Best Water to Drink – Discover Why Alkaline Water is the Best Water!

November 28, 2015

Will alkaline water protect your health, and help you to stay younger longer? I believe so.

I wish I could find the magic words to condense in one sentence all human knowledge on the biochemistry of our body-mind, so you'd understand – alkaline water and leafy greens are the best way to boost your health.

I'm convinced that going Alkaline is key to preventing cancer, heart disease, obesity, AIDS, arthritis, diabetes, mental senility, and the host of degenerative diseases crammed into our culture.

Strong Immune System

Reader Rob writes:

"I was browsing the internet reading about water when I  came across your site. Just a small piece of advice. Unless a person is completely retarded or suffering from some sort of severe mental defect, telling them that a water filter can protect them from AIDS will make them instantly hit the back button."

My reply:

"Aha, Rob! This is not a dumb water filter! It's a high-quality water Filter with ionizing electrodes giving you Alkaline water.

strong immune system and strong cell defenses definitely protect us from AIDS. If you're eating a high-acid diet, then the best way to maintain an alkaline blood stream and tissues is to drink alkaline water (or fresh green juices which are high in alkaline minerals).

I bet if you google "AIDS and strong immune system" and "AIDS and alkaline blood tissues" you'll find support for my statement!

Dr Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle for Weight Loss writes that the 7th stage of acidic imbalance is "degeneration (cancer, heart disease, stroke, AIDS, ALS, MS, diabetes)."

Ed Mccabe in his video on Oxygen Therapies reports that German medical doctors use oxygen infusions (ozone) to successfully reverse AIDS. See his book, Flood Your Body with Oxygen.

Which means high-oxygen alkaline water not only helps to protect us from AIDS, it also helps to reverse it! Same goes for heart disease and cancer. Many testimonials on the web and in books report that illness is reversed when one of the tools used is alkaline water.

Acids Cause Disease

A virus is no match for a human cell. A cell is thousands of times bigger and more complex than any virus. For a virus to infect a human cell, it's like a football smashing into the window of a skyscraper and the whole building falls down! (Dr. Deepak Chopra's analogy)

Robert Barefoot & Carl Reich, M.D. write in The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth:

"As researchers know, the acid in the fluids outside of, and inside of, the human cell can [and do] disintegrate the cell wall, allowing toxins and carcinogens to get inside the cell ...

The real tragedy is that it is the acidosis that causes degenerative disease, and not the genes ... the genes only pick out ... which of the many degenerative diseases to which you will be prone."

Drink alkaline water daily and you free yourself of acids. It's as simple as that...:)

Drink Living Water

Austrian scientist Victor Schauberger coined the term living water when he discovered that natural hexagonal, snowflake-like water clusters are found in healing springs around the world, and that this geometrical structure is what gives the water its healing properties.

Patrick and Gael Flanagan in their book Elixir of the Ageless: You Are What You Drink; Liquid Crystal Water also found that (I quote from Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.):

"High-energy colloids, or particles with a high electrical charge, act as 'energy seeds' that attract the free water molecules to form liquid crystal shells ... this type of colloid is the same type found in the famous Hunza water, which the local people drink from their natural glacial streams.

Some people believe that this colloidal water of the Hunzas, who are known for their life spans of up to 130 years, is one key to their incredible health and vital longevity."

Filtered, distilled, and bottled spring water does not have this crystal structure. There's no electrical charges, no energy seeds. It's dead water. That's why you feel "stuffed" when you drink a few glasses. It's not easily absorbed into your cells.

Alkaline water is high-energy water, in a way you're drinking a glass of soft snowflakes! This water easily enters our cells. Drink a few glasses and you won't feel stuffed.

Drink Mountain Spring Water

True mountain spring water has no acid minerals. Sang Whang found this while experimenting in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (he reports in Reverse Aging).

Alkalized water is not only as alkaline as a mountain spring, it actually has 100 times more alkaline minerals. This is because our cities use acids to kill living organisms in the water supply, but then the water's too acidic to go through pipes. So they add limestone (carbonate of calcium) to it. Your tap water is thus super-full of both acid and alkaline minerals.

Then an Ionizer separates out the alkaline minerals into a glass of pure-alkaline water, just as if you'd dipped your glass into a fresh mountain spring bubbling out of the ground.

Early morning is a good time to drink high-alkaline water. It's your body's cleansing cycle (4am to 12 noon) when acids tumble out from your cells. It's a stressful time for your kidneys if you're short on alkaline minerals to buffer the acids. Many rawfooders advise us to drink green juice only in the morning, to alkalize.

Much easier is to turn your faucet on and drink alkaline water! Who on earth has the time to juice greens before rushing out to work?

Drink Alkaline Water to Slow Down Aging

There's a huge difference between restoring the moisture of a cell, and flooding it with common water. Unstructured dead water can both:

  • over-saturate your cells – too much water outside the cell, and simultaneously
  • under-hydrate your cells – too little water inside each cell.

Excess dead water places a burden on your heart and kidneys, e.g. 8 glasses a day of spring, filtered, or distilled water. The heart must pump more to move nutrients and wastes around, because your blood's so diluted with water, and similarly your kidneys must filter more.

When a basketball is perfectly inflated, it has wonderful dynamics. Same with our cells, when they're properly moisturized with alkaline water, they're dynamic, alive. This is a property of youth, like Mendelssohn's music. In our face, this dynamism is seen as a rosy shine that reflects good health and energy.

Aging skin loses its elasticity when acids make the cells stiffen. Even with a face lift, the acids are still there and the lines return. Sang Whang advises in Reverse Aging:

"The best remedy is to drink alkaline water for a few years to reduce the body acid level. Then the lines [in your face] will disappear and the color will come back naturally, without any side effects."

So many anti-aging properties in Alkaline water – anti-oxidants, oxygen, alkaline minerals, and the very structure of the water itself – like glacial snow-flakes.

Structure of Living Water

Below left, water molecules from pristine mountain springs have a beautiful geometric structure of hexagonal crystal (6-pointed). This is living water.

In the center, polluted or stagnant (stored) water is ugly and distorted, it's dead water.

Photos are from Messages From Water © by Masaru Emoto.

A beautiful book for your library is his newer The Hidden Messages in Water.

spring water

Fresh Spring Water from the Sanbuichi Yusui Spring in Japan.

polluted water

Polluted Water from Biwako Lake, a water reservoir in Japan.

Bottled Spring water also loses its crystal structure. It dies, Schauberger found in his tests.

distilled water

This photo of Distilled Water is cleaner-looking but it's still unstructured water, hence dead. Fish can't live in it, and over time it leaches out body minerals.

Our cells don't easily absorb this dead water. They must first re-structure it. Dead water floods us, instead of hydrating us.

Drink Structured Water

alkaline water

Alkaline Water has the same crystal structure as pure mountain spring water. These micro-clusters are easily absorbed into your body cells.

The structured water inside and around your cells is the same beautiful star-like crystals.

Dr. Gerald Pollack calls this water – in living organisms and in glacial melt – EZ water, standing for Exclusion Zone water. He's discovered that all hydrophilic surfaces in your body (such as cell membranes) have this EZ water clinging to them. It's form is H3O2.

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