank account.

In South Africa, using the Centbee wallet, you can withdraw BSV as cash into your SA bank account. You don’t need to swap your BSV at changelly or sell it at an exchange. You just ID yourself in your Centbee wallet, then connect the wallet to your SA bank account.

Help Build A Parallel Economy

My best wishes go with you for an amazing journey into the blockchain-based Internet, where you will:

  • Build a parallel economy, so that we
  • Reduce our dependence on interest-charging money from the banksters.

“The purpose of Bitcoin is to be the parallel economy, to be the lifeboat, to give those individuals who do not want to take the Mark [Revelation 13:16-17] to give them the opportunity to actually have a society and a financial system.”{ 1 }

~~ Bitcoin developer Cyprian (Vin Armani) — he is NOT referring to ponzi-BTC!

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