Achieve Optimal Health & Brain Focus: Top 12 Tips for a Plant Rich Life

May 19, 2022

Your body-mind is your most precious asset.

Your mind has the power to:

  • Visualize a Goal, and
  • Imprint that Goal into your Subconscious with a SHAG statement.

SHAG = I am So Happy And Grateful…

Your body-brain has the power to:

  • Achieve your Goal on Purpose step-by-step,
  • in Faith and Gratitude.

Here’s my SHAG back in the day when I was hopelessly addicted to donuts, fries, chocolate, and milkshakes.

“I am So Happy And Grateful I eat Living Foods Today, Living Foods for LIFE!”

Did you know, success is not a destination? It’s not tomorrow. It’s today!

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. It’s your progress today. You commit to taking one step today.

What Is Your Dream?

You need two things to achieve your highest dream, to take your one step today:

  • A Focused Brain, and
  • Health that Soars Higher every day!

It’s easy. Simply Take these 12 POSITIVE steps below. Twelve Essential DO‘s.

DO these Top 12 Tips and your DO NOT‘s fall away by themselves. You’ve healed. You no longer desire that junk!

Achieve Optimal Health

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Growing wheatgrass in the past was quite a chore with our very time-poor lifestyle, but now it’s so much easier.

Everything is growing amazingly!

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