Do You Crave Sugar? Alcohol? Fast Food? Cigarettes? Here’s How to Quit Your Addiction Right Here! Right Now!

It’s like an evil power has a hold over you, isn’t it?

You scrape down to the bottom of the barrel of addiction. Then you dig a hole in the bottom. You sink into a bottomless pit of despair, of loneliness, of cravings that MUST be satisfied.

I call it “black-out.” Do you go into black-out over and over again?

It’s okay. You WILL be free one day.

I know the darkness. I know that hell. Gather round. I’ll tell you addiction stories that will make your eyebrows crawl.

Yet today I soar free! My dreams are coming alive right in front of my eyes. I live in a beautiful home. All I do is write and give away everything I write.

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Use Raw Food to Beat Addiction


Organic Fruit & Veg by Akajos

How did I go from darkness to Light? One step-at-a-time, I did it with FOOD.

Slowly I reached for food that’s ALIVE in the moment you eat it. Not cans, not jars, not bottles nor boxes.

Food that is picked from a tree and plucked from the ground. That’s my food today. It looks exactly as it does in Nature!

Over 15 years, every addiction fell away one-by-one. Dunkin Donuts went first. Then Mrs Fields Cookies.

I have no will-power. That’s why it took me so long!

You’re the lucky one, you have me as your guide. I’m your short-cut to freedom 🙂

I had no guide. AA served me sugar cookies. That’s like giving cocaine to a heroin addict. Yes, snorting is one-up on shooting. But in the end “it’s all the same damn thing man,” as Janis Joplin sang.

Once I haunted Dunkin’ Donuts. Today donuts don’t even look like food.

Only GOOD food is more powerful than JUNK food. Your cells take to raw food like ducks to water. Over time, they demand it!

What’s Your Disease of Choice?

Bernie Siegel says that deep inside we choose sickness over health. And we choose the form of our disease (in Love, Medicine & Miracles).

Did you choose the disease of loneliness? I did. I thought I chose the disease of black-out. At 15 years old I chose to climb into the coffin with my father (he was cremated but you know what I mean).

I chose death over life. I drank myself nearly to death. My teenage brain figured it all out. “If life can be snuffed out so easily, what’s the point of living?”

Forty years later, at the age of 65, I discovered I chose the disease of loneliness too. You can’t talk to an alcoholic when she’s drunk. She thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers, when really she’s the cat’s bum fluff smeared in poo.

Get Help for Addiction

Get my newsletter. You’re not going to make it alone. You know that.

I connect you to weekly events on the web with a variety of teachers. They’ll help you to grow one step at a time. I listen to an mp3 a day while making my supper.

It’s not just about quitting your drug of choice. It’s about true freedom. You need multiple teachers to be free, working on every level – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, financial.

Get into a support group. Any group, wherever you feel at home. Can be 12-step, or group therapy, or mastermind group. You need people with whom you can go deeper.

Power of Blended Leafy Greens

I don’t care how drunk you are. And on which drug — food, alcohol, bingeing/vomiting, sex, isolation… whatever your drug is, when you get sober — in those brief moments when you quit it — you make your Green Smoothie or Energy Soup.

In my first year of struggle, to unshackle myself from the chains of sugar that were strangling me to death — I was Sugar’s slave — I blended Energy Soup every day 4-5 days a week.

Do you feel you can’t move after the ton of oily greasy food you ate today? Or the donuts and chocolate chip cookies?

Still you stuff your Blended Leafy Greens down you, even if it makes you feel like you want to vomit.

Even more powerful, drink green juices!

That’s where your healing begins. You CLEAN and FEED with GREEN.

Balance Your Biochemistry

Why Green? Because it’s not an evil power who has a hold over you.

It’s Unbalanced Biochemistry. Yes you may be mentally sick. Whoops I mean, psychologically challenged 🙂

BEFORE you see the psychotherapist, you’ve got to get your biochemistry into balance.

No therapist can help a chemically unbalanced body-mind. Only food can do that for you! Raw food, green food, straight from Mother Nature.

Have you seen how sweet the green trees and blue sky look on a sunny day?

That’s who you truly are. You are Sunshine!

Discover More

You WILL break Free! Are you in the gutter today? I was there, begging you for a half-crown to get back into the pub when it opened at five o’clock (London 1979).

You WILL soar Free! Here’s your first step:

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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

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