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Free Raw Food Classes

Are you sure you’re getting every nutrient your body-mind needs in the right ratios that work ideally for you? My free Classes will get you there. I want you to do the homework.

These are the classes you get, one a week, starting today:

  • Class 1–Breaking Free of Addiction. You WILL be free one day. These classes are your guiding light.
  • Class 2–Overcoming Pain. LIVING foods are the key to healing — growing in the moment you eat them.
  • Class 3–Which Healing School? What do the gurus say you SHOULD do? The top five schools in nutritional healing — from raw to cooked, vegan to meat, they’re all here!
  • Class 4–Your Metabolic Type. Nature-Nurture — you know it’s genes and environment that shape you into a unique person. Today let’s look at genes.
  • Class 5–Carbohydrates – Your FILLER Food. First thing you notice when you start to go raw, you’re starving hungry. Why? Because you don’t eat enough calories! Ball Park Needs, Scientific Needs, Sources, Recipes, etc.
  • Class 6–Protein – Your ENERGY Food. Time to calculate your Protein needs — Ball Park Needs, Scientific Needs, Sources, Recipes, etc.
  • Class 7–Fat – Your BRAIN Food. Time to calculate your Fat needs — Ball Park Needs, Scientific Needs, Sources, Recipes, etc.
  • Class 8–Nurturing You. You learned about nature (genes) in Class 4. Today let’s deal with nurture, your environment.
  • Class 9–Serving the Light. By switching to God’s food — whole natural foods — you WILL realize your dreams. Fresh plants give you Focus and Flow.

Free Plans for Easy Sprouting!

Which variation do you like best? In a plastic container, or in a mini-greenhouse with PVC cover…

small sprouter

A 6-tray sprouter in a plastic container. Buy a bigger container and you’ll have 12 trays!

greenhouse sprouter

24 trays in a 4-shelf mini-greenhouse

With my free plans, Geoff M. in Australia built the mini-greenhouse model for…

  • 12 trays of wheatgrass, plus
  • 12 trays of microgreens and sprouts.

Geoff writes:

Growing wheatgrass in the past was quite a chore with our very time-poor lifestyle, but now it’s so much easier.

Everything is growing amazingly!

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Hello Val, I really love your site, it has to be one of the best raw food sites I have found on the net.

Simon B.

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